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  1. I was at the book store the other day and I saw a hardback copy of the first three of Pratchett's books. I was tempted because the cover was very pretty but I need to conserve my rubles. I think Pratchett would be quite the challenge to read in Russian anyway.
  2. Our second hand bookstore is serious lacking in the Terry Pratchett section. Perhaps when I get home I'll amazon.com them.
  3. Faile: (simply to spite Perrin) I'm thinking a Trolloc should have her for breakfast. It would be gruesome AND spur Perrin to last battle madness. Perrin: After serving his purpose he throws himself off a tower. Man I hate this guy. Egwene: Her head swells so large it bursts, launching her brains far away from anyone who might ressurrect her. Taim: I know we're supposed to be doing heroes, but he's one of my favorites and I want to see him go out in a crazy one power duel with Logain (also one of my favorites). Elayne: approximate two seconds after she gives birth, Moridin shows up and snaps her neck. That's what she gets for taking ridiculous crazy risks just because of Min's viewings.
  4. I finished Color of Magic while at the Houston airport and I'm officially sold on Discworld. *imagines money disappearing from her wallet and the bookshelf space she'll need* Starting a new series is always a fun undertaking despite the costs.
  5. Well I'm comradekari because my name is Kari. It has nothing to do with rand's momma. As for comrade, I'm a Russian major and I love russian history, including the soviet period. I use it on most sites that I frequent.
  6. I doubt Elayne will have much time to deal with the Two Rivers situation...she seems to have enough on her plate. But I hope they do address the issue of the Two Rivers raising Manetheren from the dead. I'd love to see them give Elayne the finger when she tells them that they need to start being good little citizens of Andor and that they should give up the Red Eagle thing.
  7. Hear hear safwd. I'd say he's doing a pretty good job for a backwoods guy right out of adolescence. I find his POV kinda painful to read given all the listing of dead women and Lews Therin being crazy left and right. But to hate the character? For someone slowly going insane who knows he's destined to die as well as get a ton of others killed in the process to save the world from falling under the shadow...I give him props for not throwing himself off the nearest tower.
  8. I just started Color of Magic today. It's good so far, really funny. I love the concept of Discworld, and Rincewind's constant allusions to modern science and how he wishes it were real.
  9. Hmmm...well, if I were Mazrim Taim...I'd probably want one of my lesser followers bonded, just to have a spy in the tower that can report directly to him. That would probably be it, he wouldn't want to lose too many of the people in his camp. And losing a few Logain supporters would probably be in his benefit and would make his plotting easier. He'd probably just place his spy right in the path of the red sisters, and then tell his other men to just refuse to be bonded.
  10. Crown of Swords is the book I crapped out on the first time I tried to read the series. After I was done with it I decided that I was done with the series and swore to never read them again. A promise that I broke last september...when I starting rereading wot. I made it past CoS the second time round though :). I think part of the problem was the whole bowl of the winds subplot. It reminded me too much of Elayne and Nyn when they were in Tanchico. OMG it's another crazy adventure with Elayne and Nyn in a dangerous exotic city! The whole Mat being repeatedly raped thing kinda bugged me as well. I despise Cadsuane and this hasn't changed throughout the books. I keep waiting for Rand to slap her back. As for Morgase...her story is somewhat important, but could be dealt with with less wordage, and less Tallanvor nonsense. I put Tallanvor and Morgase right under Suian and Gareth Bryne on my list of romantic intrigues I care nothing about. I also thought that the end battle with Sammael seemed a bit rushed. I was lookin' for less roamin' about Shadar Logoth and more one power battle action. However I really liked the bit where Rand found Liah there. It was a nice tie in. Wish he could have brought her back safe though :(
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