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  1. Q: "Is [the Dragon] soul born in any other Age, or only at the advent and (theoretically, of course) the closing of the Third Age, as the Dragon/the Dragon Reborn?" RJ: This soul is one of the Heroes, and bound to the Wheel, spun out as the Pattern wills. Question: Ishamael mentions in prior turnings of the Wheel that the soul of Lews Therin was raised up as the Shadow's champion, and if that is the case, who was the champion of the Creator? Jordan: You believe Ishamael??? Sorry, man, but c'mon! So from this I think we can agree that the soul of LTT isnt ALWAYS the DR and that the DR
  2. I still think that it refers to Callandor in the Path of Daggers. Just because both prophecies are in the same line, doesnt mean its going to happen at the same time. I also try to look up some references online to see what this could relate to and i found a passage in the bible: Psalms 78:62 "He gave his people over also unto the sword; and was wroth with his inheritance." Could be refering to the beginning how he didnt want to be the DR but had to do what he MUST. And technically hes already doing the second part of the prophecy, using the Aiel to bring order.
  3. I think that prophecy was fullfilled in the "Path of Daggers" i think..When he used Callandor to rain thunder on the Seanchan he ended up hurting his side too because of the flaw in Callandor.
  4. Nice job man, you nailed it right on the head. His brother's name was Emarin and after Cads took him to the WT and gentled, she helped him to live for 10 years after. When Algarin offers Rand, Cads and company his manor house as a secluded retreat, he asks Rand to test him for channeling, he can and then Logain brings him to the BT. I believe he has nailed it...
  5. Made with DO power, so it means it ripped through the pattern to be created...OP theorys on the gholam 100% plausible. No more on the Gholam prease!
  6. I feel 100% they are dead. rememember, In the last vision Avi has, the Queen of Caemlyn is in her mid 30's.
  7. As much as the whole book is making sense it doesnt leave much for the Aiel...they are the fiercest warriors to ever exist that onlyh believes in their people and will not follow wetlanders..I could see the Aiel surviving by being incorporated into the different lands of each nation, but will not suffice....If anything...i think i woul ally them to Caemlyn/Carhien...the bulk of them with somebody that is PART Aiel...
  8. Im sorry , i dont quite get this...so what your saying is, and what i assume RJ and BS is saying, anything that the Gholam traverses through with the One Power, will kill it?...my main question is, why cant shadowspawn and the Gholam i guess, travel through gateways..?
  9. Androl for all we know IS a main chracter in this book dealing with the Black Tower....Im starting to think that Androl is a Jain Farstrider in hiding too..we have underestimated Androl and for those who have paid close attention to Androl, he is an adventurer like Jain...so...,my question is...should some Heroes still be alive in this time era...who is Androl?...if Jain Farstrider is alive, im pretty sure Androl represents someone... If anyone else has noticed...Androl tries to seem as the simple farmer that doesnt know much about the outside world...but when he is introduced to us, he ta
  10. Definitely Shadowspawn. Probably created by Aginor since he was the one creating the Trollocs. Kinda think that the fact he was to drink blood is to replenish his body parts. Probably made without a nervous system so he wouldnt be able to feel pain. Most likely lives forever since i dont think he has any actual working parts.
  11. Well, Rand is sleeping and has a connection to Moridin. Moridin might be in a pocket outside the pattern just punishing Lanfear. If you think about it, Lanfear went to the shadow because of LT. I think her goals throughout the entire series was ways to get LT back while keeping the Shadow hierarchy satisfied. I dont think she has any real motives of conquering, she saw the shadow as a way of getting LT back. If she cant be "The One" then she'll be "The BITCH!"
  12. Im actually looking into Spartan history and see if i can find any similarities in the History. And as to the oddity with the baby, i thought it was an oddity with "1" of them, not all of them.
  13. I believe any speculation on Min's viewings possibly not coming true should be put to rest and not brought up anymore. The only time that Min's viewing was thought to be wrong was with Moraine, which it wasn't so i think that's enough to put it down. Secondly, Iam more curious about the "oddity" with one of Avi's baby's, but, we see them and they are perfectly fine as we can tell. As to the foretelling in the pillars, Avi said that it felt more REAL. That it was most likely to happen after the LB. Like it was said in the book too. The Last Battle is assured and the Dragons victory assured
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