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  1. I actually agreed with a lot of Mesothelioma's points. Grand total of five women in the entire series I didn't HATE. Verin. Moiraine. Min. Nynaeve. Cadsuane. FIVE. Out of hundreds. What does that tell you?? Fish
  2. Because it's not his series. How about next time you remodel your house I come over and add a few of my own personal touches ? People defending should have no problem with this logic.
  3. Sorry Finless...you don't get to decide which criticisms are valid and which are "crap" Ohhh...wait...DO you ??? Fish
  4. Obviously you did not look...at where I said: '(for the MOST part - and not in the **way** Sanderson used them). I'm going beyond the word itself. I am loking at ''context'' and how it SOUNDED. I'm sorry, but a lot of the characters under Sanderson just don't SOUND the way they did under RJ in RJ's 11 books. ... And I'm not going to stop saying so. Now, Finnsss - if you are a math whiz - why don't you figure out the PROPORTIONATE PERCENTAGE that 17 times over 12 books compares to the number of times Sanderson used it in his THREE books. You'll probably get sick and puke, Fish
  5. Kakita - Im NOT exaggerating by THAT much, though I already said I was using hyperbole in my example. Jordan NEVER used ''downright'' or ''rightly'' in his eleven main sequence books. Ive looked. The biggest problem with those words were that they were not used (for the MOST part - and not in the way Sanderson used them) by Jordanin the first 11 books! Why does Brandon get to decide to add new words? ALL he was asked to do was FINISH it. I almost puked when I saw the word ''Dargon Slayer'' actually used in AMOL. I despise Dreamshards and Dreamspikes and Shards and etc etc and saying ''Bloody'' and ''Saidered'' Im not angry that I don't like the way Brandon makes up his own phrases and words. Im angry because he had NO RIGHT to do so. He was asked to COMPLETE the series and help things move...the fact that he chose to add his own touches bugs me beyond belief.
  6. Great post. He didn't know what to do with Cadsuane either, so he childishly just destroyed her. I actually liked the way Moiraine was written in AMOL. There was just, obviously, far too little of her. Fish
  7. Brandon wrote Boots and A Seven-Striped Lass. Thats confirmed. If you can't tell who wrote Mat's TOM interactions with Perrin and Elayne then we have serious problems - alsmost as problematic as the severe pain those parts caused me. RJ wrote MOST of the TOG Sequence. The one I have a HUGE DESIRE to know it the duel with the Gholam and ''blood in the air'' - I enjoyed both of those chapters quite a bit. If Brandon wrote them, way to go Brandon! If RJ wrote them - I'd like to know. Fish
  8. Oh, by the LIGHT, Suttree! Bless you and Bless your since of humor! Light! Fish
  9. One of the things that made me the very maddest and saddest in the last three books was this seeming compulsion BS had to add these ''cutesy'' (or so he felt) lines in to Mat's parts. Often, I felt Mat would be doing something cool, and reading like himself, and then a few lines of Hee Haw type dialogue or Corny thoughts would be there just jarring the heck out of me. In AMOL, if you read the top and bottom of most Mat POVs you see several Brandon ''witticisms'' that just made me cringe. And, often, the middle part would be ok. It was almost like if BS had just left Mat ALONE and NOT had this irrestible impulse to ''make Mat Cute and Funny in the BRANDON SANDERSON way of cute and funny'' - then, Mat would have been fine. Fish
  10. Believe it or not...I thought the battle scenes were *fairly* well done. One thing that MAY have helped quite a bit is that one of the members of Team Jordan was - like RJ - a combat veteran. Fish
  11. You know, what Terez is saying is very close to what I see. I'm tired of people asserting how ''bungled'' the timeline was by RJ already. It really...wasn't. Not THAT bad. A lot of people didn't understand the ''Roshomon'' style RJ played with but it was pretty clear. ACOS started in the middle of the aftermath of Dumai's Wells. ACOS also covered only one week - which, in Randland, is 10 days....Winter's Heart showed the aftermath of Mat's recovery (which is what he was doing offscreen in POD) and COT featured a beginning that ''overlapped'' the cleansing and also allowed readers to see the first reactions of many people who were Not AT the cleansing. By halfway through COT I still felt pretty straight. It wasn't THAT big a mess to where Brandon should have mangled it to the extend he did. IMO. Fish
  12. Was beyond disgusted with the choice of adjetives in dialogue and mental monologues used.. If I never see ''downright, mighty, rightly, lad or son or Light'' again, I will scream. When he started writing Mat as a Country BUMPKIN at times (TOM and AMOL CH 11 just as two examples) it was almost too much. Yes, they are from The Two Rivers which is backwoods country....but they're NOT characters on HEE HAW or The Beverly Hillbilies. Theres actually a Mat section thats like: All Mat could think was BLESS the lad! Light BLESS him! Now, that was a downright charitable thought, but Mat was rightly in a mighty fine mood and disposed to be kindly folks today. Folks were mighty fine folks in Mat's view and downright rightly fine folks was how Mat rightly saw them. Bless Tuon, wait till he showed her how mighty fine folkd here in Randland could be! She'd change her ways - Light she would - and see what mighty fine folks everyone was. Bless them! Ok...I exagerated - but not by much! Fish
  13. Ive been eager as a spring hare all week to share my FIVE FAVORITE Moiraine Moments that Ive looked forward to for YEARS that were in AMOL!!! 1 Moiraine's Reunion With Lan - ... ummm... .... 2 Moiraine's Reunion With Rand From Moiraine's POV!!! ...UMMM... 3 Moiraine's Reunion With Rand From RAND'S POV...UMMMMMMMM...... 4 Moirain'es Reunion With Suian ................................... 5 Moiraine's Wishes To The 'Finns....... ...Believe it or not, I actually really liked the writing of Moiraine in this book...what we saw of her. I'll never forgive Brandon for shifting to PERRIN's pov instead of Rand's when Moiraine walked in the first time. Criminal. Fish
  14. I told you this already but the only word that comes to mind when I think about your term as Admin is: ''Asset.'' Tremendous Assest to this place. You went above and beyond. It was - and is - appreciated. Fish
  15. Exactly. This has been my fear and my suspicion and I touched on this in great detail in my review. I suspect many of the instances of vaguness that have happened at signings, Q and As etc AFTER the release are to build anticipation and market for the Encyclopedia. As if it wouldn't be a bestseller anyway. We were told time and again that Brandon would be ''much more free' with answers after AMOL was released - NOT after the Encyclopedia was released. This whole subject has me STEAMED. Fish
  16. Please be warned: The following review is mostly general in nature but does contain a few specific spoilers. I have focused this review primarily on A Memory of Light, co-authored by Brandon Sanderson, and the third part of the conclusion to The Wheel of Time, written by James Oliver Rigney, who penned tWOT under the pseudonym Robert Jordan. These books were edited by his wife and professional editor Harriet McDougal. I finished reading A Memory of Light over a week ago. And my original plan, which was to process for a couple of days and then form a review, went by the wayside. This happened because I just was supremely unmotivated to share my feelings. And that surprised me. Shocked me, really. Good or bad, high or low, I have always been moved to strong emotions by these books…ever since the day I shook the hand of the man that shook the Third Age…as it is called by some… The Gathering Storm motivated me and stirred emotions. Mostly positive ones – though a severe case of puzzlement over the impostor wearing Mat’s hat lingered. … Towers of Midnight motivated me alright, lol! Motivated me to fury, but it motivated me! But, part three of the A Memory of Light trilogy stirred…not very much either way, I am afraid. And if you knew how much love I have for this series, its original author and its fans, you would know what a sad surprise that was – and is – to me. One of the running themes in the series was: Dovie'andi se tovya sagain And what a gamble it was when the decision was made to use the combined efforts of Tor chairman Tom Doherety. Harriet McDougal, a ‘’Team Jordan’’, a collection of audio and written recordings of information left by James Rigney and a pen supplied by young fantasy writer named Brandon Sanderson to finish – and split three ways – the final volume of ‘’Robert Jordan’s’’ epic, sprawling saga. The result is one that was destined to have a different effect on all of us – leaving some, hoepfully, happy, or at least satisfied - and some, perhaps perplexed, even stifled. But, pressing on is what we do in life and it is appreciated by me that I am given the chance to share my feelings, so press on with my review I shall. Here we go: Overall, A Memory of Light read like a ‘’To Do List’’ to me, with things happening because the fans were breathing down Team Jordan’s neck to make sure that they did not forget them. But the way that most of these things occurred felt far too rushed and rather oddly-executed, as well. A few disappointments and then some things I enjoyed. Moiraine. Everyone was waiting for years for her reunion with Rand. And then – after an admittedly cool chapter-closing entrance – the POV shifts…to PERRIN! How under the Light it was approved that Moiraine’s reunion scene would NOT be told from inside Rand’s head is beyond me. To me, that alone is unforgivable. And, if you were one of the many who spent years looking forward to her reunion with Lan for the first time ‘’onscreen’’ as well – then you were destined to disappointment in that regard as well. To never see Rand, Mat and Perrin together again collectively even once was also something I couldn’t quite get past. Although, thinking on it, if some of the wincing I still do after some of what happened when Mat and Perrin reunited in Towers of Midnight is any indication, perhaps I should be thankful this was eschewed after all. Also serving as a bit of a letdown to me were the odd, brief appearances and conclusions to Shadar Haran and Padan Fain’s arcs. If they were NOT going to have significant parts to play in the finale, then why treat them with such build up? The fact that Rand and Demandred never ever see each other…puzzling. In fact – in the entire series, do Rand and Demandred ever meet in the Third Age? Who WAS Demandred’s Third Age identity? Sanderson – after some vacillating – did say we had indeed seen it as of and past Knife of Dreams. What was ‘’The Message’’ that was so dire in Chapter 22 of Lord of Chaos? The one that received nothing but ‘’RAFO’’s for decades. Why the silly vacillating over things now (Nakomi, Verin, the Voice, etc) at the Signings, Q and As and on Twitter after Brandon was quoted as saying: ‘’After the last book is out I will be much more free to answer questions.’’? … Harriet, bless the woman, sometimes seems a bit…stern…and if this closed-mouthness is an edict of hers, then the only word to describe that approach is: Disappointing. If they think it is ‘’cute’’ or ‘’mysterious’’ to leave certain things ‘’open’’ – they are not picking the right things. Mr. Jordan wanted a freshness and sense of continuity to linger – we all know that – but even HE is quoted as saying it was his desire to ‘’close up most of the major arcs.’’ It was a bland read for me. And I despise the fact that I keep coming back to the word ‘’bland.’’ There were only two times when I did not feel I was reading a list. When something truly moved me…or when I was wincing in embarrassment over some ‘’funny’’ part that Brandon had presumably added. I thought nothing would ever top the ‘’Letter’’ or the ‘’Backstories’’ or ‘’Master Crimson’’ until: Nevermind. I can’t even quote it. It hurts too much. Ok – just a snippet. I can’t help myself. I’m a masochist: Mat said. “By the way, I saved Moiraine. Chew on that as you try to decide which of the two of us is winning.” Mat followed Tuon, and behind him rose the laughter of the Dragon Reborn. I’m sorry. I know it is not a big deal to some. And, further, I understand that there are those who actually found it funny. I respect that. But, speaking strictly for myself, this ‘’One Up Each Other’’ interlude between Mat and Rand gave me a new understanding of the word ‘’cringe.’’And, to avoid any more of the above-referenced pain, that is all I will say about that. Mr. Sanderson is a mere three years away from being a 40 year-old man! How he feels positive about some of the ‘’cute’’ or ‘’funny’’ things he puts in these books is astounding to me. He reminds me so much of David Edding’s dialogue and ‘’witty’’ and ‘’clever’ repartee in the Belgariad and Mallorean. Except…Eddings did it better. And that is FRIGHTENING to say. I also feel that Mr. Sanderson allowed personal prejudices to interfere with his writing. I seriously doubt that Jordan had intended Cadsuane to get a mere three pages (if that) in the last book. Speaking admittedly as a Cadsuane fan, that was a true shame. The last thing I will criticize is the redundancy in the writing. And the fourth-wall breaking (which used to be considered a BIG No, No) that Mr. Sanderson regularly engages in. There are parts – many – where he has the character literally listing step by step what he or she is about to do for the reader. It hurts me that two of the oldest rules of fiction writing (Show, don’t tell and: never talk down to your reader) are frequently broken by a man who TEACHES a class in writing at a university! In Jordan-written WOT novels, Morgase and Messana were raped. RAPED. People were murdered, beheaded, lost limbs, etc. No, it wasn’t a Martinesque bloodbath of vulgarity and violence on every page but it was no shiny fairytale for five year-olds either. Mr. Sanderson seems uncomfortable in writing explicit, grim subject matter. Considering some of the subject matter indigenous to this particular story…it is yet another reason that – in hindsight – Mr. Sanderson seems to arguably be so odd a choice to complete this saga. Oh, Mr. Sanderson, you came like a tempest, like a tempest touched everything, and like a tempest you were gone. The good stuff. I continue to feel Perrin, Faile, Berelain, Galad and others were written very well by Brandon Sanderson. However, this meritorious truth only makes me wish even more that he had taken more time with certain characters, been more extensive with his prose, matured the dialogue and not insisted on changing things (bloody ashes!), adding his own brand of…humor…(Master Crimson, you and your zany antics crack me UP!) and trying to make everything ‘’cool’’ enough to satisfy even the most ardent comic book fan/fan-fic writer’s dreams. But, we have what we have. And, it wasn’t all bad. When Egwene died…it touched me. And I HATED Egwene. But her death touched me. When Tam and Rand sparred…that was fantastic. Lan in this book was pure greatness. Mat had several moments of not just awesome, but PURE awesome – when he wasn’t being ‘’funny’’ – and I’m glad Rand is alive and free to truly wander as Min predicted – and not just around Ebou Dar with an old cloak and walking stick with a bandage over his eyes. The battle stuff was awesome. For the most part. I agree it was chaotic at times and jumpy – but a battle that size is meant to be. The end…well, we know there ARE no endings to this Wheel, but…as I said, let Rand wander, Perrin reclaim his Falcon and Mat juggle his Daughter of the Nine Moons for a few decades. I could wish that, with the 2,700 pages Brandon Sanderson was able to write of WOT’s end, he had used some of the page space he devoted to Master Crimson easing the badger, Androl and Pevara’s James Bond operations, the pointless ‘’Horn Arc’’, backstories, letters and Hinderstap – and used those spaces for answering the fans most long-desired questions and doing so in a way that didn’t feel so rushed and bland. However, I am still very thankful for the journey. I know that Brandon Sanderson worked hard. I appreciate that. I appreciate Team Jordan and Harriet. I say ‘’Thank you.’’ In fact, I am saying ‘’Thank you’’ with my wallet four times. One hardback, just read, one to collect, one in paperback and one for the Kindle in April. But, I most say ‘’Thank You’’ for James Rigney’s imagination and the joy and friends this series has always given me. Yes, as I said at the top: One of the running themes in the series was: Dovie'andi se tovya sagain It is true that even as early as the first book there were bumps in the road, but…all in all… It was a GREAT toss of the dice. Fish
  17. Nynaeve rules because she just has sooo much...HEART///She wears it on her sleeve. And while it is sorta percieved that BIRGITTE is the ''female Mat'' - it really, imo, is - in terms of NARRATIVE humor - Nynaeve. The Somara chapters in FOH still crack me UP!!! Fish
  18. LOL !!! I'm not laughing at YOU, Japbox1..when you get far enough along to peruse the rest of the forums you may well be shocked at the sheer number of threads saying the exact same thing. I must confess - I am in YOUR boat on this one. I can not STAND Egwene. For all the reasons you mention - and many more. I won't spoil anything for you. I will just say that it is almost universally understood that - at her core - Egwene is just fundamentally unlikable. Fish
  19. I really hated how in TGS everybody and their aunt got made Blademasters. Really cheapened it Imo. Fish
  20. A Dance With The Dragons was very anticipated for many years. Fish
  21. A new discovery has me worried that I may have been a mite too quick in conceding my stance on the ''Moiraine/Forsaken - when did they know about Travelling'' issue... FOH: Ch 6: Gateways He made a hole in the air taller than he was, opening into the blackness that made the moonlight seem day. A gateway, Asmodean called it. ''What is that?'' Moiraine gasped. Fish
  22. Rand was turning into a real badarse before he got his hand chopped off...I always thought that was a real shame. Fish
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