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  1. Lan and Galad are very close to a tie for first and anyone else...is a distant second, third etc... Fish
  2. I like your logic. In fact, it is way better than mine - though I have to admit: I still feel that this may well have been an ''Early-Bookism.'' Fish
  3. Of course, there ARE certain truths about Santa that many may not be old enough to hear... ;-) Fish
  4. You don't feel like you might be reachin' just a wee bit there, my man?? ;-) Fish
  5. If we had never seen the letter written by Mat in ACOS I may not have been so disturbed by the situation in TOM. We see how well Mat writes in his first letter. It is made clear that the reason Mat writes the letter in TOM the way he does is because he is intentionally trying to be ''funny'' - and THAT was what I hated most. The ''sense of humor'' behind the letter in TOM is soooo not Mat's real sense of humor at ALL and that was why it was so jarring to me. Now, I know that a lot of people enjoyed the letter and found it side-splittingly hilarious and I totally respect that. I just personally didn't care for it. JMO Fish
  6. Yon, I think I WAS pretty respectful in my opinion above. And I'll always strive to be. Also, imo, ''Catty'' is not an unfair word to describe some of the remarks early on that Harriet is quoted as to making about e-books. And it was condescending - again, imo - when she tried to ''educate'' readers as to what a ''real'' book is. The quotes are out there. Several are on the Theoryland/Terez Index under ''ebooks.'' I also ended my post saying I still feel Harriet is a fine woman who I respect. None of us are perfect. We all have things we are not so awesome about and I just feel ebooks is one of these things for her. The reason I worried that this thread might be closed is because, in fairness to DM, there HAVE been numerous threads on this very subject posted here the past few years and I could envision yet one more as being seen as ''beating a dead horse.'' No insult was intended. Quite the opp. However, in the book world, I feel this handling of e-books - especially with the WOT series recently - IS a big deal that deserves just as much commentary here as it has recieved. Again, just my opinions. Fish
  7. mb...yonster...wow: all the times I have read this series (especially TSR) and I never understood the *context* of Rand and Moiraine's conversation there until you two just clarified for me. Unreal. I SHOULD have trusted more. Bad Fish! LOL. It does make much more sense reading that part in the context you guys suggest. Fish
  8. It's during the attack of the mysteriously-sent Trollocs in the Stone early in TSR. Rand's first thought is Sammael and Sammael possibly being there. Moiraine says (slight paraphrase - book not present atm): ''No, there is no way Sammael could get from Illian to Tear - not even if *he* held Callandor.'' Pretty cut and dried, old mate, wouldn't you say? Has to be a ''Moiraine-Error'' lol. Fish
  9. Viperswhip - I sorta disagree with you. It is NOT that much industry-wide. Most series of books do *not* have this attitude - the attitude with the WOT books. And it has been publicly admitted with no shame that this attitude is a mandate handed down straight from Harriet McDougal. She made some very condescending remarks about e-books early on in all this and then it also came out that she had more material interests as well - like getting enough physical copies of the book out there to qualify for the NY Times Bestseller List - which strikes me as a very sadly superficial motivation. What an ego-stroke. Sad. What seems shortsighted of her is that the final books in a series as long, beloved and popular as WOT - the hardbacks would sell enough - EASILY - to make the list no matter HOW early the ebook was also available. I remember when it was AGAINST THE LAW here to even hint that Mrs McDougal might not be a perfect saint and infallible, but over time so much has come out that has been disapointing. This is just one example. To be clear: I still think that Mrs McDougal is a fine woman who has my respect and sympathy, but the truth is that she HAS been a bit ignorant, short-sighted, condescending and catty about this issue from Day One. Brandon Sanderson is the reason we are getting the last three books in Kindle/Nook format at ALL when we DO get them and - despite some other issues I find in his work - he has myy *eternal* gratitude in how hard he worked and pushed at Harriet to go to bat for the fan's desire to have the e-books. There is MUCH more I want to say about this, but I know this thread will probably be locked soon. I just feel like sometimes you can't say too much. I do NOT feel like this topic has been ''beaten to death'' here. Sometimes you have to keep drawing attention to something until you see some results. E - Books are a BIG deal and antiquated and superficial/materialistic attitudes and motivations from the anti-ebook crowd need to continue to be battled. Respectfully and properly, to be sure - but battled none the less. Fish
  10. Denethor is good...so is Joffrey...but where is the line between ''Jerk'' and ''Psychopath'' ? Fish
  11. I'm thinking it HAD to be...I did a ''search'' and ''Travel'' is used in that context already earlier in the series, so JORDAN was definitely aware of Travelling at this point...Moiraine had to be the one in the dark on this one. Everybody always loves to point out all the things the AUTHORS are ''wrong'' about...a fun thread would be pointing out all the CHARACTER'S errors. Fish
  12. ''re-had'' - I like that, Cindy!! - Did you invent that? Should we alert Webster's?? :-) Fish
  13. Two funny things I never noted before that I picked up recently: 1 In TSR, early in the book, he promises himself that he will NEVER give up all of his knives again - for ANYONE - not even the Amyrlin Seat.....Then, later in the same book he does just that and gives them all up again before entering Rhuidean. And that itself is funny, as he keeps finding more and more in his clothes that he has to give up. 2 The beginning of LOC when Rand and Bashere are discussing military matters and Bashere is impressed with Mat's knowledge and remarks: ''I'd like to see the books that young man read.'' lol Fish
  14. I have a question. We know that it was late, late in the series (between TGS and TOM, I think) when the Seanchan discovered Travelling. ... My question is: When did the Forsaken re-discover Travelling in the series? I always found the scene early in TSR (or late in TDR) where Moiraine assures Rand that Sammael could not get to Tear from Illian. I was always like: Huh?? ...Open a gateway, Skim...TRAVEL, lol. Was this an RJ error, a Moiraine error or MY error not understanding when the ability to Travel was revealed in the series and its limitations? Fish
  15. To echo Wert: Rivan Codex is great and worth it just for ''Anheg's Journal'' which is brilliant/ Fish
  16. Who that was present at Cthol Mishrak went and told the Associated Press? LOL - reyler; after all this time, you STILL rock! Fish
  17. I have a mancrush on your post/review, batcaver, lol = you elequently discusss so many of the problems many - and including ME, lol - have had for years with DT and SK's handling of it. I agree with 80 - 90% of what you said/ I LOVED THE first three. Book 4 - middle part/flashback = awesome. First part/ending to the Riddle Game with Charle...eh...cheesy, but pretty good still...the end was a bad sign with all thr Wizard of Oz stuff. ........ Book 5 - A lot of fun and cool parts. Still felt like it had LIFE. ... But definitely a different quality to the writing and the feared ''wolves'' being robots with Dr Doom masks and Harry Potter weapons was astoundingly groan-inducing ... ... Book 6 - a wretched ,dull, flat, pointless book ...Book 7: SOME moments of magnificence but too many problems of books 5 and 6 and the Santa Clause ''EEEEEEEE'' bad guy and being ''erased'' was pathetic. The inside of the tower was cool, but too brief. King was darned if he did and if he didn't. he finished it for his fans. Its not his fault that young brilliant, fresh time of his life had long since gone. And I even liked the ''begin again'' ending. Most of the other things you mentioned (king in the story) were horrid, I agree. All in all though, DT as a whole will always have a special place with me. Fish
  18. Cindy - GREAT call on Vanyel. Underrated series. ... Also, most of the protaganists in Jennifer Roberson's Cheysuli Saga (another underrated series.) Fish
  19. a VENGEANCE!!! ;-) LoL - just kidding. It will be with a Full Review for A Memory of Light. Until my first read through of this novel, however, (which should be within the next week - the Light willing) - I will be absenting myself from these wonderful forums as I have already (through mostly MY own fault) spoiled myself in a few unfortunate ways. So, as to remove temptation and pure chance from the equation, I am going to break a bit. Dragonmount rocks. The people here rock. This place has been a good friend to me through some TOUGH times and I am grateful. So, see you all soon...and: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :-) Fish
  20. I soooo badly would love to know which *NON-TOG* Parts of TOM were RJ concerning Mat. Fish
  21. Luckers - if you answer Nitro, please consider PMing him the answer. A lot of us who know how you think about such thinks don't want to be influenced in any way before reading the book the first time through ;-) Fish
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