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  1. Its Birgette being beheaded. Other than the fact that it involves someone being beheaded there is absolutely nothing GRRM like about what happened to Birgette. It happened on a battle field and was comitted by a known enemy. It might have been sad but there was nothing shocking about it. Then whatever emotional resposne there might have been dissapears instantly when the horn is blown. That is so far from being a GRRM moment that if that is what BS was referring to I must wonder if he ever read anything by GRRM. Any other ideas then? It seems like the best candidate to me even though I struggle to think of hardly any of chapter 37 as BS's work. I'm pretty sure the shocking and sudden death of a beloved character was all he was referring to when he said GRRM moment. And then add in the beheading to it as well and it matches even closer. What exactly were you expecting in a GRRM moment? My thoughts for the GRRM moment was when Damondred and the Sharans showed up through a massive portal, standing there silent, and then wiped out a large portion of the AS army.
  2. Would like to throw this out there, in regards to people wondering if Rand just plans to wander the world for the rest of his life. At the end he is contemplating the gold that Alivia gave him, and he finds out that it's a large amount; enough to buy a farm in the Two Rivers. Now, if he was surprised to see this, then he was only expecting a small portion of gold to travel with and was not planning on settling down off of the money, which means that he was probably only going to travel for a little while before heading back to society. On top of this, do you really think Cadsuane would let him wander too long without questioning him on certain matters? She might be kind enough to let him go for a little while, but from what we've seen of her character, she is going to want to talk extensively with him.
  3. I've always believed that he wouldn't die but that his blood would be shed in some other manner. This is a great theory, never thought of it that way.
  4. There is a hope to the Light at the end of the book. At the same time, remember what Verin said, that the way the DO intended to fight would be nothing like what they thought. All this work could be for naught theoretically. As for Rand's destruction I feel that after his change, he will go back and start cleaning up and letting others help him a.k.a. Caddy
  5. For the love of god no. Spoilers go on this board until everyone has had a chance to read it, including foreign countries where it hasn't been released yet. So at least another month. Can you please at least adjust the rules of this board so that we can discuss it openly here? The full book thread (the one you are in right now) would be the place to discuss something although I think we were asked to only give our views of the book and not discuss too much. Isn't it possible to hide thread titles to those not actually in the section? It would be a lot easier to discuss the book if it were opened to people who wanted to discuss. And people on the outside could be protected by no thread titles.
  6. Most likely, Min had a viewing about Moraine, before she went to Finnland, that she could help Rand win the Last Battle. That being said, when she went through the door, everyone assumed her dead. Then Mat got a letter from Thom that was given to him by Rand who got the letter from Moraine, in it she says that she is not dead and talks about rescuing her. My guess is that the letter is not some false piece of information to lead him on some random hunt. The only reason that Min thinks that this viewing is false is because she thinks that she is dead. It would make a lot more sense if she were still alive and will be saved. I honestly don't see how anyone could get mislead by anything other than this...
  7. If you talk about Moraine not fighting very well, have you not noticed how any of the other Aes Sedai fight? They all fight by throwing fire balls that kill a couple trollocs. As for how they were able to defeat the 100,000 trollocs, Rand was the only thing that saved them. Before Lews Therins took over Rand he didnt know weaves to kill more than a few trollocs either. Some of the weapons that LTT used also would have been fairly useless if the trollocs hadn't just rushed up head first. My guess is that this might have just been a show to one, at the least kill some people, but more so, show that the Shadow has 100,000 troops to throw around.
  8. I could have sworn there was a quote form RJ asking if Noal was Jain Farstrider and he said, "Most likely."
  9. There are a few angreal, and a sa'angreal in the tower, I'm sure that they know they are there but it would be far to dangerous to do for the forsaken.
  10. I personally have never believed Rand was going/ is mad. Also recently I've been thinking the same thing about Mat. The only reason people take it for Rand going mad is because he can channel and thus this makes him crazy. But if Mat was having this happen to him and he could channel people would also consider him mad. No, I believe that LTT is a mind trapped inside Rands head. This is how I believe TG will end. Somehow LTT will be killed and not Rand, thus the Dragon's blood is shed and Rand is still alive.
  11. Something I've been thinking about for a while is Min's viewings and how they connect with something else since nearly everything in the WoT series seems to be connected one way or another. So, after re-reading the part about Mat's trip to Finnland, I noticed that when he talks to them they seem to be looking just above his head. This seems a place that Min generally has her viewings. Now, since Min doesnt always get viewings of people there were two options that I had that seemed acceptable to why the Aelfinn can always answer the questions. 1. By what Moiraine said, you cannot ask meaningless questions. So if when you ask a question of some importance about yourself an image will flash above your head. And seeing as the Aelfinn have been doing this for a while, they will always know what it means. 2. The Aelfinn have ripened the ability to foresee events somehow and can always come up with a true answer. Or, just Finnland in general makes the person more susceptible to being viewed. Either way it is, I see some connection between Min's and the Aelfinn's viewings. Possibly the other restrictions have something to do with viewings or just that the Aelfinn don't like those things. I'm not sure if Min's parents were ever talked about, or if she was just raised by her aunts. Maybe there is a connection somehow between the two.
  12. I had always thought it would be a gai'shain. They are all clad in white and for several of the books it mentions the Aiel liking her a lot. Though now you bring that up it makes sense too.
  13. I'm just wondering if anyone else has noticed this or more and how plausible it seems.
  14. Alright, sorry if I do anything wrong here, this is my first topic. But, after almost completing my second re-read of the WoT series, I have noticed that several of the current/ to be rulers of certain countries can all touch the TS. Elayne-Andor, Cairhien (as long as Moiraine doesn't get this) Tuon- would be able to if she could be convinced Seanchan/ Seanchan held areas. Rand- if he lives (however it occurs); anywhere he decides to hold onto. Also possibly Mat and/ or Perrin can channel (never actually tested) and will most likely have thrones. So, I'm wondering what everyone thinks about the rulers possibly living for 300+ years as well as their heirs. As well as how the world could change because of this.
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