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  1. Friend of mine in highschool read it. Recommended it. Decided to give it a swing.
  2. The warp in the air was there before, after he had channeled the TP. At that time, he was not aware of it. Others could see it, but only vaguely. And then there's that event where Rand got super pissed off, and all the wheat(was it wheat) in the entire city went bad in the blink of an eye. But he didn't link the dots, or at least he never said or thought "could it be my Ta'Veren?". Although perhaps he did, when he asked Cadsuane if she believed he could make her heart stop beating if he wanted to, due to his Ta'Veren. My idea is: he believed the Ta'Veren could only work in such a fashion if he directly wanted it. He ignored, or did not consider possible, the option that his emotions might have effects on the surroundings. Now however, he's actively using his Ta'Veren, as we saw when he made all the Apples edible again. He said: "My presence will keep him away, at least for a while"(or something to that effect). But that's only because he now controls his power. I'm going back to the very first book, EOTW, where Rand and Mat were traveling across the land, trying to reach Caemlin. One night, they played in a bar till everyone left, except one fat travelling merchant, later confirmed DF. The DF passed on their location to Ishamael, whom said something to the effect of: "it's not hard to find a bonfire amidst some candles". Rand's Ta'Veren makes him visible on the pattern, and if he doesn't know how to use his powers, that means they can get him. Like they did when the story began. Now, after many years of training and his most recent return to emotions, atop the DragonMount, it would seem his training is complete, and he now is able to use all his skills to more effectively combat the DO and also use the good in him to influence the threads besides him as he wishes.
  3. If, after the last battle, channeling will be gone, I'll be very disappointed. Mostly because it's a huge cliché. Humans are given great power, do not use it properly, lose power forever. They've been pulling this one since the Garden of Eden.
  4. I'm 99% convinced that Mesaana is Evanellein. Pre CoT hints(Evanellein): She was one of the AS that arrested Siuan. (TSR, Ch 47) She was part of Elaida's council. (TFoH, Prologue) She was concerned about her looks and clothes. (TFoH, Prologue) She knew what was going on in Tanchico, a focal point of BA activity. (TFoH, Prologue) She seemed to know all about Elaida's political activities. (ACoS, Prologue) Post CoT confirmation (Evanellein): In (TGS, Ch 46) Evanellein was missing when Egwene was raised. Yet, it was made clear of how very thorough Verin was in listing the BA. Moreover, the only uncovered BA, not on the list were AS that were either "very weak in the power" and/or lacked any significance in the story. Evanellein, a Gray Sitter wouldn't be overlooked. As for the Oath Rod, remember, Semirhage defected to the Shadow because she faced either severing or binding as punishment for her crimes. That and the fact that the OR was made during the AoL, means that the Forsaken can be binded like any other channeler. Danelle was a red herring. It's Evanellein. At this point of the story, who else could it be? I agree on Evanellein. RJ himself dropped a very fine clue at it too, if you know where to look. Namely, in meeting Elaida, Elaida thought to herself that she is too concerned with clothes and her own looks. She was also one of the sisters who took Siuan in to custody. And then, some time between the aftermath of the Seanchan attack on the White Tower and Egwene al'Vere's purge of the tower's Black sisters, Evanellein disappeared, strongly indicating that she was of the Black Ajah and fled the tower. And another thing. While it has happened before, RJ almost always supplied nationality information for every single character appearing, especially for the Aes Sedai. From beginning to end, not once was her nationality mentioned. Don't you think that's a little odd?
  5. Something I ran into just now. Seems like fun. Any opinions on this? http://www.literature-map.com/robert+jordan.html
  6. It's a temporal impossibility to seal the dark one in the bore, if that very bore was only made during the age of legends. He was indeed sealed outside the pattern, as you say. Even more so, that is what they constantly say in the books: "The Dark One, sealed outside of creation by the Creator at the moment the Wheel Of Time was placed"(or something along those lines).
  7. Where was it ever said that the Creator "created" the Dark One? It is not mentioned anywhere in the book nor has RJ said it. At best, we can presume that the Dark One and the Creator are twins, if you like.
  8. The KOD scene where the trollocs attack the manor out of nowhere.
  9. but Tuon seems shocked at the notion of love at this point.Well, this could be because of the fact that she was raised at a court know for being cruel and vengeful. The empress herself was said to sometimes toy with damane by chaining them to men(Book 2). To which the Suldam said: "only the empress is allowed to kill off damane like that". While true that damane are slaves, the entire system of Seanchan is based on slavery and this is the favored daughter of the empress, who was being raised to believe this system to be perfect and was expected to uphold and expand it. Also, am I correct in assuming that the Seanchan will approach Tar Valon from the West?
  10. That's what many students around the world believe about going to school. So they rather play WoW.So what would you gain from discovering a way of flying that is almost certainly harder to use and more dangerous than Traveling or using some sort of aircraft? Like an OP-powered Aeroplane? Actually, combined with a good study of how air-currents affect object, I do see plains as a possibility. It would also be usefull on the battlefield, moving quickly from one place to the other at high speed. Traveling may be instant, but the spots you do it from and to don't magically give you hyper-speed at the location. You can be overrun before you know it. While flying over troops(at an angle perhaps), they'd need to be lucky if they can even hit you.
  11. Well, I'm thinking RJ will have probably used it as inspiration. He's old and wise enough not to fall back into it, and to not be ashamed to recognize that part of his past.
  12. I do wonder why they're gonna fight like that if they're married... Still, there's Rand and his sword...
  13. Shouldn't the Seanchan going for the white tower receive a note saying something along the lines of: "Stop attack, we're at peace with these people now. Signed, Tuon". ?
  14. TBH, I always thought that Randland looks a bit like Spain...
  15. This is probably the worst common mistake possible. Taking Wikipedia for an "accepted standard". This is not the place for linguistic discussions. Surfing around, Flemish is accepted as separate language by a lot of sites which have multi-lingual options. Jumping to my mind immediately: Travian, Hattrick, WN, ... . Others don't (Wikipedia f.e. - vls.wikipedia.org is West-Flemish). No discussion, just a fact proving this remains a dispute. The first line is much more important. Anybody can use a catchphrase like that. What Wikipedia does is document what the more official organizations of countries view as standard. For languages and their geographical limit, the documentation is easily obtained from the various governments. Saying that because it's Wikipedia, it can't be trusted, is too paranoid to make a solid decision. Websites making a separate translation while there is already a language the Flemish can understand, is an insult, as it shows that the creators think us too dumb to understand normal Dutch. I'm sticking to the conviction that Flemish is nothing but a Dutch dialect. It is not a valid language on its own. Didn't know that. It does indeed look very similar.
  16. Actually, RJ had Ishamael say something about that in the very first book. Something similar to: "It has happened many times before, over the countless turnings of the wheel. But now, something is different, something has changed. This will be the last time. You will not be reborn after this time." Now, Ishamael could just have been trying to scare Rand at the time, but this is the first book, which must set the tone for the next ones. I think this can be taken seriously.
  17. Flemish is a sub-form of dutch. It is "Dutch as spoken in Flemish Belgium". Either is good. Read up on the generally accepted standard: http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belgisch-Nederlands don't like it? Tough luck. It's called a democracy: majority gets their way, and the majority wanted it defined like this. We speak a variant of official dutch, know as Flemish. That doesn't separate it from Dutch. You can claim both that I speak Dutch and Flemish, both claims would be true. Rather large to be a tongue... Could be one, I never heard the official explanation behind it... I honestly don't know who made this, or if RJ ever voiced approval of this version. EDIT: I looked it up, it's a tongue. My mistake there.
  18. Can't find an old topic on this, so I'll make this one. The flag of Andor is a white lion on a red background, as can be seen here: http://wot.wikia.com/wiki/File:Andor_flag.svg That flag greatly resembles the flag of Flanders. In fact, apart from the colour and the flame coming out of its mouth being a little different, its identical. Have a look at the Dutch(which is the native language of the flanders area) Wiki page: http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vlaanderen I'm wondering if the Flanders flag served as inspiration. You can also see the flag in this youtube video: At 1:26 It's dutch spoken with English subtitles, explaining Belgium. So, the question is: did the Flanders flag indeed serve as inspiration?
  19. Visiting guests does not mean staying there for the night. Do note that Emonds Field inhabitants are hard workers. They get up early, meaning they go to sleep early. The timing of the attacks seems possible.
  20. That's what many students around the world believe about going to school. So they rather play WoW.
  21. But you can lift the platform. It's a matter of bending an air current at a certain angle towards the bottom of the platform. Lifting yourself(without a platform) is indeed impossible, because of the fact that the human body has a shape that is too difficult for a single current of air to balance. Even multiple currents would require an inconceivable amount of mastery. It does not need to be anchored at all. Did the sword and the knife that Siuan Sanche made in book 2 need an anchor of any kind? No, they did not! An anchor-point is not a requirement, it is an option. Offcourse, gravity alone will make anything fall. So you can't just create an object in mid-air and expect it to remain there. It will fall. Since the rope was hung above the ground, something needed to be used as an anchor, in the case the rope itself. If not, the construction would have fallen, no matter how light. Create an object and it will fall. Create a strong air current, send it towards your created object, and just like any other object in the entire world, it will move(if light enough and/or the current strong enough). Stand in its way and you will be moved too. The big idea is to send a vertical current from the ground to the sky, thrusting the platform up. That is perfectly possible without someone standing on it. If someone is standing on it, it just takes a stronger current and the shifting of your weight to keep the platform in balance. Any object can be created out of air, and as has been shown many times throughout all the books, you can bind a weave, leave it alone and it will remain functional until someone unravels it. The idea of standing on a platform is perfectly valid. It requires three things: 1) Making the platform and tying the weave so it needs not be constantly supported. This can be done. 2) A user needs to be able to channel air efficiently. There are tons of Aes Sedai with a proficiency in air... 3) Training and balance. Which only requires time and patience. Which the Aes Sedai are good at.
  22. http://www.dragonmount.com/Books/forsaken_pics.php It goes up to Moghedien and then stops. Perhaps there's a 4 year old topic somewhere in the gallows of this forum, but I can't find it. Can someone tell why this was interrupted?
  23. I've tried looking it up here: http://www.stevenac.net/wot/wotchron.htm But to no avail, and reading through the books will take a while. Better I ask here, where so many fans are gathered, one of whom might know so immediately.
  24. Hasn't anyone ever seen "The Fantastic 4"? Susan Storm, "Invisible Woman", creates a disc under her feet and makes it solid. She then stands on it and makes it move in any direction she wants. The only thing she has to do is keep her balance. While I don't think Aes Sedai or channelers in general can produce force-fields, they could do it with air. Remember from the 2nd book, the moment where Siuan visits Nynaeve and Egwene on the boat to instruct them. She makes a sword out of air. She claims it to be better than most normal swords. So in other words, it can hit solid objects. The possibilities are endless, and with a little imagination, I do think a channeler with a proficiency in Air can create a solid disk for him/her to stand on. After that, the creation of local air currents and keeping your balance would be all that is needed.
  25. WOT FAQ doesn't think much of the idea: "At a post-ACOS signing [Dunwoody, GA, 9 October, 1996], RJ strongly denied that Thom was Elayne or Gawyn's father." http://www.siliconcerebrate.com/faqs/wotfaq/2_nondark/2.5_lurv/2.5.4_thom-el-dad.html Indeed. I'm thinking Thom just happened to be there at the time that Elayne was a baby. She remembers pulling his mustache. That doesn't necessarily mean he's her father. He was the bard of the court at that time, so he lived in the palace. I wouldn't consider it odd that the bard of the court was allowed to be near the child at times. Children love music after all. And who better to tell a bedtime story than the royal bard himself?
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