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  1. So just how long has this been happening? Did some searches on the interwebs about the topic, not much of a bit. 1. aMoL it is made blatantly apparent that time is skewed around Rand. 2. ToM it is hinted at, he gives Egwene a month, but states he has very little time and we are given not much description of that "one month" from his perspective. 3. CoT/KoD it could already be happening, he is stationary for what seems like a very long time, but that is just brushed off as his recovering from the Cleansing. Anywho, it is just something that nags at me every so often. Any thoughts?
  2. I think the underlying problem with Gateways is that the amount of time and effort expended to create one was not limited enough and a character like Androl suddenly became real easy to exploit. Gateways are the single biggest advantage, everything for transportation and communication. You can transport a prisoner to a jail cell without having to go with them by using a moving horizontal gateway (take a second to think about how that would work). Also, something I thought was interesting, of the Great Captains, Bashere used them the worst, though he had had the most exposure to them before hand.
  3. Mesaana and it's not even close. She took a channeling organization, split it (essentially in quarters) and 1/3 of them were on her side. They had very little time to plan, they were open to an attack by the Seanchan. She had a pretty good plan going with Bel'al. She actually captured Rand and drove him nuts. The only reason she was taken out of the fight is because of Graendal's piss poor planning. As far as my favorite character, it would be Demandred, though I would have liked to have gotten his Shara involvement in Towers of Midnight and had it be a cliffhanger for A Memory of Light.
  4. What happened to the trollocs that General Tylee encounters on the Shadow Coast? Could probably just have been a scouting party that found out the Seanchan were ready.
  5. Plot holes are there because there was a big backlash from fans when they said they would split it into three books. We got the first two and then saw, "holy crap how are they going to fit this into one book." This was not Brandon's fault. His writing style is different from Robert Jordan's and for the most part I enjoy it more. His books move with a faster pace and there is a heck of a lot less description of clothing, which makes some of the sneaky ways RJ would introduce characters easier to notice. Everyone putting RJ on a pedestal should step back and acknowledge the corny or bad parts of the previous novels, then step back up to the last three books and applaud the effort that Brandon put forth. Seriously, everyone loves The Shadow Rising, but "Bubble of Evil", really? Also, for the record, The Fires of Heaven is the best book, you can't beat getting it on in an igloo. The little things that could have made the writing better were pointed out early on in the thread, re: words that didn't fit. Change those and the books would read a lot better. Still, I am happy.
  6. I loved it. I loved the little homages to different parts of the series throughout and the hinting at what would come after and not having a 200 page denouement like Tolkien. I laughed aloud a number of times, I chuckled, and yes I did well up, twice (Aviendha's farewell wave to Rand and Tam's farewell at the pyre). Say what you will about Sanderson, he did an admirable job trying to make everyone happy. He certainly couldn't.
  7. Yup, I opted for the laptop route myself. Was a fun little thing. On a side note, Happy New Years Eve everyone!
  8. Terez, I was just thinking about your Gawyn theories, regarding Chapter 9. Can you post the link again?
  9. Would go to the NYC event, but will be in Buffalo for work instead. Booo!
  10. Re: Count me on the "Rand thinks Asmodean is still alive" bandwagon.
  11. Re: Memory 11 Early books are a treasure trove of foreshadowing because RJ didn't intend this to be a 14 book series. That being said, Mat switching sides is almost inevitable to me as evidenced by his portal stone technicolor experience. Almost as inevitable as "I have won again Lews Therin". I would point to that as evidence of Mat joining the Seanchan side, with a number of caveats of course.
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