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  1. Who is Rands Brother/Half Brother? mentioned in tSR [Chapter 34: He Who Comes With the Dawn]
  2. In no particualr order - Apple orchard Rand and Tam Meeting and Min introduction (She's important to me) Rand Sedai Mat Perrin and badger Perrin and the forging of the hammer Perrin with his nonchalant "Its only a Weave" Nyneave healing the madness - didnt like the bubble of evil stuff though. Rand with his DF detector in full swing :D Rodel's et all ... Nynaeve becoming an Aes Sedai The feeling that I get that no one can manipulate Rand any more...
  3. You'll have to humour me on a few things here as some are so far fetched even my eyes don't believe when I read what I write :D The whole borderlands plot makes complete sense when you take the whole, by this I mean the strong oaths they carry, their sense of duty etc. (im using the POV's that we have of know lightsiders as my base) This makes the secret boarderlander prophecy unique. It is after all the one and only prophecy that has a fail safe, its a check to see if the DRB is who he is, cos lets face it any male channler can make the other prophecies happen. (anyone can claim they were born on dragonmount, anyone can be "placed" there.. If you see what I mean) So where am I going with this, well there's two ways and both I like. 1) The Prophecy was a plant, a very very good plant.. Anyone Ishy for instance could have had it planted.. Knowing that the borderlanders would give up (too strong, weaken is better) the blightborder to see this prophecy fulfilled. Potentially a darksider tDRB, the end off all they stood for. Kill him and bring the end quicker, why prolong a suffering. The results speak for themselves, you get a weaker blightborder in the event that the tDRB in outside of the blight boarders (which he proved to be) and knowing that the Boarderlanders would react in this way would take a sizeable force. Its at this point where a three pointed attack comes... The Gap, Caemlyn the other I dont know where but it will happen, perhaps Altara. Far fetched I know, but prophecies have strange workings :) 2) Taking the prophecy and what the boarderlanders have done to fulfil that prophecy it has served two purposes in light of the gathering armies that Egwene so kindly gathered into place for Rand. It first of all brings the Borderlanders to Rand, brings them close a prophecy no one knew, corrupt to banish all doubt. The second purpose is the gathering area of this force, the entire randland fighting force. Easy to direct, deploy etc... also having the added boon, if they near to Ebou Dar... Could this be seen a show of power referring the TGS where Tuon Says that this time tDRB is now against them. Could this been a place to sue to another parley, one where Mat and Rand can form the united front... Well perhaps far fetched...
  4. Olver, first POV and what we get some creepy manifestation of Mat... I like Olver, nothing in the previous books give an indication that "Mat" owes him, or am I blind... But I may be off here, but I did find it fascinating that he won snakes and foxes just as Mat escaped... A link, the link that RJ said that Olver had a part to play...
  5. No, and for two reasons. One, in the dream the Seanchan woman has to climb the cliff as well--she is not struggling like Egwene, but she has to do it. She states 'we can make it together'. The mountain, the adversity, is something both Egwene and the Seanchan woman face--a third external thread. The attack on the Tower does not fulfil this. Two, Brandon stated that the attack on the Tower doesn't fulfil the Seanchan woman dream. Did not know point two, and point one makes sense for that point of view... Back to drawing board.
  6. Could it not be argued that Tuon and the Seanchan have already "helped" Egwene. What I mean is that the raid was the cement that Egwene needed/used to bond the WT to her. Its the defining moment that all AS see the folly in themselves and the strength in Egwene and her leadership. Just a wild thought.
  7. Yorkie

    Mr Fain

    It was Ingtar. Why can I never find an RJ quote when I need it?!?! I read an interview the other day and he confirmed it, its bookmarked on my work PC *face slap palm ... Of course.... my mind is not working today... Cheers I'll put down the behaviour of the other inmates to the time spent with Mr Fain ... And it all makes sense :)
  8. Yorkie

    Mr Fain

    im pretty sure it was a fade, one of the forsaken would have met the trollocs and fades outside the citadel and took the horn from them and travelled away I'm not so sure, for these reasons. (I don't have the page numbers for the paper back version as its on a reader) Fain stood. "You! Not who I expected." then he goes on to day "Surprises for everyone, eh? Well, come on. The night's getting old, and I want some sleep sometime." If it was a Fade, he would not be surprised by what has re4leased him. And I don't see how a Fade could instil a lasting impression of the other inmates. Perhaps it was one of the BA (not mentioning who to avoid spoilers) but a forsaken would have made more sense. But then would a forsaken or even a BA allow a lowly darkfriend to grab the dagger... ?!
  9. Yorkie

    Mr Fain

    Another Quicky regarding Mr Fain. In TGH Mr Fain is set loose from his captivity, who did this, do we know... It must be one of the forsaken as the effect on the other prisoners was very ... dramatic for it to be a lowly Fade.
  10. I don't think LTT was wearing the ring when he did his landscape gardening. If he was you would have thought Ishy would be drooling over it in the prologue, and this is not the case.
  11. Its the gholam, Mat is being stalked by Andrew Sparks... And Sparks will fly in the next round I bet... :D
  12. Rescue - EotW Perrin and Egwene get rescued by the wolves from the C.O.L Against the Shadow - EotW Talwins Gap, Nuff said To Come out of the Shadow - TGH Ingatar, nuff said. Scouting and discoveries - TDR Mat and spar with the princes. Whirlpools in the Pattern - TSR Nuff said I think.. Goldeneyes - TSR Defence of Emonds Field, nuff said. This Place This day - TFH Mat trying his best to avoid battle and failing big time :D Dumai's Wells = LOC Nuff said here too. Swovan Night - LOC Mat and Bridget have a wee chat, and the the girls get a verbal slap in the face.. (bout time too ) Six Stories - LOC The whole Bowl of Winds Finale. A Cup of Sleep - TPAD Only scene that made me have a lump in my throat. With the Choedan Kal - WH The cleansing, Nuff said here too . Prologue - KOD Galad, Ituralde and Egwene As if the world was Fog - KOD Just something about the preverbal cold water being splashed on Toun face :D I left out TGS references for obvious reasons.
  13. Yorkie

    Mr Fain

    Cant believe I forgot this, still would like thoughts on the taints though :)
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