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  1. I have all the comics at least all the ones released. I thought Dabel Bros and Red were pretty pathetic. Taking to long to release them, complaining about money. Seriously not very professional at all. It's nice to see that the whole thing will be one graphic novel. 15 dollars 17 dollars that's nothing sign me up ^_-
  2. She certainly does. Maybe this will make her a bit more agreeable. It worked for Nynaeve, she's been a lot less bitchy since she got married. Though of course she was always a much better person than Egwene. there must be some amazing Ter'angreal that works for women and creates amazing orgasms, Egwene needs that Bad! Some secret to the tower passed down from the Age of Legends. She will probably use the power on Gawyn at some point for her own....purposes. Egwene is in charge but she has to remember she is a women still and has needs. She is to high strung and has to many complexes about the Seachan and men in general. I think her complexes will be the towers down fall.
  3. I never liked Egwene. even from the first book. I think now she really needs to get laid!
  4. I think Rand now uses a New Power I guess the Power of Light. That is what Nyneave sees when she is trying to cure his madness, Light completely surrounding him from all the darkness. This is Rand not being blind anymore, Dragon Reborn not being blind anymore(that goes for all ages) Rand has said he feels more complete then ever. Dark Prophecies have not been fulfilled, I think that is why they are shown at the back of the book to show you what could have been not what will be. Perin did not die.
  5. I thought it was good book, it flowed well. Let's see Memory of Light Speculation.... There is a lot to think about. I think Demeodred(spelling) is going to release his army of Ashman from the Black Tower. Perrin will save Rand in the dream world and have to destroy the dream spike at the Black Tower and confront one of the Forsaken or Mazrim Taim(spelling) or Moridin will almost kill him. Mat will run into Tuon during the attack at the white tower when he goes to get the horn. Mat will get Tuon to reveal she can channel or something will happen with that that will bring the Seanchan to there knees but get them to fight too. Or Rand will do this. Egwean's Dream of Rand cutting the ropes. The armies will be ready for the last battle but the shadow will attack many of the cities while they are there. Rand will be caught up with trying to save Lanfear, which could be a trap or could be real, as the Main battle is going on. Pain will attack the Dark One after Rand Breaks the Seals, or Rand will run into Pain as he uses Calandor. Rand won't fight the dark one he will be fighting Moridin.(Spelling) Moraine will be revealing something to Rand that will change his mind on something to do with the last battle, something he has to do, or something about his link with the Forsaken. I don't think the good guys will really win to easly. I think Rand will die. and his fight will be like in Book 2. Matt will Blow the Horn and Noel will be there with all the Heros. Lan will be saved by Rand with an army (Rand won't be there though) Avendiva will see Rand and again. the Armies at the gathering place for Rand will be the ones that survive when the Shadow attacks multiple places like Caharien. I could think of more but my spelling of Character names sucks. who knows what will happen till we actually read the last book in early 2012.
  6. Don't have time to be on these forums a lot or read all the posts. I am pretty sure that what Brandon is refering to is The Watcher. At least that's what I think.
  7. As I read it I wasn't to sure about the book, but once I got towards then end I really understood the Title of the Book, the art work, everything! It was Great! Everything came together with Rand on Dragonmount, Egweane in the White Tower. I loved how everything was a forshadow of darkness because of the darkness in Rand. Great Book!!
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