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  1. When he was killed by the Darkhound then brought back when Rand balefired the Darkhound.
  2. I thought the book was great. It was different than the rest of the books, which tended to gloss over a lot of the battles, but it needed to be. I do have a couple of criticisms... 1) I thought Padan Fain was completely wasted. He appeared for about 5 pages total. He was the biggest wildcard in the series. Constant theories about his role in the last battle, and as it turns out, he had none. To be honest, I completely forgot about him until about halfway through the book when I started wondering where he was. Then, on page 868, he finally appears. And he is much more powerful. He thinks of himself onpar with Rand and the Dark One, almost like a third power to go with Light and Dark. Then, the next time he appears, Mat kills him nearly instantly. We should have gotten a glimpse of him and his new persona much earlier so that it would be hanging over the rest of the book. And he shouldn't have died so easily. 2) I was dissapointed with the role Mat and Perrin played at the very end. All through the series we heard about the pull Rand had on each of them, how important it would be for all three ta'veren to be with Rand. And they ended up being a couple of bodyguards. Mat takes out Fain, Perrin takes out Slayer and that is it. It felt weak to me. I also would have like to have seen Mat take out a Foresaken. Perrin took out Lanfear, Lan got Demandred, Egwene killed Taim, Nynaeve had bested Moghedein earlier, Moiraine took out a couple. I thought Mat, with his foxhead, would have been the one to kill Demandred. 3) Perrin. Holy shit did I think his line was weak. All in all it was a really good way to close out the series. A lot of oh shit moments, sadness, a lot of people acting stupid (Gawain).
  3. Am I the only one that was really shocked that Sulin didn't appear in the book? As in, I don't think there was a single mention (maybe one very early that I missed). She was the most prominant of the Maidens after Aviendah started studying with the Wise Ones. I would have expected her to get a death scene.
  4. @johthohar -- Thanks for the tip about the Malazan boards, I have been avoiding them figuring that, since the series has been around so long, it would be all spoilers.
  5. I am reading this series now for the first time (100 pages left in book 2), so I figured I would mention a couple of things I am noticing... You really do get dropped in the middle, which leads to a couple of issues. First, it really seems like major plot elements come out of nowhere, especially at the end of the first book. Maybe there was a reference earlier that I missed, but I really felt unsatisfied with the resolution of one of the plot threads (sorry if this is poorly written, I am trying to express my thoughts about the end of the first book without spoilers). I also think that Erikson has a habit of switching points of view too soon/too often. For much of the first book I didn't feel like I could get a good handle on the characters. Every time I would get close, I felt like the POV switched. The second book is better, I think. Either that or I just have a better grip on the world now so I am less distracted while reading. The other thing I wanted to expand on, is that it isn't just a question of the second book being a different story, it is almost entirely different characters from the first. I don't know if this continues throughout, but it was jarring to say the least when I started book 2, read the first 20 pages, and had three different POV, all brand new characters. To be honest, I didn't love the first book, or the start of the second for these reasons. If Erikson wasn't so highly thought of, I probably wouldn't have bothered continuing with this series. I am glad I did though, because I have enjoyed the second book.
  6. That is either 100% prejudice and intolerance or the statement of somebody who knows absolutely nothing about sex. ANY sex can be risky behavior. Oral, anal or vaginal. Heterosexual and homosexual. Yes, anal intercourse (whether hetero or homosexual) can have a higher degree of risk, but it is a matter of degree. Nor do gay men need to engage in anal intercourse, although I assume the majority choose to. And if you want to talk about "encouraged" lets not forget that heterosexual sex can lead to unwanted pregnancy, which can have life altering affects for teenagers. So maybe we should stick to encouraging anal intercourse.
  7. Terez....I agree with most of what you say, but I think people being awkward is not necessarily irrational. As people, we are often awkward around things that we are not used to. Years ago, homosexuality was simply not seen much outside of certain areas. People are not used to it, and therefore are unsure of how to act and feel around it. Hence the awkwardness. Even today, how many gay men are shown on tv or movies, in a relationship, kissing, holding hands, in bed together etc? The only ones I can think of offhand are Glee and Modern Family. The question will be what these people do with that feeling. Do they allow themselves to accept that gay people have every right to express themselves and should not have to hide, or do they clutch onto that awkwardness and become truly bigoted?
  8. Definitely Eye of the World. I loved discovering this world alongside the characters. After that, Fires of Heaven, because the pacing is great. I think more happens in that book than any other 3.
  9. I think it should have been addressed sooner, but am against it now for this reason.... I don't buy it. Sorry, don't care what RJ said, I can't see homosexuality, in the society that he has created, being accepted as a matter of course. Randland has very specific gender roles. The women (goodwives) clean the house, the men have jobs. There is Women's Circle business and Village Council business. Healing is a woman's work. In Shienar, the men are soldiers, the women are protected. Men are not allowed into the women's apartments, but women are allowed into the mens' apartmentsFor the Sea Folk, the women are Wavemasters, the men are Cargomasters. Aiel clan chiefs are always men, wise ones and roof mistresses always women. Aiel men can have two wives, but there is no evidence a woman can have two husbands. The only culture that seems to be beyond bright line gender distinctions is the Seanchan. Now, this isn't to say that homosexuality can't fit in with normal gender roles. There is no reason gay men can't be soldiers. BUT, I really have a hard time believing that a culture that so separates men and women is perfectly accepting of men being with men and women with women. I think it has been a mistake, if as it seems, RJ has intended to create a realistic world, particularly one that is a past/future version of our world, not to have brought up homosexuality before now. Homosexuality exists and has existed in every culture. Many times homosexuals are forced to hide, but they still exist. Maybe Randland is like that, but RJ's statement (somebody quoted it earlier in the thread) seemed to indicate that wasn't the case. Hopefully, someday, we will get to the point where homosexuality is accepted. I live in NY where most people really couldn't care less about a person's sexuality, so I know it is possible. However, Randland does not feel like that kind of a culture to me. Therefore, the last minute inclusion of a gay character, who is accepted by all, would strike me as odd. Note: When I talk about homosexuality not being brought up, I am purposefully ignoring "pillow friends". I agree with the earlier poster that pillow friends do not seem to be true homosexuals, but rather sexual partners of convenience.
  10. Male, 36 Favorite: Thom Least Favorite: Morgase
  11. Out of all the female characters, Min is probably my favorite. Why? Because she and Nynaeve are the only two that don't have ulterior motives behind everything they do. This is one of the things that drives me nuts in this series, and where I think it gets sexist... Rand is the friggin Dragon reborn, the chosen one, the sole hope of humanity. Men follow him (Bashere, the Aiel chiefs etc). Women manipulate him or are willing to go against him in order to secure their own individual desires. Consider... Elayne. The worst of the bunch. She gets pissed off at Rand because he wants to give her Andor. It isn't his to give, blah blah blah. So, instead of taking Andor from Rand, she fights a war for it. People get killed. People that could be fighting the DO at the last battle. The Wise Ones. They are constantly manipulating Rand in order to try and save the Aiel. Do I need to mention the manipulating Aes Sedai? Egwene is constantly putting the good of the Tower ahead of Rand. Aviendha basically spends most of the series making his life miserable. Never does she consider whether she can be of help to him. Now, I don't mean to say that a woman needs to put the good of her man before herself. Not at all. But when you love or are dealing with the Chosen one, on whom the fate of the world rests? He comes first. Sorry. It is basically a question of all man kind against your petty desires. Take Elayne. So what if your rule of Andor after the last battle is harder because Rand "gave" you the crown? More important is to make sure there is an Andor after the last battle. Same with the Tower. Except Min. She constantly wants to do what is best for Rand and puts that ahead of everything else. Even when she insists on going with him, it is because she thinks she can be of help. She may be wrong, but her goal is always to help Rand. Nynaeve puts Rand first too, for the most part. But the rest, sheesh.
  12. I think this poll needs another option... Yes, but the book will be approximately 1800 pages. I think Brandon really wants to get this done. Lets face it, as much of an honor as it is for him to have been chosen, and as much fun as it may be, I doubt he wants to spend much more time writing somebody else's story. He just started a new series which is going to be 10 books+. I just can't see him wanting to delay the ending further by splitting this up, unless he absolutely has to. (And yes, I know he has said he would consider writing the prequels if asked, but I think that would be after a couple of years. Just a feeling).
  13. Why not? Perrin couldn't physically do something to help Rand, but maybe his ta'veren presence was enough.
  14. Anyone else think we might end up with a Graendal-Avhienda showdown? Graendal lost all of her power objects in the balefire. She also likes to hide out in abandoned places of power and historical significance. Why not Rhuidean?
  15. Has Brandon confirmed whether this is the first chapter of the book?
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