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  1. To be honest, I reckon it was the LTT in Rand that prevented him fully wanting Lanfear.
  2. I love those scenes as well. What's amazing about them is how well the background holds up to scrutiny even with the benefit of multiple re-reads of the entire series. I'd love to know how much Robert Jordan had figured out in advance and how much is just down to exceptional note taking and organisation. I suspect both to be honest.
  3. I was thinking further about this character last night. Particularly later in the series and it occurs to me that Padan Fain talks specifically about wanting to kill the Dark One after killing Rand. This seems to add even further weight to him being able to replace the Dark One.
  4. Concept was okay, execution poor. I subscribe to the theory that Fain was the Pattern's backup plan or Dark One 2.0 and I think that could have been made to work a little more clearly.
  5. The reunion of Moraine and Rand was one of my biggest disappointments. It felt so flat, like a caricature of Moraine meeting with Rand to tick the box. She was always going to be one of the hardest characters for Sanderson to get right but it was still painful. Moraine almost became the mother that Rand never had by the end of her time with him. Guiding, pushing and caring - but a parent figure nontheless. Arguably he was the focus of her entire life - it is a classic parental role. I was looking forward to the closure of Rand having a genuine "original" AS that he respected and who cared for
  6. They went there because the Dragon Reborn came from there. I think that is pretty obvious. The hunting girls is a cover and a side benefit - we have seen throughout this series that AS traditionally have placed very little value on looking for girls that can channel. They wait for them to come to the Tower.
  7. Anyone that believes Verin and Alanna went to the Two Rivers to recruit girls... seriously. Verin is never doing what she says she is.
  8. Even BS's explanation shows why he gets Mat wrong. Mat isn't a "roguish" character. He's Mat. It's the biggest and most noticeable difference in the later books. RJ wrote characters - and given what we know about his meticulous notes - he was passionate about writing people into his story. Brandon is playing fit the puzzle together with pieces - not people. Lol. Harsh but fair.
  9. I think you're reading that back to front. Elaida had a fortelling that the Andoran line would be key to winning the last battle and the inference is that she incorrectly took that to be Morgase' line rather than the currently missing line (ie. Tigraine / Luc)
  10. You may be right, but my recollection is that they say he is the hornsounder and he is connected to the horn. The don't specifically say that is until death. It's also arguable whether they know as well. One of the overriding themes in this series is that of myth and belief. What people believe or know isn't always the truth.
  11. There's another thing to keep in mind. All the people that tell us that a person blows the horn and is bound to it are Aes Sedai. Just because they believe it doesn't make it true.
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