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  1. I agree with most of your review, Jason, and let me tell you, I'm most bitterly jealous of you--for getting to read so many advance copies. But I suppose the fans who create websites deserve more than guys like me, who merely read/recomended the series. Not that I necessarily think that anyone is a larger fan than I am--at best, a tie--but you clearly have done a lot of legwork for RJ over the years. Still jealous though!! Where I agree with you is on the breakneck pacing and blow-your-mind moments that Brandon made happen. I utterly agree with you about the scene that is now one of my series favorites--Rand channelling the True Power--as it totally blew my mind! So did other events, but none so large as that. Where I disagree is that I, as a fan and reader, wouldn't notice or even care about the different styles. Brandon all but eliminated the Forsaken perspectives, ignored important characters like Logain and Elayne, and littered the book with small inconsistencies that RJ would never have missed. Like having Graendal wear a normal dress when she has streith, or ignoring the fact that Egwene's stole in Salidar and beyond had no red stripe--to name two of the more glaring differences. To name them all would take a long time, and I don't want to seem like a nit picker here. That said, I was still rivetted, and think that for the large part, Brandon did as well as could be expected of him--and far better than most could have done. But it is a Brandon Sanderson novel set in RJ's world, not a Jordan novel. Having read both authors, and enjoyed them to varied degrees, I can say that with confidence.
  2. Without doubt, the best scene for me was when Rand dealt with Semirhage--and how he did so. That had to have been the most shocking scene in the books to date. I was like, "WHOOOOOAAAAA!!!" I had to read it over a few times before I could go on. The whole scene was like that--mind blowing. And the mind blowing didn't end there. I think what surprised me even more was that I enjoyed the book. I'd already read the Prologue and Chapter 1, and have to say that I wasn't impressed by either. The characters seemed, well, off I guess. It didn't feel like RJ's voice for most of it. Most of the book didn't either. But it DID feel like RJ's world, and Brandon brought new life to this series with the almost blistering pace he set, from about chapter 4 on. The focus was where it needed to be--on the Two Rivers people. For too long, RJ put the focus on peripheral characters like Harine Breaking Wind or Morgase; Rand was almost invisible in book 10 and seen only a bit more in book 11. He's the protagonist, he has the most interesting plotline, and he was almost a footnote in his own tale. Brandon changed that for the better, and I also loved seeing Egwene come into her own finally--if not exactly how I expected her to do so. I'm glad I went out and got the book anyways, because I have to say...this is one of the best books in the series, and it has totally re-invigorated my desire for more!
  3. I tend to agree, and would add this; Mat recieved three boons for the asking, why not Moiraine? If indeed she was severed, that would seem a trifling request for the wish fulfilling finns to grant. As for her knowledge, it is possible she gleaned it while inside the doorway at the Stone in Book 4. I recall that questions asked regarding one's own fate are always answered truthfully--did she squander one on marriage?
  4. Things I would like to see in this book: Moiraine get rescued; Taim and his proxies get scattered and Logain becomes the new leader of the Black Tower; Semirhage get questioned by Cadsuane for Dark One's/other Forsakens'/darkfriends' plots; more Rand--B Sanderson says he's in about half the book, which is excellent. Rand has been little more than a bit player the last two books--he was in maybe 6 chapters (and short chapters too) in The Crossroads...; Morindin, and lots of him. When do we finally see Rand get turned to the Dark (One's) side? Soon, I hope. I'd really like to see Rand's inner Dark One come out...
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