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  1. Thinking through this here. . . Egwene dreamed that the Seachan were going to attack the tower, so was it Rand's Tavereness that caused the dream and then that same Tavereness caused the events that led up to Rand using the TP which caused the darkness about him which prompted Tuon to refuse him and attack the WT instead . . . Is Tavereness something from the Creator?
  2. My aren't you receptive to ideas. Shame on you. >:( Calderis--interesting idea. I'm relatively new here, and I have not heard this. I think it would be an good play on the wording of the prophecy. If this is what RJ wanted to do with the story, I believe it would give the necessary leeway to make it happen.
  3. Okay, so here's what happened last night. I went to a local signing, and I asked Brandon about if we'd see Rand and Egwene meeting up in ToM. (He mentioned that they would about as much time in ToM as Mat did in TGS.) Brandon quoted the prophecy about her anger, and I mentioned your interpretation. Here's what he handed me: The infamous RAFO card. ;D So, are you on to something?
  4. Lambada, I love your interpretation! As we're winding down to the end of this story, we don't have time for more power tripping of AS with Rand. Somehow these old friends need to trust each other again.
  5. Yes, it would be a bit like the film "Groundhog Day." I think once Rand (LTT) gets it right, that paticular wheel will be done and some new scenarios (ages) can come about. Hope so anyway.
  6. Perhaps, but Rand is certainly not a typical multiple personality sufferer. There really is a past existence with all the baggage it brings with it. Acceptance rather than denial can be a major factor here, imo.
  7. That's okay. Except for EotW, I've found most of Gawyn's sections to be worthless.
  8. But Rand concluded that he's continuing to fight in hopes of getting it right. If he gets it right is it really necessary to spin back to the beginning again? Couldn't it just spin into another age, another cycle and put this one to rest?
  9. Nice explanation. Makes a lot of sense. Do you think the darkness that's been around Rand will be gone now? Will the negatives with his Tavereness go back into balance since his mind is once again in balance?
  10. Assuming that the meeting with Moridin in SL and the crossing of their balefire streams was unintentional. If it wasn't intentional, what was Moridin doing?
  11. One possibility is that the DO wants to use Rand, and the TP is a way to corrupt him and help make him a tool for the DO. And the DO almost succeeded. He may have been willing to sacrifice Semi to accomplish this since she'd already failed to capture Rand unharmed.
  12. Yes! Lillcheese said: I think Egwene is wrong here. Min is right that Rand doesn't need guidance now; he needs help. He's the one in charge, and the sooner these other players realize that the better. The last thing Egwene needs to do is to try coming at Rand like a younger Cadsuane. Mr. Micawber said: And then Cadsuane wakes up. Majsju said: Unless there were more novices than Egwene could use in one circle. I got the impression that she kept that circle going. Except that their new Amyrlin was trained by the Seanchan. Perhaps the first question an new AS will be asked after taking the oaths will be if she is a darkfriend. Could be a little bit too late, or perhaps they will think this and put everyone under oath to tell the truth. Sure a hole this large in their system will be seen by someone. Gives me chills again reading that. I knew there was a reason besides Gawyn why Egwene would have been a Green if she'd chosen an Adjah. Which is why Min's observation that Rand, rather than being guided, just needs help. Does Egwene have enough respect for Min's insight to listen to her? Nope. But he does need input from his staff. He needs for them to bring their varied experiences to come together and add that to LTT's experience. Those memories are now a good thing. Since LTT is gone, I hope that LTT's memory of what he did to the bore isn't also gone. Egwene has proved to be very insightful. Let's hope she can be wise enough not to try putting Rand into a "box" like Cadsuane. I like this suggestion!
  13. But couldn't that create a new wheel (age?) and set up a new cycle? I think what we're going to see is an end to the old one.
  14. And so I'm thinking that Min's viewing about the two becoming one is done? Or do we still have to deal with the Moridin/Rand link? And I was SO glad to put that storyline to rest. Faile finally did something right. But how does Cadsuane get credit for making this happen? Because she didn't keep the male Adam safe enough? I don't think she's taught Rand anything except to view everything as a box. I was chatting with Shard about this, and I thought it would be Nynaeve and Egwene, but he thought it more likely to be Nynaeve and Moiraine. That struck me as a much better fit. Egwene and Rand have been too long apart, and the old trust isn't there anymore. I agree with Shard that Egwene would do well to go and support Lan's position.
  15. Jason, you did a really good job getting me excited and I appreciated your disclaimers. I haven't read the book yet, but I have listened to the audiobook (Kramer and Reading are fantastic as usual). I wondered if my take on the writing would be impacted on the traditional voices (I've finally got a copy of the paper book and am getting ready to read through it--I had to go back and read Rand's epiphany chapter first). But Mat did seem off at first, even though I was prepared not to believe that that would be the case. But he's the only one I had any issues with and that was only at first. I did get the impression from the review though that Mat and Thom were going to go after Moiraine in this book. I was a bit disappointed at first, but TGS was fabulous without that, so nor harm, no foul. And once again, you were so on. This book is awesome!
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