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  1. Nyneve is one of my favorite characters, but her behavior on the road to Caemlyn after she first married Lan was very awkward for me to read. I mean the guy is a trained Warder/commander doing his job, and she followed him like a besotted puppy, trying to sneak him to a hayloft at any opportunity. ::)
  2. I don't think Lan is ugly, but his hard face and cold eyes make him unapproachable by most. Did you also notice that even though some of the secondary mainlanders are sometimes described as being unattractive, there are virtually no bad looking Atha'an Miere or Aiel (other than Sorelia I guess)? The Atha'an Miere are all exotic beauties, and the Aiel are are tall, incredibly fit and have gorgeous eyes.
  3. I agree Drizzt, the core of her is very human (that especially shows in what she did for Lan). But at the end of the day, the cause will always win over feelings of sentimentality and affection. RJ did a fantastic job developing her character.
  4. In Winter's Heart we learn from Luc's POV that he killed a Gray Man in the Tower and didn't enjoy it (ch.22). He is almost certainly referring to the Gray Man that shot at Egwene and Elayne back in The Dragon Reborn. They wrapped him in air, but by the time they reached him there was a knife in his chest.
  5. Don't get me wrong, Moiraine is one of my favorite characters, but I can’t say that she ‘cares’ about any of the Emmonds Fielders. The stonehearted Lan eventually developed real loyalty to the boys and even Egwene because of Nynaeve’s influence, but emotional attachments were never what drove Moiraine. Friendship, affection, family, even her dedication to the White Tower all took a back seat to her life-long purpose of getting the Dragon Reborn ready for the Last Battle. She would not hesitate a moment to destroy anyone, including herself, if she knew that it would further her goal. That’s what makes her such a complex and fascinating character – she chose to sacrifice herself to fight Lanfear not out of loyalty and love but based on coldly calculated facts.
  6. The food discussion brings up an interesting point. Everything, even tea leaves seem to be spoiling at an alarming rate, so it appears they won't have much to eat in Randland pretty soon (no more honeycakes). Even if the Dark One is defeated, how will the remaining people survive with no food?
  7. Since you haven't gotten through the last couple of books, the answers to those questions might be spoilers, so think before you read. We only have information on two answers that Aelfinn gave Rand: 1. Rand asked how to cleanse Saidin and the answer was never explicitly mentioned other than in conversations with Herid Fel. 2. Rand probably asked how to win the last battle and survive, and the answer was: "The north and the east must be as one. The west and the south must be as one. The two must be as one. If you would live, you must die." Nine impossible things refer to a flurry of fortellings that Nicola Treehill started giving out about Rand and other things after she realized that she probably had the gift. I don't think it can be strictly classified as a fortelling, just Nicola's way of getting more attention.
  8. Yes, Elaida has absolutely no redeeming qualities and RJ did an excellent job showing how power can corrupt. But I have to say, I really enjoy reading her raging-alcoholic POVs. She was one of the most powerful Aes Sedai in the tower before the wonder girls showed up and dedicated her life to the light, but she managed to screw up so many times it’s almost laughable: •She attached herself to the wrong ruling house of Andor •Managed to become an Amyrlin on a technicality, tortured information out of Siuan, but still ended up with no Eyes and Ears and a Keeper who is a Black Ajah leader, essentially taking orders from a forsaken. •Ordered the capture of Rand but ended up alienating him even more and losing a large number of sisters in the process. •Sent 50 sisters to destroy the Black Tower and ended up having them bonded to the Asha’man instead. I just love the fact that a twenty years old Egwene is outmaneuvering the mighty Elaida do Avriny a'Roihan.
  9. ;D Heh, and I'm usually so diligent about double checking the spelling before I type :-[
  10. This has probably been discussed many times before but I figured I’d ask anyway. So if a channeler is forcefully turned to the shadow with 13+13 circle, what actually takes place? I am assuming this course of action binds the said channeler to the Dark One somehow, but does it change their nature and their belief system? Otherwise how does the Dark One prevent disobedience with such an unwilling follower? Would it provide total control over that individual’s actions? It seems to be a popular belief that the second time Perrin has to be there for Rand will involve 13+13 action with Borderlander Aes Sedai, hence I wanted to understand the potential consequences of such an feat. Thanks.
  11. Considering that Galad will most likely align himself with Perrin, Dain will either be contained or end up following a similar path as Aram. He is a misguided fool but is redeemable in my opinion (as Aram should have been). Dain and Byar stood behind Galad against Valda (a fight that could have turned out very differently) and acknowledge him as their true leader, subsequently I think there are three things that will play into Perrin's favor during the inevitable meeting with Galad and the remaining Whitecloacks: 1 - Morgaise, which is self explanatory. 2 - Bawler. Pedron Niall sent Dain Bornhald into the Two Rivers following Fain's persuasive little talks, so wouldn't Niall's personal secretary/spy master be aware of Lord Captain Commander's schemes? If that's the case, Bawler's knowledge might be helpful in mediating Perrin and Dain's meeting and providing Galad with enough information to judge Perrin's innocence and rein in Dain. Also Dain’s attempt to blame Perrin's family’s murder by Fain on the Trollocs is bound to come to the surface as well. 3 - There is no proof of what happened at Falme was Perrin's fault, and Galad is nothing if not objective. He will not take Byar’s testimony as fact. So essentially Galad’s judgment should be the deciding factor in this confrontation and if Dain is not completely lost in drink and misery, he will follow Galad’s lead.
  12. Actually that's an interesting point, why does she want people to call her Birgitte? Has she ever mentioned that? And before she started losing her memories, what Teadra her oldest memory?
  13. Most women spend at least several years as novices and several more as Accepted before being raised Aes Sedai, therefore it will be quite some time before most of the newly found female channelers can become full sisters. On the other hand, in a little over a year the Black tower recruited 1000 men and with the forced method of training those get raised to full Asha’man level within a much shorter period of time. Considering that Black Tower recruiting is still going on and there is no more taint on Saidin (so fewer losses from madness), it is plausible that in the near future those number are going to even out with Aes Sedai. Also, the Kin have skilled members, but a lot of them are like Alise – not strong enough to ever become Aes Sedai. And I doubt the Sea Folk will ever willingly align themselves with the White Tower, especially after Nynaeve and Elayne’s disastrous bargain
  14. I disagree with your reasoning. Masema is your classic case of religious fanaticism, in which case the object of his obsession is The Dragon Reborn. Masema never needed ‘encouragement’ to spread his prophetic views, and was not entirely rational way before Falme and his fixation on the Dragon Reborn. Remember how he used to look at Rand when he thought he was Aiel in disguise? Most soldiers left the Aiel War behind them twenty years ago, but Masema never fully let go of the hate. After Falme, he just shifted his mania. On top of that, when Moiraine sent Masema and other Shienarans to Jehannah, Ghealdan was already in turmoil and perfect staging ground for Masema’s radial views without added Forsaken support. Also the fact that Masema though that Perrin was Shadowspawn – many people in Randland, including Aes Sedai consider yellow eyes on a man an aberration and associate it with Shadow. And Aram is just a misguided young man, misfortunate enough to be born into a culture (Tuatha'an) where he didn’t belong. I believe it’s at least partially Perrin’s fault for not dealing with Aram’s problems before it was too late – after all he was responsible for the path Aram took. Masema on the other hand, filled the holes in Aram’s value system, which resulted in immediate transfer of loyalties.
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