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  1. It is indeed there, just found it, the tinkers gave it to him. Thanks for pointing that out.
  2. I really enjoyed this book but I must say my favorite scene was the last one with Rand. I disliked reading his POV through most of the book. This is despite the fact that in all other previous books his was the one I was interested in most. However, that last chapter was absolutely amazeingly well written and has so much potential for the next two books. Also that is an interesting theory Mr. Micawber I think that there is definately something to that. Whenever anyone does something they normally would not, there is usually something either pulling them or that just slipped out. This was not the case with Rand for most of the book, they were instead felt something dark, not very Ta'verenish to me. Also the way she described looking for the flaws in his plan reminds me of Elayne's mother ( her name escapes me at the moment) when she was under compulsion. I agree completely that was definately compulsion.
  3. I recently bought a Sony E reader with the assumption that the prices would be lower. I have found this to not be the case, it makes no sense when some of the books are around $25 and there are very little in costs for the publisher, compared to printing hardcover books. So I am not surprised that paperback books are not cheaper either. I prefer reading physical books any way so If I were going to buy EotW I would just get it at a bookstore. Edit: I just looked at the sony store, it is $10.50 there. It has a really irrelevent cover also. It depicts Rand on the mast of the boat with the metal tower (it's name I won't even attempt to spell) behind him. I like the original cover art much better.
  4. This is not a midnight review however, I figured I could still post it right? Quick note this review contains major spoilers. I really enjoyed this book, thought it was one of the better ones of the series. I thought that Brandon moves a bit faster in his pacing than RJ but was mostly still written in the same style. In terms of the characters, I thought most of them were spot on. However, I thought that Nynaeve was different than she has been, more mature. That was in my opinion an improvement. The other character that was written differently was Rand. In previous books his was the POV that I enjoyed reading the most. However, in this book he completely changes emotionally. It does make sense because of the events in the story but after those events I just did not like his character. Moving on from characters, I think that this was probably the best book in the series in terms of plot progression. I thought that the Seanchan attack on the tower and the reunification of the Tower was very well written. The other major plot that is somewhat resolved has to do with Rand. Despite his spending most of the book basically emotionless at the very end he finally laughs like Cadsuane wants him to. This was extremely cruel of Brandon because now there is the interminable wait for the next book to see what comes of that. The ending was the strongest part of the book. There was one thing that really annoyed me though. i can understand why they are not in the book considering the book was already some 700 pages, but there was basically no mention of Taim, or Elayne. Granted Elayne's major part in the plot was finished up in the last book, but still some mention would have been nice. As for Taim though, I really wish that he was in there in some way, at this point we have no idea of what he or the Red sisters are doing. This part confuses me because now we don't know what the implications of that will be. I would have thought it would be in this book. This was acutally the first book I have bought in harcover, usually I just buy paperback because of the price. However, I was not disappointed at all and would encoruage all of my friends (that is if any of them actually read books)to get this book. I am waiting eagerly for the next two.
  5. You make a point there Al Thor but I actually take the opposite approach. I read it quickly the first time through, then on subsequent reads pick up the details. Edit: besides this is for a reread. I was also not a huge fan of TGH but that could be because I read that book before I read EOTS (library did not have it).
  6. I would personally recomend reading faster if that is a possibility. I can usually get through a book in 5 hours or so. At that rate you should have more than enough time to for TGS to come out. It really does not take that long to read books if you skip most of the descriptions of objects and such. That is how I read every book because I find the descriptions boring in any case. Also I would at least recomend finishing FoH because I thought that was the second best book in the series.
  7. To be honest when I was reading even the first books I never really expected an epic battle. The series to me always felt a lot more about character development than action. Also I will agree that most of the time Perrin's POV was boring I disagree that some of the extra POVs don't add anything. I thought that the POV with Elenia was interesting if only because it showed how divided the foes of Elayne were. Then the most interesting chapter in the whole series, in my opinion anyway, was that of Tuon in KOD. It presented a unique viewpoint and that is what most if not all of the viewpoints add.
  8. Thor: "there was no such rule. min has seen gaidal being younger in her viewings. now there are people who would try to convince you that it is only due to her being ripped out of tar, but there is nothing that suggests that rule." There is actually something that suggests this rule, but it is not confirmed. I don't have the book with me right now but Birgitte says that Gaidal was spun out and she could be expected to also be spun out within some time. This seemed to indicate that she was always before spun out after Gaidal though it does not come right out and say it. I am having trouble with quoting people so I just did it like this.
  9. I had never thought of Gaidal being Olver and I do not think that very likely either. However, I am fairly sure that Gaidal has already been born. If I recall correctly Birgitte said specifically Gaidal was spun out by the wheel and I am fairly sure that this amounts to him being born. I think that Gaidal is most likely a character that we have not yet seen, and perhaps we won't except in the epilogue.
  10. I did actually search for it but must have missed it, figured it had been mentioned before but I guess no harm in posting it again. Also I was actually aware of the physical age of both of them, and you are right about Gaidal being reborn. If I recall correctly it was the meeting before Birgitte was ripped out that she mentioned Gaidal being spun out. I believe that she said she would be spun out sometime after him, and that it had always happened that way. That is what leads me to believe that Birgitte would meet up with him sometime in her current life, but I was wondering if anyone could refute this.
  11. I was reading Winter's Heart again and noticed that when Min Viewed Birgitte Min saw her with a man much younger than her. I seem to recall that when Birgitte was still in the world of dreams she mentioned she was always younger than Gaidal. I was therefore thinking that, despite Birgitte's worries to the contray, she would meet up with Gaidal again. I figured that I would mention this here and see what you think of it. My apologies if this has been mentioned before or if I am way off base here.
  12. By Mr Ares "Have you ever tried Dan Brown" Anyway, I have never read the Da Vinci Code and don't want to but if I recall correctly Dan Brown also wrote some military fiction books and those I read and enjoyed. Also you actually had a good point about the Star Wars books,and you are right about the second Dune book I knew it was something like that but it has been years since I read it. Also regarding Terry Goodkind again, while there may be people who dislike his books the point I was trying to make is that I do. Also since I don't want this to be entirely off topic, I think that I would prefer a book like the one that has been speculated to be about Mat and Tuon. However, I think that an AOL book would also be enjyoable and be in a different style do the the technology they had. I am quoting you this way Mr. Ares because I messed it up somehow when I hit insert quote.
  13. I am just going to answer the original question and not bother with the legalities. If I recall correctly, the reason Salidar opposes Elaida is in large part because they think that the Red Ajah set Logain up as a false dragon. When Siuan first arrived at Salidar they were indeed contemplating returning to Elaida. After Siuan told them about this, and I am paraphrasing here, they said well we certainly can't return to her now. Therefore that is how they can justify opposing Elaida.
  14. I also just read that again and was wondering if there was any concrete answers. I do not believe there are but I would like some more information than just the possiblity that it was about the Amyrlins dying and the men being stilled.
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