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  1. I have always compared trollocs to brutes from halo. There big, fast, and extremely strong, but yet not too difficult to kill if you know what your doing. As mentioned in a earlier post they fought trollocs in the Trolloc Wars with pikemen protecting crossbows men and archers which elimates all the proir advantages I listed earlier. Now as for the easy in which Lan, Rand, and blademasters dispatch these creatures is another thing. I have always taking trollocs fighting style is strong hacking swings which if one dodges (Similar to what Lan does in his short confrontation with Byar in TGH I think) the trollocs would be open to lung shots and other vital blows. ;D
  2. Probably only contained unless the Creator shows up and kills him.
  3. Wait a second, they actually lived all those lives?? I always took it as they were only glimpsing/experiencing the parts RJ wrote about. Similar to the experience Clan Cheifs have in the glittery column ter'angreal in Rhuidean.
  4. Someone is going to have to donate a hand.... and since you brought it up, I think it should be you. :) I would gladly give my hand for my Lord Dragon ;D
  5. I seriously hate that Rand got his hand blown off and I doubt I'm the only one. Anyone have any ideas if or how the "One handed Dragon" situation is going to get fixed? ???
  6. Does it ever say what level a fades skill is? In EotW a fade holds its own against Lan before being decapitated and later another kills 7 Sheirians at once. Is there any quotes stating they are equal to a blademaster or are they just hardcore shadowspawn?
  7. Indeed he did. So we'll see if your dagger theory is proven (doubtful) in the up coming books.
  8. There is no point arguing with people like this ("Dagger Theory" supporters). They are convinced to the point only RJ could sway them and he is gone (may he rest in peace).
  9. You wrote in caps just like I did then right after said typing in caps doesn't make your point. ;) well done. You deserve the slow clap of excellence.....clap.......clap
  10. typo on your weren't at the end my last post. Meant you weren't* ha ;D
  11. When people in the book say someone has "the Dark Ones own luck" I take it as a saying which originated from the fact the DO can at times influence things in his favor. So when things happen that seem extremely unlikely for his Fades, Forsaken, ect. they tribute this luck to the DO. Hence the saying "the Dark Ones own luck". Now back to why I'm saying all this. Lets break down RJ's Statement that was previously quoted "When they say that Matt has the DO's own luck, He can get as mad as he wants to, but in a way it is true" 1) "When they say that Matt has the DO's own luck". This is when people are commenting on Matt's incredible luck. That comes from him being ta'veren. One of the natures of ta'veren is that they influences things around them. Things going in their favor. So these people commenting on Matt's luck are applying a luck saying to his lucky events. Not literally saying the DO is giving him luck, and neither is RJ. 2)"He can get as mad as he wants to" Probably doesn't like anything with the DO applied to him. Probably Creeps him out. 3)"but in a way its true" RJ is saying, yes in a way its true that Matt is very lucky like (because he is ta'veren) the way how the DO creatures, forsaken, ect. are lucky due to the DO's influence at times. He is not saying THE DO GIVES MATT HIS LUCK IN ANYWAY(dholm). He is merely commenting on the fact that it is similar. SO in conclusion, I don't know how to tell you "Dagger Theory" lovers any more clearly than I have in my last three post. IT'S not a tainted currupt dagger, that is in no way related to luck, that gave Matt his luck. It is the fact he is ta'veren. If you continue to deny this plain fact in favor of a happen chance supported dagger theory, none of us can help you see the truth of it. And I would go as far to say your weren't ever looking for the truth, instead only looking to mold others to your opinions.
  12. Ok did no body read my post? It says IN THE BOOK that Hawkwing at times had infallible luck just like Matt and it came in waves just like Matt's because he was ta'veren! Matt is ta'veren as well, Lets put one and one together people. Matt's luck is not due to a tainted dagger, not due to being channelled at (although that was an intresting and some what believable theroy), and not due to the DO. It's because he is ta'veren same as Hawkwing's luck was due to him being ta'veren. If you don't trust the quote I used in my pervious post then look it up yourself, I gave the book, the chapter, and the page. ;)
  13. Matt's luck is a result of him being ta'veren. The evidence for this is in TDR chapter 8 page 116 in the paperback edition. It is when Moiraine and Lan are talking to Perrin about how strong ta'veren Artur Hawkwing was. Lan says about Hawkwing ”That there were times when people in the same room with Hawkwing spoke truth when they meant to lie, made decisions they had not even know they were contemplating. Times when every toss of the dice, every turn of the cards, went his way. But only times.” So this is EXACTlY like matt. Hawkwings luck came in waves and so does Matts. There were times Hawkwings luck was infallible just like matts. MATTS LUCK IS DUE TO HIM BEING TA'VEREN!
  14. Hey guys whos your favorite out of Rand, Mat, and Perrin and why?
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