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  1. Yep. Thanks for catching that. While I enjoy COT immensely in rereads I meant KOD in the sentence above you are referring to - and it has now been edited to reflect that. Fish
  2. I know there are literally hundreds of billions of us praying for it, but...I'd bet my house that there is NO WAY Egwene dies. In fact, Im betting that NONE of The Big Six bite it. There are plenty of other series that kill main characters if that is what you like (Melanie Rawn and Martin are just two) but...I have never been able to understand why so many people have not been able to understand that Jordan is just not THAT kind of writer and it is just NOT his thing. Fish
  3. Winter's Heart was a big deal due to The Cleansing. The Cleansing was one of the main main main Jordan Beats in the entire series. ... COT was, by necessity, (and Jordan's own admission that he would have layed out COT differently in hindsight), the calm after the storm. The exhale. KOD started things right back up again. It was touted as a ''return to form'' and someone who used to post at Dragonmount reviewed it with the headline ''OMFG KOD is AWESOME!!!'' KOD was so action-packed and excellent it made my head spin. The greatness of KOD has me convinced that had he lived RJ would have made the last book pure awesome. Fish
  4. I don't think we are disagreeing - unless you are saying that ''opinion'' and ''pace'' are the same thing. Pace is not subjective. What someone's opinion OF a pace is is certainly subjective - as are all opinions. That is what makes them opinions, lol. Fish
  5. Of course it is a fact. Anyone that says that COT was not slow is either wrong or lying. Now, one may enjoy a slow book. One may enjoy a slow pace. One pay enjoy how well-crafted a slower book is and enjoy the chance to get more description and subtley. But slow is still slow. As I have said before, I love COT. I love KOD. One is slow. One is quickly-paced. My affection doesn't alter either pace. Fish
  6. Compare the pace of say, COT, to the pace of KOD. Fish
  7. Someone's ''interpretation'' of a book is certainly subjective and a matter of opinion. ''Pace'' of a book is not. Pace is a literal, measurable thing. How ''good'' or ''bad'' a book is, is not. There is nothing subjective about pace. Now, you or suttree or me anyone may have liked - or disliked - the pace in COT, but your preferences do not change what the pace was. Fish
  8. Those aren't opinions. Those are facts. At least the matter of ''pace'' in the books and the matter of how much credit and kudos Brandon got early for TGS are both facts. ''Pace'' in a iterary work is something objectively measured. KOD had a super quick pace. That can not be argued. And, as for how much credit Brandon was getting early...well, just google it. It is all there. I apologize if I misunderstood what you were referring to concerning ''fact'' and ''opinion.'' Fish
  9. Ive seen lots of threads about what we theorize MAY happen in AMOL and lots of topics about what we HOPE happens in AMOL...But, what would really just P!SS YOU *OFF* if it comes to pass in AMOL? For me, if Nakomi turns out to be imaginary I will be ticked. If Rand ''grows himself'' a new hand, I will groan out loud at the utter cheesiness of it. Id Moiraine gets diminished or disrespected in any way in her return. One big thins I will be mad - and I mean REALLY MAD - if it does NOT happen is if Mat does NOT ''General'' much of the Last Battle. I'm most worried about this because it is setting up for Mat to be away from most of the main action and that would be beyond disapointing to me. Oh, also - I'll be Furious Frank if Moiraine and Rand's and Moiraine and Lan's reunion are not all they better be! Fish
  10. A little off topic but I never understood why - as he has talked about - Brandon felt such a need to have Perrin and Mat in TGS for the fans. RJ had no problem leaving major characters out of entire books. He did it to Perrin in FOH, did it to Mat in POD and sorta did it to Rand in the third book. Fish
  11. You know - some quotes over the years from Brandon really help explain the difference between TGS and TOM.....Well, to me at least. These are paraphrases, but: On TGS, Sanderson, ''We worked so hard on that book because we knew the first (post-rj WOT) book had to hit a homerun. On TOM, ''It was definitely rushed - we knew we had to have a year where we got a Wheel of Time novel out.'' Fish
  12. Sutt said a lot of it very well. For me, it was mostly a ''feel'' thing. It just ''felt'' like a ... mess. Whereas TGS ''felt'' - though far from perfect - tight, focused, like a concerted effort really went into it. If you are asking for specifics, I have given many, time and again, earlier in this thread, but I don't mind repeating that much of Mat (outside of the duel with the Gholam and the TOG Sequence - which was written by RJ) made me wince. Mat's interactions with Perrin made me wince. Mat's interactions with Elayne made me wince. ALL of Elayne and her even higher levels of moronicness irritated me. Don't get me started on ''The Letter'' ... I was appaled by the regressing that Egwene did in this novel after I enjoyed her for the first time in a LONG time in The Gathering Storm ... The atrocity of what was done to the Padan Fain POV in the prologue made me want to weep for what was once a pretty cool character. Morgase bugged the heck out of me. The fight sequences felt like cheesy matrix-style ripoffs. The prose is clunky and awkward and the dialogue was inane, pedantic, juvenile and grating. The number of typos that a company the stature of TOR let slide appalled me. And I won't even go into the timeline issues... Need more, because I have em lol ;) My gut is telling me that AMOL - as a finished product - is going to fall somewhere between TGS and TOM in quality and for that we'll have to take what we can get. Fish
  13. I enjoyed TGS very, very much the first time through - and have always said that here. Rereads of that one are a bit rougher however. TOM...I remember incredulously thinking of it as a disaster as I held it in my hands on my first read through. Fish
  14. Soooo, in TEOTW the residents there weren't in ''Mayor'' Al Vere's district? Exxxaaaactly. Same exact sitch ;) Fish
  15. True, but Mat hasn't technically moved out of the 2Rivs yet and his citizenship - despite travelling and forming The Band - hasn't really changed. If he and Tuon decided to move back to Emond's Field Perrin would be their boss. Fish
  16. Mat is a native-born and bred Andoran and from Emond's Field in the Two Rivs which Perrin now rules as a steward for TDR. Its like in America. You have a president, but governors and mayors still rule the states and cities folks live in. That's RandLand - and That's America! ;-) Fish
  17. ALERT!!! - Bit of housekeeping: Relating to above postings by yours truly, I wanted to clarify after doing some research involving THIS excellent link: http://www.theoryland.com/intvsresults.php I had said that Jordan wrote the ''Dinner Scene' between Elaida and Egwene in TGS. However, those that corrected me were...uh...correct...and so, I stand...er...corrected. Brandon says in that link - taken from PolarisCon! - that ''most of what RJ wrote in The Gathering Storm was Egwene stuff.'' However, Brandon does indeed say he wrote the Dinner Scene and felt that the way he structured it worked better than RJ's notes originally suggested. I just wanted to clarify that stuff. I never mind admitting when I am wrong. Well, I usuuually don't mind ;-) Fish
  18. Mr Ares - I didn't get to see DS9's finale and I have yet to read the First Law trilogy - but I hope to correct both things at some point. Fish
  19. Ohhhh, I LIKE Graendal and Galad! He is *definitely * pretty enough for her! Fish
  20. That was one scene in the entire book. I said ''almost'' - not all. Maybe you missed that in my post. Also, the part in question was mostly written by Jordan. What Brandon had to decide was to let it stand as one long scene or divide it in two. Fish
  21. Mark D nailed it. On another note: I always took Rand's comment to Bashere to be gruff facetiousness in a tough, emotional moment where no words will really do but you feel like you have to say something. Fish
  22. fionwe - Egwene was almost exclusively written by Jordan in TGS.
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