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  1. Elayne. It's not even close. I hate her so much it's not even funny. If I was in a room with her I do not think I would be able to restrain myself from smacking her. She has such a sense of entitlement to anything that she does not offer any reason for people to obey her other than that she is Daughter-Heir/Queen or Aes Sedai and she deserves it. She displays a constant disregard for people around her, endangering herself and others without thinking about the harm that may come to them. Out of every other main character, she is the one that shows the least thought and care for others. Also I identify highly with Mat, so that might be the reason too. Outside her I really don't dislike any other character; I don't understand the Egwene hate, she sort of has the sense of power that Elayne has, but Egwene has earned it. She went through arduous training with the Aiel and various trials in her 'exile' in the White Tower before she finally fully ascended. She wields the power she has fully, but she seems to have consideration for everyone and everything involved before doing so
  2. It's unclear how many people Light or Shadow know of Mat's connection to the Horn but I'm assuming that the Shadow knows and plans to use him in some way. Since Verin was Black I think she knew of a plan to capture and use Mat, so it was her intention for him to avoid the battle because she knew that if he was there, there was a chance for him to be taken.
  3. I posted Elayne to die out of spite because she is my LEAST favorite character out of the series and that's just wishful thinking. For Rand... I am fairly positive that even after the books concludes no one will be able to answer the question "did he die?" with a simple yes or no. I think his body will be sacrificed and his soul will either end up trapped in the Bore with the DO or in T'AR. I neglected to check Lanfear/Cyndane because I think there is some possible chance of redemption for her; maybe if Rand does get banished to T'AR his and LTT souls will be separated, unless you believe they are one and the same, and Lanfear will end up happily with LTT.
  4. THIS would be awesome. Although I am fairly positive it won't play out in this manner, I would love to see someone make a flash video of this happening. Anyways I would hope that Egwene does not die and I do not think she would. I did not like her much the first couple books but after her training with the Aiel and ascension as Amyrlin I see her as a strong character. Personally I think she is too stubborn to die. Stubborness seems to be an attribute common with the Two Rivers folk; after all she broke the will of Mesana through sheer force of will. I do not see her as being a character that would die from anything short of balefire. From my recollection there hasn't been any foreshadowing or prophecies suggesting that her death is going to happen or is necessary
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