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  1. That's a REALLY interesting idea, except that it was made by Light-side people (as inferred from Rand's Ancestrovision in Rhuidean. But maybe it was set up by the Light side so that the DO could be broken out prematurely? I mean, we all sort of know by this point that Rand is supposed to break the seals to get the DO out, so maybe the thought was "why not now?" Maybe not, I'm just thinking out loud/ on screen. I understand why the Eye had to exist. It is the perfect protection for the Horn, the Banner and the seal. I mean it's in a garden that moves, that you can only access once, and unless you're a male channeler, you will evaporate if you touch the Saidin. Also, it shows Rand that Saidin CAN be cleaned, so that's important. I'm just trying to figure out what would have happened if the Shadow got it. Sure, Aginor could go on a side quest and what not, but surely there wasn't enough power for it to be a lasting advantage.
  2. Just finished a re-read/skim of The Eye of the World, which I've always really enjoyed for some reason, but suddenly it hit me: What was the point of the Eye? What would have happened if the Shadow got it/ the Dark One "blinded the eye?" Is it only significant because it hid a seal and the Horn of Valere?
  3. It might not be a huge difference, but I mean it goes from being two syllables to three, which does impact how I read it in my head. Although at this point it's like..."Well, I'm never going to see RJ or BS in person, so what does it matter?"
  4. Actually when I was reading the Question of the Weeks, I remember one (I think it was the same one) where he said not to go off the audio books because they stopped consulting him like part-way through the first one or something.
  5. OK, so I, unlike a lot of people, really try to pronounce everything correctly. I read the glossary before reading the books, to make sure I pronounce everything right. I say nine-eve, egg-wain, ta-eem, etc. But all my life (well, since like 9th grade when I started reading), I have said sah-ih-deen and sah-ih-dar, because that is what the glossary to tEotW says. But then the other day I was going through the questions of the week, here http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dcjspjqg_50gfjzbbdr , and Jordan was all like, "This is how you say all this stuff: sigh-deen and sigh-dar. And I was PISSED. So is this a misprint, or did he change his mind, or was he just on crack for the question of the week? I don't mean any disrespect, really, and I know he isn't on crack, but I was seriously pissed.
  6. So, both Berelain and Tuon claim to be heirs of Artur Hawkwing, right? So do we think a confrontation is inevitable? Would the Seanchan want to kill Berelain, or revere her? For that matter, my memory of later books - specifically The Plot That Would Not Die aka Perrin angsting about Faile - is pretty hazy. Didn't Berelain meet some Seanchan? What were their reactions?
  7. Hahahaha, oh how Freud would have something to say about the White Tower... So if it's 500 feet tall, and an average floor is maybe 10-15 feet tall (?) we're looking at a tower 33ish-50 stories, which is definitely impressive, even if part of that is underground.
  8. They say it took the One Power to create, right? So what are we talking? Twenty stories? Forty stories? Estimated height? I just want to know.
  9. What would happen if you massively balefired someone who just balefired someone? Example: I am Ishamael. I am vastly powerful. Moiraine, who is weaksauce (comparatively), just balefired Be'Lal, removing him from the pattern for maybe a minute. I then balefire the crap out of her, removing her from the pattern for several hours. Would Be'Lal come back to life?
  10. Remember Adeleas and Vandene? The sisters? It seemed like both should be Brown Ajah, but one was Green Ajah? And then when one of them died, the other become completely obsessed with finding the murderer? Well my question is this: is it possible that they were secretly bonded to each other? It might explain why one was Green Ajah (because she had two warders), and the Brown had "no" warders. Also, we have seen Aes Sedai after the death of a warder acting in a very similar manner. Just a thought.
  11. Dragonmount! It's been a long time since I was really involved here. I started coming to DM around five years ago, as a junior in high school, under the name Guardianian (if anyone remembers that). Around the time that the site went down and got completely restarted, I started getting busy. I adopted the name Phoenix, but almost never logged in. Recently I started looking at my WoT books on my shelf, and started getting back into them, especially as the next book approaches, and I realized that I had a lot of fun on this site. So here I am. I can't promise total commitment, but I intend to be fairly consistent. If any of you guys remember me from the old days, definitely let me know, as our names have probably changed a lot. Anyway, it's great to be back! May the Light illumine you
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