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  1. i think we will have Greandal's POV as she gets balefired. One sec she's like wow a messenger and the next whoosh! Sad though cause i had high hopes for her. Shame she's dead and moggy is still alive. None of the remaining forsaken except for demy and mory are interesting anymore. All the good ones are dead
  2. there's something that's really bothering me with all this balefire stuff. the dark one wants to unreavel the pattern. he wants the end of time. so why did he forbade his minions from using balefire in AOL? Would'nt the constant use of balefire only hasten the unraveling of the pattern?
  3. i will have a go at you muad, ares style :) c'mon muad. dark rand laughed true and pure. unless he has been diagnosed as a certified schizo the man has turned around a corner. All that plotting by shaitan has been for nought. And i predict when he sees moriaine that laughter will turn into tears. Tears of happiness. fulfilling min's viewing of tears and happiness. result: dark one 0. Light 1 it's the other way around actually. pretending there was no black ajah greatly damaged the tower and left it open to alviarin and co. Now since they acknowledged it there are all for the better. black ajah purged and ass has been kicked. result dark 0. light 1 the reunification of the white tower is body blow to the shadow. no two ways about it. it's alot more stable since siuan sanche was deposed. you have to remember shaitan wanted a broken tower. a united tower is no no for the darkies. result dark one 0 light 1 what job? muad muad muad. second time you got confused. the cleansing of saidin is actually to the benefit of the light and logains men. you see if saidin was still tainted, taim's men will get special protection from madness from the dark one. not so for logains men. saidin's cleansing means they are on alevel playing field. and also stops the dragon reborn from going crazy too.. oh and it prevents a ruined world from facing tarmon gaidon as a result of crazy ashaman result dark one 0 light 1 the seanchan will be too busy licking their wounds from the thrashing they received from super sedai egwene. you bringing what ifs and probabilities. i see illian under the light. andor and cairhein under the light. i see the two rivers under the light. i see tar valon under the light. i see tear under the light. i see the combined might of the aiel, the wise ones, the athan miere, i see the mighty kin. i see the united aes sedai. i see the boderlanders, i see the thousands of armies under these countries. the light has enough firepower. and whats even more shocking and pathetic for the shadow is that there is no mighty forsaken generals to comman their rag tag bunch from the blight like the war of power. they have to make with their dreadlords. most of the male forsaken are dead and finished. what a waste. a complete waste of resources. i guess they have to stick to using messana lol, arangar, moggy and cyndanae as generals. personal problems can be fixed by the living. dead tavern can't. result dark one 0 light 1 the whyitecloaks are under galad this time and unlike his predessors he's abit more right in the head. his meeting wi9th perrin means the whitecloaks will be a fighting force for the light in the right direction. instead of hunting the seanchan like last time and despising the aes sedai. they will hunt trollocs and fades. result dark one 0 light 1 this is irrelevant. so needless. the black tower will be purged one way or another. elaida's foretelling has seen to it. this means the hidden cancer of the shadow within the black tower will be exposed. much like the black ajah in the white tower. there will be massive casualties. but in the end this purging will be beneficial to the light because it will expose taim and co to the light. just like how alviarin and co were exposed in the white tower. tarmon gaidon will face a united aes sedai and a united ashaman. result. dark one 0 light 1. min's viewings has seen to moraine being alive and being rescued. and yo know min is never wrong. deep down muad you know that moraine will be rescued and that meeting with rand will happen sooner or later. result dark one 0 light 1 what forces? his black ajah?lol. his broken forsaken? in the knife of dreams 100,000 of his minions were vaporised by a bunch of channellers in a matter of minutes. lol some forces he's preserving in the war of power, the shadow was winning because they had massive armies with competent forsaken generals at their helm. they were beating the light so bad it lead to the final desperation act from LTT and the hundred companions. When tarmon gaidon comes rand will have his ashaman but shaitan will have no generals to command his armies. he will have to do with dread lords and taim. if he does not get killed by logain anyway in the inevitable purging of the dark friends in the BT there might be but as of now the destruction of the kal by rand for firvolous reasons such 'OMFG it's too powerful ( it was not too powerful when it was used to cleanse saidin eh) to be used means shaitan can give the comman for the fades to pour out of the blight without his troops getting smoked the moment they take the first step. the destruction of the kal means the shadow armies do have a fighting chance at tarmon gaidon. they don't have to worry about rand, logain or narishma smashing them like twigs from the comforts of their home. result dark one 1 light 0. Hooray at last a point for the dark one. Only this point has been accomplished via the dragon reborn and not something the dark one or his minions ever accomplised. sad sad.
  4. if i were a darkfriend in randland i would seriously consider jumping ship. since book 1 we have seen, the corruption of rand al thor end. the purging of the black ajah the white tower reunited under quite possibly one of the greatest amyrlins ever forsaken beaten black and blue with many of them dead dead dead. Saidin has been cleansed the powerful nations under the forces of light. the three taveren still kicking and alive the whitecloaks under a competent general this time the black tower is one step away from being purged just like it's white counterpart. It will be rent in firre and blood and sisters walk it's grounds. Enter Logain and co Moiraine will be rescued. where is the massive smack down from shaitan and his minions? at this rate the final battle will be a rout of epic proportions. damn they actually put more of a fight in the war of power against the LTT and his forces. i will say one thing that helped the shadow. rand in his infinite wisdom destroyed the most powerful sangreal. i guess he felt sorry for shaitan. har har
  5. Man all this LTT discussion makes me wish we have an AOL books. How awesome would it be to have LTT, ishy and latra POV back in the day?
  6. as usual ares, you say alot without saying anything really. if you cannot deduce that the dark one and his minions got a complete bollocking from the reunification of the white tower and the purging of black ajah then frankly there's nothing much to say.
  7. yes mesaane broke the tower.......... only to be reunited once again. another useless forsaken who has seen her grand plan come to nothing in the end. So what's new though? moridin should really off her for good
  8. I suggest muad to read those final two chapters and tell me if nothing has changed since KOD.
  9. truth of the matter is the forsaken are just a bunch of clowns bumbling and messana's blunder is not suprise. by the way i don't think a one handed rand can beat gawyn. gawyn as much as i hate him is a freak with the sword. i hope someone out there schools him though
  10. c'mon, how can anyone hate fain? without guys like fain, the books would be boring. I think he's the most badass villain in the books. Even better than the forsaken lot.
  11. padan fain in the next book? oh yes. yes yes yes!! The peddler is back!
  12. ideally i would love to see the following in the next book. the black tower: demandred and taim team along with his ashaman buddies vs logain and his crew. logain's crew get massacred. demandred then pops out to andor palace and for good measure kills elayne. Oh yes. Rand hears the news and goes absolutely mental. Mesanna kidnaps egwene. Takes her to shayol ghul and uses a circle to turn her. Then plant egwene back into the tower. An Amyrlin dreadlord in charge of the white tower. Nice Mat goes off to TOG and he faces the aelfinn. To get Moriane out he has to sacrifice something. Mat agrees and the aelfinns take out his arms and feet. galad's men meet up with perrin group. In the midst of getting to know each other bornhald sees perrin swings a sword at perrin, missess and takes out faile instead. Perrin retaliates and whiteclaoks and perrin groups kill each other. Whitecloaks finished for good. Galad hanged from the nearest tree as perrin loses his mind to the wolves completely The end More to come later
  13. after reading the book for the second time, isnt anyone actually a bit worried about how the things are progressing especially since we only have 2 more books left. i mean the final book is going to be tarmon gaidon essentially but how long will it last. days, months, years. will tarmon gaidon be as epic as the war of power? will it last 10 years? we do know the next book will have everyone getting their ducks in a row just before the seals are broken. i just think the gathering storm could have been done may be 2 books ago
  14. I asked BS about that tonight at the DC signing because it bugged me too. Sanderson said Rand realized that he did not need the CK for the last battle. BS also said that Rand was not at a point where he needed the CK for anything he wanted to do. He said the sentence in a way that leads me to believe post epiphany Rand is much stronger than pre epiphany Rand though that is my interpretation of his sentence. On the subject of the CK, BS said that the true power was not as strong as someone with the CK. Just it felt as tempting and as addictive as the one power through the CK. which does not make sense because while the CK wont be used in sealing up the bore, it would have been very handy in smashing the dark one's armies at the final battle. you know trollocs, fades and all sorts of shadow spawn are going to pour out from the blight. Not to mention dreadlords as well. Rand could simply hand the kal to logain, narishma, or flinn and told them to weild it against the maurading armies of the dark one. While rand takes up the sealing of the broe itself. That would save the light their armies and people's lives as well. Unlike the war of power where they were getting their ass kicked by the shadow forces and millions of people were getting killed under the might of sammael and demandreds forces. Maybe Rand realizes that during the final battle he won't be dealing with the fades/trollocs and will be dealing with more important issues. He doesn't trust anyone else to have that much power, he says so himself, so if he doesn't need it, than he destroys it. thats a fair point. rand not trusting anyone besides himself to use the kal. But that would mean he's has become crazy rand again. the rand that suspects almost everybody. after veins of gold and his transformation to normal rand again, his suspicion has to be low.
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