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  1. I haven't read anything from AMOL yet but I'm listening to Winter's Heart. I heard Min's prediction of Avienda's children and it struck a thought similar to a comment made above. Something I found odd in Towers of Midnight is the missing parents. Avienda and Elayne's chlidren are in the future but not Avienda or Elayne. I got the sense that they died before they got to know their children. Avienda and Elayne would naturally live a long time and Avienda's children's lack of honor could only come from not knowing Avienda. Min see's that there is something odd about the Avienda's pregancy and she has all four at once. And we know that they can already touch the one power and hold on to it as long as they want. What if Rand, Elayne, Avienda and Min all die and are reborn through Avienda. How can Avienda be reborn through herself? Well, there is a belief in our world that the soul enters the body when we take our first breath. (Abortion justification, don't want to go there just an FYI) Avienda could die delivering the last baby and be reborn when the last one takes it's first breath. The clencher to this could be the weave of bond Elayne used when bonding Rand. It was based on but not the same as the Wise Ones weaves for first sisters and that ritual was all about being born together through the power.
  2. I think that The Gathering Storm was one of the best books in the series, that said I think Towers of Midnight is the worst book in series. A lot of this feeling is because of Mat. He did not have a big role in The Gathering Storm so his change wasn't really that noticable. In Towers of Midnight, every time Mat cursed I wanted to scream that not the curse Mat would have used. I know its kind of stupid but that is just how it seemed. It was like watching the Twilight Zone version of Mat. There were two huge events I have been waiting for years and years to happen they were ruined because Sanderson's version of Mat. The scene with Gholman just pissed me off not just because of Twilight Zone Mat but because Sanderson used what I think of as a cheat for the surprise ending. Mat's thinking about how Tolmanis is disobeying orders when it turns out that he really was obeying orders. WTF! I want to be mislead for the surprise but its another thing to lie about it using a character's thoughts. A character's thoughts is the most honest view you can get. The Tower of Genji wasn't as bad as the fight with the Golem but my eyes went to the back of my head when Mat cursed at them during the escape. Robert Jordan wrote the end to Memory of Light which is all I am really looking forward to right now.
  3. In ToM when they're showing Graendal's PoV of the events after Natrin's Barrow, she Gateways to a location a distance away and can feel the Pattern buckling from the Balefire even at that distance. Though I don't think 'proximity to Balefire' is why Asmodean couldn't come back. I honestly don't know how he died or why he couldn't come back (other than that the Dark One probably wouldn't have bothered to restore him). It couldn't have been balefire since it has to be both where and how he died. Balefire would always be a how.
  4. If you're referring to what Rand and his Ashaman felt during the Seanchan campaign, that was an effect of the improper use of the Bowl. RJ said so. He really said that? I'm surprised because nothing about Saidar being strange is mentioned until after Elayne unravels her weave but the bowl had already been used. I know there is a short time between those moments maybe it just to took a little while to take effect.
  5. I haven't seen anything that says Balefire causes localized disruptions in the pattern. I have seen the weave almost unravel and events not happen but when I think of local disruptions I think of Path of Daggers when Elayne unraveled her weave.
  6. Taim says he can't use a sword. Do you believe him? I don't, for those precise reasons you cited - also check Narishma's musings on the subject. Taim is probably a blademaster or near-blademaster, who assiduously conceals his ability with a sword. It's his last ace-in-the-hole. That makes complete sense.
  7. I'm listening to Lord of Choas and I just noticed that Taim does not know how to use a sword. Taim says to Rand What good are swords, that he can barely avoid stabbing him and has never felt the lack. Taim is a borderlander where every man is trained to use a sword, and there is that scene in Towers of Midnight where the boy becomes a man by receiving his sword. Taim would have been trained to use a sword before he found out he could channel.
  8. If it wasn't for the two quotes by Robert Jordan, I think there would be a lot of support for Taim being Asmodean. Those being he's roadkill and the Dark One could not bring him back because of how and where he died. There is also in Lord of Chaos where the Dark one tells Demandred that Asmodean met the final death for his weakness not because he did not have the power to do it. There are other quotes from Robert Jordan about how the Dark One is not human, therefore does not think like a human nor feel like a human. How the Dark One would not waste one of the Chosen because they are the most powerful and most trained. Think about in Towers of Midnight, how much trouble Grendal is in because she let Aranger (I think) die from Balefire. It is widely assumed Grendal killed Asmodean and he did not die from balefire because where he died would have made no difference. Taim has claimed to be one of the Chosen. Winter's Heart, through one of the renegade Asha'man, if you're courious. What an interesting word 'roadkill' kind of sounds like a body being complete destory like Humty Dumpty. How and where? interesting. Almost like a body has to be in a specific place to be brought back life. Where are all of the killed Chosen awakened? How much a power does the Dark One have over reality in say Shaol Goul? A mind trap can only be installed where? Would a writer of say a huge series give misleading answers only in his books?
  9. What if the secret ingrediant to the Dark One's abiltiy to taint the one power is the survival one who seals his prison?
  10. With the Black Tower so close and they having the ability to channel undetected by female channelars and they can travel, why wouldn't the shadow use one of these guys. They are stronger than the 7 women unless they were all linked. And it leaves the surprise element intact so just in case Rand had left guards, the guards deaths wouldn't be noticed not would the guards see a hole in the waygate. For all we know Tiam or Demandred is behind the invasion.
  11. I was think about this. Isn't there a part in the beginning when Rand says to Nineav that he wants her to be a part of his battle with the dark one but isn't sure if he wants Elayne or Avendha? It seems to me that it will be Alivia because Avendha will be pregant and so like Elayne her channelling will not be reliable enough. Elayne could have the kids by this point and Avendha still needs to get pregnant but we won't know until the last book. Also, I was think about Min's transaltion of the prophecy about Callindor where it mentions a betrayal. So Alivia 'helps' Rand die and there is some kind of betrayal when using Callindor. Would Alivia be the betrayor? How could she be the betrayor since Rand can see all Dark Friends?
  12. So I was listening to Fires of Heaven today. Rand says that Asmodean does not sweat and he said it was not a trick of the power. And Asmodean clained that he did not know how to make a gateway. In Lord of Choas, Taim teaches Rand how not to feel the weather and has a blank look on his face when Rand shows him a gateway. I still think Asmodean is Taim.
  13. So it seems established that the True Power can destory cuendillar. There is still a chance the flows will not touch the Gholam. I have no idea how likely this is since we have never seen it but I don't think it is likely that we will either. Only Rand would be likely to use the True Power on the Gholam because Ishamael (or any other Foresaken) would just tell the Gholam to go kill someone. Unless the Gholam achieves its goal of freedom but it would still keep after Mat before trying to kill the Foresaken. What is the probability that Rand would be there to use the True Power on the Gholam? It seems much more likely that what will defeat the Gholam are from the Gholam's weaknesses, the weakness of Mat's medallion are the weaknesses of the Gholam. Maybe the True Power can touch the Gholam but we know a lightning bolt made with the One Power can.
  14. I believe Ishimael said "I can only give you a few lucid moments, maybe if one of your sisters where he and you didnt kill them first" "A pity for you," he mused, "that one of you of your Sisters is not here. I was never very skilled at Healing, and I follow a different power now. But even one of them could only give you a few lucid minutes, if you did not destory her first. What I can do will serve as well, for my purposes." His sudden smile was cruel. "But I fear Shai'tan's healing is different from the sort you know. Be healed, Lews Therin!"
  15. I like the idea of the One Power and the True Power being used together. Everything at this point is pure speculation I will agrue that not everything is possible with both powers. For example, Ishamael cures Lews Therin of the madness with the True Power. When he does this he says that the female Aes Sedia could only give him temporary sanity. Is this could be a case that both Saidin and Saidar are required to cure the madness since Rand had to use both to elimanatae the taint on Saidin. But I will speculate that not everything is similarly possible with both the True and One Power until there is a little more evidence. I do realize that traveling and balefire are possible with both but there are things that men and women can only do and multiple things they can both do just differently. I think that the True and One power will work the same way. I think that Aginor would have to use the One Power because the creatures used in creating the Shadowspawn are made from the Creator's work which is the One Power. The Dark One tainted them the same way It tainted Saidin.
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