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  1. I think Shaidar Haran can be killed as any other Fade/Shadowspawn. But the fact that he can block channellers (granted we've only seen Forsaken being affected by this) either by having a special power or 'channelling' True Power, would make him more difficult to kill. I like Majsju's idea of Fain vs Shaidar Haran !!
  2. With regards to Moridin killing Rand, I thought that Moridin was biding his time because he does not know what effect will killing Rand have on him (after the crossing of balefire incident). Killing Rand now may mean that Moridin dies also, and thus he will have gone against the Dark One's orders and risk losing the Nae'blis. I don't think that Moridin would risk angering the DO.
  3. That was my first impression... However I came across a post where Cadsuane mentioned that she was in the White Tower researching Callandor, which would place the events slightly before New Spring... Also , I think there might be hint as to which Aes Sedai / Accepted Mesaana actually replaced. I don't know if this makes any sense to you, but I feel that RJ may have put some hints to minor plots...
  4. One thing which has been bugging me is why did RJ release New Spring before KOD? New Spring gave us Moiraine's background and how she bonded Lan, yet I feel that there is more to it... Are there any hints about who is (or isnt) black which I missed? I remember Moiraine thinking that Cadsuane may be black but I think that's a red herring. anyone got an idea?
  5. quote: The sickness comes from the Balefire incident in Shadar logoth when Moridin and Rand used balefire against Mashadar. Rand used Saidin, Moridin used the True power, now both suffer whenever they try and grasp the source/channel. end quote So we know that each life represents a thread in the Pattern and that balefire burns the thread. Could it be that the two threads of Moridin and Rand have become or are becoming one after Shadar Logoth ? I don' know how to explain it but in my head I see two separate threads and after SL they become twisted with each other (and 'welded' in place with the balefire). If so then I think that if Moridin is killed by someone who's not Rand, Rand may also suffer / die from the link...
  6. We know that Slayer can 'switch' bodies at will (when entering & exiting from Tel'aran'rhiod). We also know that Luc and Isam at some point were two separate persons and somehow merged into one. What if Rand could obtain info on how this is done (perhaps after Slayer is defeated/captured by Perrin or someone else)? This would allow him to swap bodies/merge with Moridin once the inevitable showdown happens..and would also fulfill Min's viewing of Rand and another person merging into another person. Also a side note, if Rand and Moridin somehow merged, would Rand/Moridin now possess the mind-traps and be able to control Lanfear & Moggy as well? Just my loony theory.....
  7. Leafburner wrote: If you want to get a tatoo, go for it. I have been considering getting a tattoo of Mat's chapter icon for some time. I am going to wait until the series is done and then decide what I want. I think getting this tattoo will finally let me take a break from the Wheel, knowing that it will always be a part of me. Couldn't have said it better. I still haven't decided wheter to go for the WOT logo (wheel with serpent) or one of the cool chapter icons... Will wait for the series to end before deciding though ..
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