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  1. She placed herself close to the leaders of a rebellion through Delana, who EVERYONE knows plays all sides and noone trusts? Frees Moghedien... I feel that was a byproduct and this didn't hurt the rebels at all. Egwene, Elayne and Ny in my opinion learned as much as Moghedien would allow them to learn. They couldnt safely bring her to justice, without implicating themselves. So if anything Halima has took Moghedien off their hands and freed them from any possible discovery. She gives Egwene headaches, oh wow... Egwene could not do anything because her headaches were so bad? Egwene was still able to work and have her Dreams. By killing people and Aes Sedai at the Rebel camp she actually helped people turn attention to possible Black Ajah within the camp. Was she the driving force behind War on Elaida order? I dont think so. If anything this EVIL plot of hers helped Egwene take the Hall into her hand. I still don't see anything significant done by Halima in her stay at the Rebel camp.
  2. Am I the only one who thinks that Halima has done nothing useful for the DO? I thought her assignment was to screw up as much stuff as possible, however, working through Delana has yielded barely anything. She has no real control over anything and if anything her actions brought the rebels closer together. I would understand if she killed someone like Suian, which would cripple Egwene and create further discord or something along those lines.
  3. You know I agree with you, however, I am afraid this might create an issue with writing the whole thing for Brandon Sanderson. It is a lot of points of views to tie up in one epic battle. I am afraid this might end up very small on detail and concentrated on one or two things. Which will leave me wanting more. I almost don't want to read the last book.
  4. Has anyone seen any information or ideas as to where the Last Battle is taking place? SG, Dragonmount, Three Rivers, Tarvins Gap?
  5. I like your theory Luckers, however, I have one question. Where does the one "mistake" as Verin calls it fits in with your theory? The mistake she made 70 years ago.
  6. I think that was done on purpose as everyone knew that men were going nuts. Women didn't trust men Aes Sedai no matter DR or not. They figured that if it is known that the thing can only be used while linked with women, then the Dragon would have to use two sane people for any use. That just puts more strings on the Dragon Reborn for the White Tower.
  7. The Gathering Storm SPOILER!!!! DO NOT READ if you dont want to know what is going on in the prologue of the Gathering Storm!!! Edit: Under no circumstances are TGS spoilers allowed on this board. /Maj
  8. I always wondered if a warder has been bonded by more then one Aes Sedai, will he die if say one of the Aes Sedai that bonded him die. Will the others be able to save him?
  9. Wait, to the point of Avi's gateway. Wasn't it still open the next day or kept open by Rand's holders put in place by him when he followed? Or did Rand make his own gateway to where Avi was? And if that is so, how did he know where she went? If not, and Avi's gateway was still open the next day, why didn't the Seanchan learn the weave from it?
  10. Luckers, agreed! But why is Elayne calling this a weapon? Its like blowing up a nucelar reactor and standing right next to it while pushing the button. Sounds stupid.
  11. In my mind it is a simple explanation. As it happened many times before, even if the DO unleashes his forces and invades the Randland and kills Rand it would not serve his purpose. He wants to finally break the Wheel of Time and end the rebirthing of Lewish Therin forever. There is a balance between good and evel and he knows he cant simply kill Lewish Therin. The simplest way to end this constant battle is to convert Lewish Therin.
  12. In The Path of Daggers, Elayne and the others are running away from the Sanchean and she messes up trying to unweave the gateway which explodes into a thousand pieces killing everyone. And then she and the Sanchean call this a "Weapon"? How is it a weapon if you are sure as dead on either side of that thing? If it wasnt for Brigette, they would all be dead.
  13. It looks like most of you want to off Faile, with Gawyn a closed second. I hope it really happens.
  14. I was under the impression that if you are stilled, you can still feel saidar. You can also be Healed. On the other had, if you have been burnt out, you can no longer feel saidar. You can not longer be Healed. Let me know if my logic is flawed.
  15. I am not sure if this topic has been covered on here, and if it has I appologize. We meet Setalle Anan in the Crown of Swords and understand that she is formerly Martine Janata of the Brown Ajah. We also learn that she burnt herself out or was severed. First question... Is she burnt out or severed? If stilled then she can be Healed and restored to being Aes Sedai. Second question... If she is burnt out can she be Healed? Third question... I understand that if someone is burnt out they can't even feel Saidar. Yet, in the Winter's Heart she claims she can be a sul'dam, which to me means she can feel Saidar. Fourth question... If she can feel Saidar, does it mean she can be Healed? It might be ignorance on my part. I might have missed something in the book. But I can't put two and two together. Please help.
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