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  1. Okay, so in response to that, who are the Finns? We only know them as kind of funny looking guys inside the terangreal. In my opinion they must be a coallition of both dark and light men from an age before.
  2. You know, If I remember right, in one of the earlier books, Egwene says something like those frases sound familiar, like she should know them. Also, now that you mention it, it does seem weird for Mat to have all those ancestoral memories. Manetheran while powerful in military, always came across to me as a peaceful nation. That and i also agree that the memory when Mat is seperated from the dagger is def. ancestoral because it is about the fall of manetheran if I'm correct.
  3. Eragon is a young adult who must accept the responsibility of the Dragon riders. Rand is a young adult who must accept the responsibility of the Dragon Reborn.
  4. Hey all, In rereading through the series I have paid more attention to connections. We realize that Mat and Perrin are obviously direct relations to Manetheren, however, who belongs to what family. Is Mat related to the King or Perrin? It is my belief that Mat is, mainly because we don't hear a lot about Perrin having flashbacks to the days of Manetheren. We also know that Mat's ability to fight comes from experiences of other leaders throughout time whereas Perrin relies a lot on wolf ideas, not intentionally of course. Mat also has the ability to understand and speak the old tongue. While some of this comes from the red door in Rhuidean, he was saying frases of it in EOTW. Just speculations, but was wondering what you all thought the blood ties were.
  5. I think that the scene that made me realize just how "hard" Rand had become was when he sends Perrin away in TPoD. To be able to send your friends away with no feelings at all when talking to them seems to me like you've lost all connection to human emotion.
  6. That is definately who popped into my head. Second would be Mat, mainly because I love his story line and he is actually a relief after listening to all the politics that Rand has to deal with.
  7. There is nothing that indicates that this time is any different from any of the other 3rd Ages. Ie, the most likely scenario is that Rand will win TG by sealing the Bore properly, everything returns to "normal", eventually even the myths about the DO are forgotten, until someone accidently drills a new Bore. True, but then wouldn't Brandon Sanderson have to write more books. The series can't go on forever(wouldn't mind if it did, but that's a lot of writing and money)
  8. That and Lews Therin always wants to kill him; like he's seen him before and has fought against him.
  9. I agree. The chance that they might say something to someone they shouldn't or raise an army against their captors is too great of a risk for the Seanchan to take.
  10. However, sometimes knowing what happens before can help you to understand what is going to happen later. Foreshadowing is always a good thing. Gives it suspense because you're waiting for something to happen.
  11. I think for me, its the fact that it's a combo of LOTR and HP, and Eragon. It just seems to me to be one of the best series ever written because its has so much depth and really makes you think. ;)
  12. Definately Min. She is the least judgemental of all three and I think she has his best interests at heart. Avienda is too preoccupied with Aiel customs and Elayne is too headstrong.
  13. Sounds good Whitewolf. I think my favorite on the reread so far is actually TEOTW because there is such a stark difference between Rand the shepard and Rand the Dragon. I'm almost done with DR and will be TSR by next week(I hope)
  14. I agree, Berelain is just plain annoying, but I do have to admit that for all her love infatuations(spelling??) she is pretty smart. I also think Gwayn is a dink. People who try to do everything right most often eventually do something they regret. I guess what I would admire about him though is that I have to give him kudos for trying to do what's right. However, my least fav. character that isn't necessarily my least is Rand. I get fed up with his stupidity as to everyone is out to get me. It isn't everyone buddy. I do like the fact that he can use the power though. Makes it more interesting. Especially with Lews Therin and him having conversations.
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