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  1. I can't remember when I realized I loved WOT. It's probably a combination of all the things already said by everyone so far. I especially loved the relationships between the characters in the beginning. I thought the narrative was incredibly strong throughout, and while there are countless references and acknowledgements to symbols and spirituality from around the world, it never felt like that was forced, or being used gratuitously.
  2. I read the last book as soon as I got it. It took a few days, and it was the roller-coaster others have already mentioned. My problem is that after I read it, I needed to distance myself from the whole series. I've put all the books on the shelf and have gone on to other books. I'm not really sure why, but maybe it's because, like the others have said, the series has been such a huge part of my life, I wasn't really ready to accept it's end. It's starting to feel about time to re-read it again. Maybe.
  3. I cried when Bela died. She's been there through the entire series. She could have (if she wasn't a horse :P) written her account of what took place, just like Loial. She was there for a whole lot of the most important events that occurred. She will be missed.
  4. Isn't there a passage (I think it would have to be in TGH) where Egwene is told of some Sul'dams having sex with "their" damane? The person telling Eg was quite disgusted with the practice.
  5. Logain. End of story. I love the strong, brooding, sexy look :)
  6. My favourite was Lanfear - The Woman Scorned! Someone else said it before, you were never able to quite see what side she was aiming for at times and she did play everyone else really well. I think her end was satisfactory and entirely in keeping with her story.
  7. The whole Lan arc. Brilliant. Talmanes finally having a personality. Birgitte killing Mellar. Olver blowing the horn. Bela being such a prominent "character" and her death just tore me up inside :(
  8. I'm sad it's over, but overall feel satisfied with the ending. I cried when Bela died! She was in this book a lot more than in previous books lately.
  9. I LOVE Mat! He's the ultimate risk taker. Random thought: I also see Rand, Perrin and Mat as part of a single unit. They all had a part to play individually, but in reality they were so utterly connected that the lines could be sometimes blurred. I could see this when D was calling for LT during the battle and thinking that Mat was being controlled by him. It was often said/remembered by D that LT had always tried to do everything by himself. Thoughts? It's such a tenuous idea, I'm not sure I've thought it all the way through. As Mat would think; there are holes in my memory :)
  10. The prologue of ETOW, the battle between Nyn & Moggy when Nyn wins and I also love the whole beginning section of TGS too, for the same reasons. I love the way you can see the future of Thom & Moiraine unfolding.Even when you know there is little hope :)
  11. WOT - Logain coz he seems like he will have a bright future. Death from the Discworld series - he's awesome!
  12. Moiraine also annoyed me all through the series the first time I read it. But, after re-reading it, knowing what happens already and how it effects the whole world, its much easier to understand why she is the way she is. Hindsight is a fantastic thing sometimes. Teenagers are difficult, and sometimes need strong discipline from an authority figure who wont back down and give in to their whims. She had to be tough or the world would end,thats just it.
  13. Craving chocolate tonight

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