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    Hi people!!

    three to four written pages, including conclusion/discussion. so yeah, it's not very big :? but on the positive side it's quite manageable! :roll: :D
  2. I*M BERELAIN!!! :D :lol: party is on me!!!! wohooo!!! the man i was most like was logain, and he's nice. actually i'm really flattered. but i'm confident berelain is most like me!!! :lol: :D :shock: :( the man i would date as opposite is fain... i'd NEVER touch him........ *phew* the man for me, otherwise seems to be Logain, which comforts me :D 8) as a female opposite, cyndane's my date :shock: :( (she's sexy though... :twisted: :lol: ) and ofcourse, female i'd date berelain. :roll:
  3. erikiwi

    Hi people!!

    gee, thank you very much! :D very interesting issues indeed!!! though after talking with my cousin i decided to write about why a writer chooses to write fantasy and not ordinairy fiction. possibly maybe also why readers choose to read fantasy, but this is supposed to be a small essay, so there's not much room for that... why i made that decision is much due to my assumption that sources are more available and more reliable for this more general, possibly less interesting, issue.
  4. well, i changed the subject anyway, after discussing this with my cousin, who also reads robert jordan with delight, and together we concluded that it is easier to write about fantasy and why a writer chooses to write fantasy instead of fiction.
  5. erikiwi

    Hi people!!

    I'm writing an essay about robert jordan. i'memberrassed to say i have not yet decided on the issue of the essay, but my teacher was very excited that i chose to write about robert jordan, so i figured the issue is a later problem. :oops: uhm... any suggestions?
  6. Hi! i'm erik from sweden, started reading robert jordan ... uhm... a long time ago 8) i'm writing an essay about robert jordan and joined here to find info! :D[
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