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  1. His luck has been greatly reduced since then. He's now just a regular "lucky guy", not an insanely lucky guy. He lost 100 gold crowns to Taleasan, and has been making money betting on horse races (which he's doing with skill, not luck) Whens the last time he went on a gambling bender? Before he got the foxhead.
  2. Lets try to look at all the possibilities, hypothesize on their expected results, and see which expected results best meet what we see in the books. The dagger If the dagger caused Mats luck 1) His luck should start when he gets the dagger or soon afterwords 2) His luck could grow the longer he has the dagger. It should either remain constant after he looses it, cease altogether or slowly decline. 3) Anyone else obtaining the dagger should get equally lucky. 1 is... iffy. He gets the dagger in the middle of book 1, and has no luck mentioned until the start o
  3. Linking his luck strictly to the dagger is a post hoc fallacy. Just because his luck developed sometime after he found the dagger doesn't automatically mean that the dagger caused it. Everyone developed their "thing" as time went on. Mats luck/memories, Rands channeling, Perrin's dreams and wolf brother abilities. He had the dagger for most of the first book. His luck wasn't extraordinary. At the begining of the great hunt he was gambling, but it was just passed off as normal luck When he's on the road to tar valon, before he got too sick to sit up, he was just very lucky, not
  4. Like another poster, the channeling would be more due to Mat's taverenness. Yet perrin, Mat and rand are all ta'vern. Perrins luck has never been all that great except for him being more inspirational than he felt. Rand is a MUCH stronger ta'vern, but he doesn't have luck per say, he just tosses probability out to the extremes both good and bad. Mats luck has also waxed and waned over time. If it was tied to his dagger, he would have had the most luck when he had it, not after he'd just lost it.
  5. I don't know if this has ever been brought up, but could mat's luck be related to people channeling at him? In the dragon reborn, one of the devices stolen by the black ajah is a circle of dice that causes dice to act oddly when its channeled at. When Mat is healed of his link to the dagger by as much of the one power as had ever been channeled into a human being, his luck was beyond phenomenal. He won EVERY dice toss in a long night of gambling. Since Mat acquired his fox-head pendant, his luck hasn't been AS good. He even comments on loosing at dice with someone (Taleasean
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