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  1. I want to know the use of the red glass ter'angreal that Elayne used and passed out, then no one would tell her what happened. Avi better 'read' that one...
  2. Alas, the last hour of the workday...why must you torment me so?

  3. No he sent Karldin and Loial to warn all the steddings that shadowspawn are using the ways. Later he sends Elder Haman out to seal the waygates he hasn't taken care of yet. Obviously this didn't work as well as he wanted. Is it possible that this waygate in Caemlyn in one that neither Rand nor Elder Haman knew about? I believe it's the same one that Rand already used... Not that I'm doubting you at all, but was this expressly stated in Verin's letter? I was just curious as it's been a while since I've read ToM...
  4. Why are the 4-day holiday work weeks the longest of them all???

  5. No he sent Karldin and Loial to warn all the steddings that shadowspawn are using the ways. Later he sends Elder Haman out to seal the waygates he hasn't taken care of yet. Obviously this didn't work as well as he wanted. Is it possible that this waygate in Caemlyn is one that neither Rand nor Elder Haman knew about?
  6. I have to admit, I Lol'd a little after reading pillow friend and monkey, but maybe that's just me
  7. I'd have to say no based on his PoV later in the book, he seemed astounded (and PO'd) that Thom figured it out prior to Noal's revelation and didn't share the info. Something to the effect of 'Thom figured it out and didn't tell me..some friend he is' (I dont have my books so don't quote me on that...)
  8. So, is it a given that the hordes of the Dark will be armed with tools from Mordin's AOL stash? In ToM, Graendal is shocked by the amount of items that Mordin has at his disposal, but he seems rather nonchalant about them. After all of these books, I for one would like to see a sho-wing and/or shocklance in action. If the Dark has these items, IMHO the Light will need the products from Rand's Schools. Imagine an army of steamhorses 'plowing' into a row of Trollocs. I can't find my 'Winter's Heart' book when Rand visited the schools, other than the 'steamwagon' and capturing 'lightning in
  9. I thinks its obvious at this point that there are plenty of darkfriends among the Seanchan. I am sure that Suroth was far from the only darkfriend among them. And therefore it stands to reason that there are sul'dam and der'sul'dam and even damanae who serve the Dark One. The big question is how many of them are in a position to affect TG (that is, how many of them crossed the Aryth Ocean with the Corenne. Suroth states that there a very very few darkfriends amongst the sul'dam I'm drudging up this old topic in light of new discussions on the TGS chapters. While I agree w/Luc
  10. Siete is how you spell 7 in Spanish Ciete is my way of making it unique to me... Now the meaning behind the "7"...well maybe when I get to know you all better... :D (PG-13 only of course ;D)
  11. As a proud wearer of 3 tats, I've always wanted to get a WOT themed tattoo. I'd vote for the "forsaken snake in-the-box", or the Wheel of Time snake minus the wheel. Just my two pesos....
  12. *KOD Spoiler..read at your own risk* When Perrin is planning the big rescue of Failie (I would have left her w/the Shaido myself), he coordinates several times with the wolves. I was all jacked up to see another wolf/Shaido confrontation just like Dumani's Wells. However during the actual attack, all the wolves do is howl during the daylight w/the fog as an indicator for Failie to go to the fortress. I felt robbed. Was this buildup/let down purposeful, or was it an oversight by RJ? ???
  13. Shoulda known...I've got extra crow incase anyone is hungry :P
  14. Alas, all too true Majsju, WAFO I guess. Just remember when the Finns/Slayer connection comes to fruition, you heard it here 1st...(I think) ;D, otherwise I'll serve up a good batch of gilded crow for dinner.
  15. Tuatha'an vs. Knights who say Ni. I'd love to see what shrubbery the Tuatha'an can come up with to placate the Knights. Aldura's Dragons vs. Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch 'Nuff said... ;D
  16. So I finally took the time to re-read the TOG chapter in Shadow Rising, and it was Hopper that stopped Perrin from completing the third trip around the tower. Then Brigitte stepped in and offered more info. However, after re-reading the chapter, Hopper, Perrin, and Brigitte felt Slayer DID in fact enter the tower. I wonder how he receives Carte blanche access to the world of the Finns?? I doubt Slayer has a fine singing voice, although the chances of a lighter in his pocket are pretty slim too. Inquiring minds want to know...
  17. So the Tower O 'Ghenji 'round-about' might be the way to enter the tower in T'A'R?? If (and its still a big IF) Slayer entered, wouldn't he have to do the same? If memory serves, his trail stopped cold at the tower, not running circles around it. Seems plausible that there are different ways to enter the Tower in the "real" world vs. the Dream world, but I'd assume that the way to enter would be consistent for everyone in whatever "world" they tried to enter the Tower. Just my two pesos.....
  18. Quote: Reply #14 on: June 16, 2009, 10:25:27 PM » Thor: "slayer almost succesfully fooled perrin into running around the tower 3 times, it's not so hard for slayer to then trick perrin into stabbing the tower with a dagger or something. perrin has no choice in the matter, until birgitte intervened." I'm guess I'm not sold that Slayer did not enter the Tower at all. In the 'Tower of Ghenji" chapter in The Shadow Rising, Hopper tells Perrin that "you would chase evil into evil." And even mentions that "Slayer is not ancient, but his evil is." This would leave me to believe that the
  19. I've searched the forums, and cannot find a similar thread (I'm sure the mod's will point me in the right direction if I'm wrong though). In The Shadow Rising (sorry @ work, with no books, but dreaming of WoT as nomal!), we find Perrin and Slayer in the wolf dream, with Perrin in hot pursuit. Perrin chases Slayer to the Tower of Ghenji, and he receives his warning from Brigete. We know from reading that the Aeliffin/Eeliffin (sp) are not evil (as the shadow is evil), but is it possible that Slayer received his abilities (Isam/Luc) from the finns? Later in Winters Heart (thanks
  20. I would say that Mordin is "playing" against the creator, with the game representing the eternal struggle of dark v light. Just my 2 cents....
  21. I was rooting for the BA in book 11, too bad she got free. ;D
  22. We can only hope wvlr!! lol I thought Bela had been turned into Darkhound food by now....You can purchase a can of "Belalpho" from your nearest peddler. ;D
  23. Damn good thoughts here...and here are my two centavos..... While completing a recent re-read of LoC, (@ work without books) I remember a passage regarding how male Aiel who begin to channel will go to the blight to hunt the DO, then they are never heard of again. I often wondered how many Aiel could've been recruited, either voluntarily through the promise of eternal life, avoiding madness/sickness etc, or being forced to the DO?? How would the forces of Randland (Especially the Aiel, including the Wise Ones who now take part in battle) react to seeing their former comrades n
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