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  1. No Hand? No Sanity? No problem. (That's Rand's theme song for Tarmon Gai'don.)
  2. Well in my opinion Mat is probably first, with Rand/LTT & Demandred tied for second. The rest of them are probably about a tie. Mat first because of all the memories and LTT and Demandred second because of their experience in the AoL. Of the rest, it is hard to place one above the other because we haven't really seen them fight much.
  3. What do you expect him to do he's the dragon reborn. The world's fate rests on his shoulders. He didn't want this. All he wanted was to be a simple shepherd yet he is thrust into leadership and power unwillingly. Look at all the shit he has to go through Besides your probably just jealous that he has 3 wives :P (hey who wouldn't be jealous)
  4. Uh dagger supporters, your whole theory rests on timing. That he had the dagger and is now lucky and he got lucky during that time and after. You guys seem to be forgetting that the series was set in that time and so of course the dagger period will coincide with all the stuff going on at that time which his luck could be attributed to. Here is why the dagger theory is wrong: 1.He was just becoming a ta'veren during the time he had the ring. Or the increase in luck can be any other number of things such as his importance for tarmon gaidon, possibly being a hero of the horn reborn etc.
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