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  1. Read about 40 pages the day it came out then lost my appetite. Gonna start back up soon though. I liked the Prologue with Sixskins, but Tyrion's chapter was pretty boring. So far it feels more like AFFC than the first four, which is not a good thing as AFFC was kinda meh up until near the end.
  2. CoT deserves most of the hate it gets. I chose TSR even though people like it because I think it's the best in the series and I haven't seen other people saying that.
  3. Are we meant to assume that? What would his motivation have been and how would he have been so effective? Jonai's PoV implies that the Aiel served any number of Aes Sedai, not just Mierin or Lews Therin.
  4. Did it again for Egwene going against her on the ones that could go either way and got a 61.
  5. I did it for Egwene and got something in the 20's Rand got a 68 and Gandalf from LotR a 42.
  6. It's all about the jokes he makes. Jordan's Mat jokes are short and pithy in a stupid kind of way while the jokes Sanderson gives Mat are much more convoluted and protracted and much drier.
  7. I think WoT does need a bit more tension but idk how I would provide it. For ASoIaF, Ned and Robb dying really pissed me off. I think Ned was worse though because it left loose ends with him and Jon Snow and with the Lyanna memories. Idk how Martin is gonna tie those up. Maybe Howland Reed.
  8. You Scored as Rhuarc Rhuarc, leader of the Aiel on this side of the Dragonwall; you are firm yet fair, dangerous yet cautious and will do as asked, though not always as commanded. Without you, much of the military strength would not exist. There is something about you which makes people want to follow you. But, beware your wives...they carry knives and are willing to use them. Rhuarc 88% Logain Ablar 56% Mat Cauthon 56% Mazrim Taim 50% Rand al'Thor 50% Perrin t'Bashere Aybara 44% Loial 38% al'Lan Mandragoran 19% Shai'tan 0%
  9. Oh, and I'm doing well, thanks for asking.
  10. Cool, sounds like a plan. Have fun. I have to get some sleep now. Good night/good afternoon.
  11. Hello. How are you? You could try the Social Community forums (ACW Guild is the renamed Illuminators btw).
  12. The Band. Excellent, experienced soldiers with dragons and the new crank. Legion of the Dragon with Ash'man support works too.
  13. LoC is totally the worst. I never read that book in public.
  14. That is a good point, but remember that Tolken was doing the same in his books as well. Jillain Sanche, thanks for the heads up. I just saw this post I will look into this. Indeed. The Eorlings were taken almost directly from Beowulf but it would be ridiculous to say LotR "rips off" Beowulf.
  15. Let's not forget tabac. Thing is, RJ said that the beginning of EotW was supposed to be evocative of LotR so it's not ripping off LotR as much as it is paying homage to it.
  16. LotR has much more lore. Tolkien invented dozens of peoples with their own languages and histories.
  17. I think Finnssss is referring to how Mat spoke to the Aelfinn without an interpreter. Of course he wasn't consciously aware that he was speaking the Old Tongue and he wasn't able to do it at will so I don't see him as being fluent, but he was close. As for whether Mat is anyone reborn, well he is someone reborn as that's how the Wheel works but there is no reason to believe it is Aemon.
  18. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Agincourt Numbers are disputed but that was probably about 4:1 in favor of the French. There aren't any real life battles analagous to Dumai's Wells. I'd imagine a bunch of Zulus charging a WWI style trench with machine guns might be similar. Dumai's Wells wasn't a battle. It was a massacre.
  19. I don't think this is the right question to be asking but I will address it briefly. I would say that most of the blame lies with Verin for assuming that Mat would open the letter. That was just a stupid assumption. She knows he has the old blood of Manetheren and that Two Rivers folk could teach stubborness to a stone or a mule or whatever it was. Mat is definitely not guiltless, but I think what happened might actually be the lesser of several evils. We know that rescuing Moiraine is tantamount to saving the world, so clearly that had to be done. We don't know if Mat could have stopped
  20. I like farthammer's idea. Rand doesn't usually explain things in depth to even his closest friends, let alone treacherous sycophants like Ramshalan. However, if this is the case, then it means Rand killed all the people in Natrin's Barrow just to make it seem Graendal was dead. I'm not sure if even DarkRand was ruthless enough for that. Also, there's Rand's arrogance to be accounted for; he might have been too arrogant to consider an alliance with one of the Forsaken. If I had to bet money on it, I would bet that Graendal is dead for good, but I do like the way farthammer thinks.
  21. TSR is the best book of the series imo. Tanchico is in Tarabon on the western coast of the main continent. Also, make sure you are reading the map correctly. Iirc, the map of Tanchico is one of the ones which doesn't have North being up. Edit: ^^ yeah, pretty much what he said. Perrin and Rand both really shine in this book and you kind of catch glimmers of Mat's developing awesomeness, but Mat really comes into his own in the next book.
  22. Maybe Verin and Tomas swapped bodies and Verin is really alive as Tomas. But in all seriousness, good catch Luckers.
  23. I'd hop the fence for the male Gandalf. A female one...damn. As for pure looks, the way RJ describes them I would have to say Berelain or Lanfear.
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