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  1. i don't reckon there's much chance of any turning, these people are just about as evil as you can get, i mean Aginor used 10,000 men, women and children a day during the war of power for his experiments, and up to 20,000 a day in the last 5 years of the war. Asmo maimed all the artists, musicians etc. who he even thought slighted his musical talents - thats pretty harsh- while Messana converted thousands and thousands of children to the dark, and set them to killing and destroying everything, family, friends, buildings, all ravaged by "Messana's children". Sammael had captured armies fed to Trollocs, and barely supplied citizens with enough food. indeed, when he was once informed that the food provided was only half what they needed to keep them alive, he ordered the execution of half of them. Do these sound like the crimes of people who will turn to the light? Anyway, they would just be tried and executed as soon as captured.
  2. I suppose there have been many instances of pillow friends in the white tower. Probably because of the isolation of the novices (and to a lesser degree accepted) from the outside world. It must get very lonely for the girls, away from men for such a long time. I can't remember if it was mentioned in the books - what happens to a novice/accepted who gets pregnant?
  3. On my first read i got in a rut at POD, and didn't read them for a few months. I toiled through to the end of KOD, not remembering who was who, etc., and it got very confusing. When re-reading from start to finish it is very satisfying knowing "ah, he's the chap who ..." instead of "who the heck are they?!", so i'd definately recommend re-reading.
  4. I've got most of them on disc, and they're all excellent, once you get used to them pronouncing names differently to how you thought 8) . They are really useful for travelling, etc. - saves lugging a 800 page book around :D
  5. i google-d wheel of time a couple of years ago, found dragonmount. used to love the old site, especially the pretty extensive FAQ database. About March i thought "wonder what happened to good ol' dragonmount", found it all sparkly and shiny, so i took the plunge and joined. Happy Birthday!!!
  6. This one just cracks me up, its from COS: "Are you real? the voice said at last, wonderingly. That denial of Rand's existence was as unusual as refusing to answer. Am I? I spoke to someone. I think I did. Inside a box. A chest.
  7. DEMANDRED!!!!! *clears throat* - am i wrong in saying he's the only male forsaken not to have used up a 'life'? That alone is enough to put him right up there. While the others were trying to kill Rand, he was looking after no. one
  8. They were probably the first proper series of books i read, my favourite was the first i read - outcast of redwall, followed by the Long patrol, that one was cool!
  9. i always liked "curse you shai'tan!" yeah ... i liked that when i read it... :D
  10. looks real good, puts everything in perspective really well - well done! :D
  11. I've always had a thing for not liking the main character very much in novels, i always seem to be drawn towards the sub-main characters, the hero's in the background, Ron and Hermione over Harry Potter; Beldin over Belgarath, Ulath over Sparhawk. WOT is no exception. My favourite character always used to be Perrin, but then he got tied down with Faile, now i've moved on to Mat- he's funny :D . Rands all right i suppose, but THERE'S NO ACTION FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, he should bust out and DO something instead of moping around feeling sorry for himself. i'm looking forward to him and Tam re-uniting, hopefully that should make him shed a tear, break his "hard as stone" attitude 8)
  12. I guess they'll just have to wait until they re-invent some of the flying machines mentioned by RJ in the BWB :cry: , like the sho-wing, which we are told was used for short and long range transport. it was used for all overseas travel, apparantly. From RJ's description, they were the AOL's answer to airplanes. Wonder how long it'll take Rand's engineering schools to come up with them! :lol: We havn't read about them in a while, but didn't they make a steam engine? Something like that anyway.
  13. Edding's 'Belgariad' and 'Elenium' are great (in my humble opinion), i thought Feist's 'Magician' started out really well, but i thought it tailed off towards the end - it got a bit bizzare. Just my thought, don't know what anyone else thinks :)
  14. i was led to believe that you cannot fly using the OP, backed up by RJ saying no and siuan telling nynaeve in book 2, but since you can lift other people off the ground. surly two complying channelers could lift each other. Would this work, and would it constitute as flying?
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