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  1. His luck has been greatly reduced since then. He's now just a regular "lucky guy", not an insanely lucky guy. He lost 100 gold crowns to Taleasan, and has been making money betting on horse races (which he's doing with skill, not luck) Whens the last time he went on a gambling bender? Before he got the foxhead.
  2. Lets try to look at all the possibilities, hypothesize on their expected results, and see which expected results best meet what we see in the books. The dagger If the dagger caused Mats luck 1) His luck should start when he gets the dagger or soon afterwords 2) His luck could grow the longer he has the dagger. It should either remain constant after he looses it, cease altogether or slowly decline. 3) Anyone else obtaining the dagger should get equally lucky. 1 is... iffy. He gets the dagger in the middle of book 1, and has no luck mentioned until the start of book 2. At the start of book 3 Hes still lucky. Its possible the dagger triggered his luck but... 2) His luck doesn't correlate to anything having to do with the dagger. He doesn't seem luckier when he has it, he doesn't get luckier the longer he has it, his luck doesn't vanish when he looses it, and his biggest moment of luck was in fact, right after loosing it. 3) Fain doesn't apparently become lucky when he acquires it. Mats luck ebbs and flows completely without regard to whether the dagger is there or not. I think that makes it unlikely to be the cause. Ta'veren Mat is nowhere near as strong a ta'veren as rand. Rand has been a stronger Ta'veren from day 1, but mats been influencing card games longer than Rand's been making lotto numbers come out 666. Rand also affects card games just by being in the room, mat only affects the outcome for himself. In short, Rand affects chance. Mat is lucky. The difference is control. Rand makes WEIRD things happen all around him. Mat makes GOOD things happen to himself. Saidar powered luck battery: 1)His luck should be proportional to how much one power is directed at him. 2)It should fade as its used up/time passes 3) Not channeling at him should reduce his luck. 1) Mats luck in Emonds field wasn't remarkable. He got lucky around the start of book 2 (when moraine was channeling at him to heal him). It was insane after he was healed from the link with the dagger (13 aes sedai in a circle with the towers most powerfull angreal) When he and thom went downriver, it was good enough to roll 6 6's to beat 6 6's and a 5. There was no ta'veren reason for this to happen. The pattern would have been the same with mat cauthon sleeping in a ditch for a night.
  3. Linking his luck strictly to the dagger is a post hoc fallacy. Just because his luck developed sometime after he found the dagger doesn't automatically mean that the dagger caused it. Everyone developed their "thing" as time went on. Mats luck/memories, Rands channeling, Perrin's dreams and wolf brother abilities. He had the dagger for most of the first book. His luck wasn't extraordinary. At the begining of the great hunt he was gambling, but it was just passed off as normal luck When he's on the road to tar valon, before he got too sick to sit up, he was just very lucky, not winning EVERY throw. If the dagger was the cause of his luck , this is when it should have been at its strongest, when he'd had it the longest. His first night out in Tar Valon he was INSANELY lucky. EVERY toss of the dice went his way. What happened there? If it was the dagger, he should have been at his luckiest when he had it on the way to tar valon just before he got sick. His luck was at its maximum just after he'd just had more one power channeled into him than had been wielded since the breaking. When is mat's luck specifically mentioned to be wearing off? When he lost some gold crowns to Nelsean in ebou dar... after he's had the foxhead pendant for a while. As to the dice ter angreal, do you have a link of what RJ said about it? I don't mean that the ter angreal caused mats luck. What i mean is that it seems to be literarily linked to mat. Its mentioned by Elayne saying "I bet mat would love this". The ter angreal hasn't been seen or mentioned since (unless you count the dice as mats chapter symbol) so why mention it then? I think its a clue.
  4. Like another poster, the channeling would be more due to Mat's taverenness. Yet perrin, Mat and rand are all ta'vern. Perrins luck has never been all that great except for him being more inspirational than he felt. Rand is a MUCH stronger ta'vern, but he doesn't have luck per say, he just tosses probability out to the extremes both good and bad. Mats luck has also waxed and waned over time. If it was tied to his dagger, he would have had the most luck when he had it, not after he'd just lost it.
  5. I don't know if this has ever been brought up, but could mat's luck be related to people channeling at him? In the dragon reborn, one of the devices stolen by the black ajah is a circle of dice that causes dice to act oddly when its channeled at. When Mat is healed of his link to the dagger by as much of the one power as had ever been channeled into a human being, his luck was beyond phenomenal. He won EVERY dice toss in a long night of gambling. Since Mat acquired his fox-head pendant, his luck hasn't been AS good. He even comments on loosing at dice with someone (Taleasean)?
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