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  1. I've re-read the series 3 times altogether, except for towers of midnight I've read it only once, as I lent it to my brother who is reading it now. But I've read bits and parts of all of them multiple times.
  2. That is freaking amazing! I think it looks good enough just black and white.
  3. Not to throw everyone back off topic again, but I am a fairly skilled fighter with a sword and some of my friends are about equal to me but with sword/short spear and shield. It isn't easy but I don't find it extremely hard to get around a shield, even more so, when the shield is a buckler like the Aiel use. Also a spear is difficult to get around but if you fight against one enough you learn how o defend against it with a katana and it's not so bad. I realize also that a spear is usually easier to use, thus harder to fight. Also sorry to drag on but Perrin uses knife to parry, and hammer to attack typically I would assume and a heavy blow from the arm of a blacksmith is capable of breaking the bones of an arm behind a shield.
  4. E-Books, for the cover art. I like almost all of them.
  5. Thanks I think so too. XP

  6. Oh, Your pretty cute >:3

  7. I like the pictures posted by Xader and Nae Blis. Also the new Ebook art Rand looks really good. I just felt like the artist of the first picture was making him TOO similar to the "pretty boy" image. I didn't say I hated it and they did do a good job it's just not my favorite. Though it is better then the Japanese cover art of Rand that makes him emciated(sp). Do you have a link because I don't think I've seen them? (japanese or the new eBook)
  8. I'm so sure though because that's how he was "to die and live again" according to the Aelfinn. Because of that I think the link may be broken.
  9. Thanks, I was just wondering about the Moridin thing in case there was some prophecy/ foreteling that I didn't know about. And the Mat thing just made me wonder because, doesn't it say somewhere that the horn will only work for one person until that person dies, or something similar. Mat did die then so I was unsure if it would count or not.
  10. Question number one is why is "Moridin" capitalized in the Horn inscription? And number two, is when Mat died when Rand was fighting Rahvin did that break his link to the Horn? I am unsure on whether these things have been discussed recently, or ever... I would have looked but my search function is disabled. T_T
  11. I thought so but didn't really think much of it at the time. Then I was reading on FoH today and thought about it and the 4 original forsaken (minus Demandred) were talking about Asmo and everyone was in a place doin' stuff except Greandal when he got killed. Hadn't checked it out yet so thanks.
  12. Did anyone else read in the Glossary that Greandal killed Asmodean?
  13. Yes but tipically most artists (that I've met, myself included) are right handed so it's harder to draw someone from a left dominate angle and it still be your best work. Or another possibility is that the artist was only told what to draw and hadn't read the books, and they were only told "he's missing one hand" or somwething similar.
  14. That's really... lame... I wish they had just kept that a secret or something... That really sucks :(
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