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  1. OOC: Things are getting really busy for me lately so I'm trying to be as active as possible, hate to keep this waiting one me >.< Saline had called him persistent, perhaps that was the word for how he had come this far. Persistent, determined, he wouldn't let his family down. This future was as much for himself as for them, to serve the White Tower. When she had left the Tower Guard took only a moment before speaking. Apparently this man intended to see Taren away to the Mistress of Trainees this moment and that he would stay in the barracks that night, Well no fancy inn I suppose, Taren thought disappointedly. I had hoped for one last night, but I will live staying in the Tower Grounds tonight. Rushing up the stares he gathered his bags and made his way out to the stable to fetch his horse before making his way toward the front where the Tower Guard had been waiting. He gave his name this time, Shawn he said to call him, before making his way toward the Tower. He went on about his duties and how he served as a smith in his free time, a way to give back. What was it this man thought he owed? Before long they were in front of another door as Shawn gave a knock on the door Taren did not at all feel nervous, strange he thought he would've been bursting with unease and excitement. Instead the only feelings inside Taren this moment were sadness, he was beginning to miss family, and fear for the fact he might never see them again. When the door opened Taren followed Shawn in, he was prepared to meet this Mistress of Trainees either way and it was far too late for turning back now.
  2. James Cordon stumbling through the streets of the Black Tower, not nearly as grand as the name, was nearly ready to give up when he nearly walked right into a black coated man. This mans coat seemed much finer than the regular Asha'mans coat with flames embroidered on each sleeve. "Hello, My name is Attack Leader Tai'Dashan. What is your name friend?" Stopping dead, James only stared at him for a moment. Most of these men wouldn't even look at him let alone talk to him and yet, here was one with some rank willing to walk out of his way to greet him. I do no be knowing who to trust around here, James thought best to be making friends where I can. Extending his own hand, he clasped the other mans wrist in a firm grasp before releasing then smiled back. "I do be James Cordon of Illian," James said before nervously adding "Milord." James had no idea if he was supposed to call this man a Lord, or if he even was for that matter, all of this was new enough and no one had taken the light of day to bother to show him the ways around this place. Smiling again he continued on hurriedly. "Milord Tai'Dashan, I do be needing a bed for the night and I have only just arrived from that cursed swamp Tear," James nearly spat, but decided against it. "If you could be showing me to a good inn that would be much appreciated."
  3. Awesome, I'm glad that you guys have continued to post sources for me. I'm enjoying all the European love goin on here, but any chance anyone would know any good names for looking up other cultures mythologies around the globe?
  4. The moment the words left Taren's mouth he felt like a fool. Looking around he realized he had stood up after revealing himself and the look Saline gave him was enough to send him straight back into his seat. Bloody fool, not bothering to look before you leap, It took Taren a moment to realize Saline was speaking while he was busy mentally berating himself. "Why is it that you warder types feel the need to be warders in the first place?" The question came out leaving Taren a little taken aback, but another man walked up from the corner before he could get a word out. The man himself appeared a weapon, poised as though to strike at a moments noticed. He was every bit the image he had been brought up to believe Warders were. The conversation between the Warder, a Tower Guard Saline said eventually but trained with them nonetheless, and Saline as though he were not there yet each trying to drive home a separate point. The Warder clearly felt Taren should be shown the way to the yards, but possibly only because their recruiting might be low? And Saline seemed to be discouraging him against it altogether, or perhaps just urging him to truly think over why he has come all this way? "No," Taren spoke finally as Saline requested if anyone else needed drink. "I thank you each for your help. To my Tower Guard friend, I would like it if you could show me to where I may enlist in the morning." Taren had come this far, he would not be turned aside so easily. His Uncle's wish had been to see him to the Yards, moreso it had been to see that Taren was happy. Losing a father wasn't easy on a young boy, Taren would do this because...Because why? Vengeance? What am I after? "And to my friend, Saline Sedai," Taren shifted his gaze to her. "I appreciate what you have tried to stress to me, but I worked hard for the coin to make it all this way. Lugard to Tar Valon is no walk in the park. I had all the way here to think of why I had come, what I was after. In Lugard, the city guard counts for practically nothing since the Kings rule only stretches that far, and in the worst of times not even there. It's home to brigands and thieves, I lived in fear as a young boy after my father left and the only man I ever saw that even the thieves walked wide of wore a strange color shifting cloak. I'm no good at inspiring people or at talking reason, on the farm I grew up on the only thing that makes the man worth his salt are the two hands he's born with." Taren glanced down at his hands, they were dirty from travel and covered in calluses. "The sword is all I ever knew growing up, my father died by it Saline Sedai. And so shall I. The least I can do is make sure it is for someone or something. If we have no purpose in life then what have we?" Taren was a bit surprised at the croaking of his own voice, he hadn't felt sad about speaking of his father in a good many years, but he though he felt now what his father had felt when he fought in the Aiel War. Rubbing a hand through his shaggy brown hair Taren took a large gulp of his wine, finishing it off. OOC: Sorry it took me so long to respond. Nice to see you two kept it going a ways.
  5. Taren had been watching the Aes Sedai, Saline was it? Taren had been paying attention to every word that passed between the two, but at the same time trying to appear to watch only the shells or the serving girls that passed by. If he had thought them strangers before that thought has vanished as the two clearly talked now as friends, Even Aes Sedai had friends. Her words were filled with all the regal and poise he had imagined from an Aes Sedai, more Queenly than any Queen even and able to make rulers dance on strings. Smiling only slightly Taren nodded his head in a bow as his winnings were passed to him. "Is to quit while you're ahead, Saline. Won't you say that's a wise recourse, Mr... what did you say your name was?" "I didn't," Taren replied with a quick look at each, trying not to look nervous. Aes Sedai and Warders traveled the world and were welcomed in nearly every land. Able to come and go where ever they pleased. Besides this was Tar Valon and people came from all over the world to learn from Aes Sedai, after all Saline was clearly Taraboner, and clearly one of them could tell at least for where he was from. Well...possibly. "As for luck, likely some of that yes. Skill of perception? That would be a stretch," Taren scratched his chin where his face was rough with his unshaven stubble. He'd fix that as soon as he woke in the morning, "Where I am from Saline Sedai men play these games to steal your money, and the trick is being played on the fool who does not watch the dealers hands. The hands are where the movement is at and the hands is where you would find your answer. Obviously, as...Dashen?...D'ashan was it?...D'ashan pointed out it boils down to taking your risk." What he said next came from his Uncle, a soldier who had served in war and came back only because of his fathers sacrifice. The man had raised his own, taught him all he knew. "Risks are everywhere, you step out of your bed and you are taking a risk at stubbing your toe. You can only hope to meet these risks with enough left in you to take it." As the words left his mouth they rang in his ears and he knew it was time to stop running. Slowly he rose his eyes to meet hers, this risk might consume what was left of him, Light burn me I came all this way to be a Warder and I'm hiding from it. "Saline Sedai, my name is Taren do Aron a'Murray, I have traveled here from a small village just outside of Lugard in Murandy. I have come to train in the Tower, I have come to be a Warder...It's just I'm not sure where to start." ((OOC: lol I meant to leave one of these on the last post. Feel free to throw some dialogue in for Taren now if you want. He has been nervous and to you probably hasn't been hiding it well, he's very tired so he wouldn't be able to keep the greatest hold on his emotion. Proceed however you like and I'll deal with whatever you think is a fitting outcome for how Saline would deal with this.))
  6. The weather outside had gotten much better around midday, the pelting rain had stopped replaced by a luminous overcast sky. However, Taren was not paying much attention to the outdoors instead he was focused elsewhere. The woman that walked in was all the Aes Sedai calm and confidence he had ever heard and then some. Her honey and amber braids marked her Taraboner, her skin was pale and if he was not so sure of her being Aes Sedai he would've said her eyes had a hint of sadness. She had a quick conversation with Saal before moving to join a younger man, She cannot be that old? The man had the look of a brawler he'd seen in Lugard, spent his days trying to catch those who thought to steal from some merchants stall. He paid little attention to the man, the Aes Sedai held his attention, but how could she possibly even know why he'd traveled this way? Taren nearly jumped out of his chair when the brawler shouted. "Whichshellstheonewiththebeancomeonecomeallandwatchwheretheprettyshellsgo!" The people in the common room all grew silent turning to watch and gather round as the two played their game. He'd seen it done in Lugard, most of the time people would ignore fools like this. People trying to scam you out of your money, but Taren had learned himself how to watch for tricks. Pay more attention to the hands than to the shells was one such tip. Many in Lugard would remove the bean from the shells while they shifted so you would never have a chance to win, but Taren's suspicion was lifted after he revealed the bean in the middle. He could've slipped back in, but the man didn't look to have the deft hands required for such a feat. Taren felt something in the back of his head tugging at him, trying to pull him away? Not knowing whether he was following that tuggings will or completely ignoring it he moved to join them. He planned to rid himself of his money this night, but maybe he could even win a little. Who know how his luck would turn this night? Pulling a chair from the table next to theirs Taren turned it backward and squatted, running a hand through his shaggy brown hair he smiled at the both of them and tossed his bag of coins on the table. "Room for one more?"
  7. The light rain that had started quickly turned to pelting ice as Taren do Aron a'Murray came over the last stretch of land and finally passed into view of the White Tower. It had appeared from no where, parting the very clouds around it to shine like the sun, a burning white beacon lighting the land around it. He stared, nearly gaping, as he rode over the last mile, They will never believe. Taren had left home after saving for over a year to make this journey. His and his Uncle's dream to see him away to the tower and become a Warder, not just any swordsman, but a Warder. He had trained as a small boy with his Uncle, but a farmer who had once been a soldier could only teach so much. Once that little his Uncle knew was gone there was only one place left. Riding across the bridge and into the city itself was as much a surprise to Taren as seeing the Tower for the first time was. People here walked in the open, no one watching their own backs and some not even carrying swords. A man in Lugard would not be able to walk without watching his own back for much more than block, not that far even without a sword. Tower Guards walked the streets, he had seen some posted at the bridge, but they paid little attention to him. Or so it seemed. Tower Guards were trained with the Warders, but Taren's aspiration was not to be some silly Tower Guard, no adventure wasn't in the Tower, but outside of it. He needed to to be a Warder. Taren finally decided upon an inn, The Woman of Tanchico, as he wandered through the front he tried to convince himself the reason he was staying there that night was because he was tired, not scared. Scared of what? He had made it this far and if he wanted to be a little nervous about even trying to become a trainee at the tower well he bloody well could be. Taren finally picked a bench and sat down in the corner as Saal, one of the serving girls, took his things off up to his room. Another serving girl came out and offered him a cup of hot spiced wine which he gladly excepted and left her a small tip as she curtsied and made her way back to the kitchen. Money is running low these days, truth of the matter was that Taren would have only one night to have any sort of fun at all. His money was near gone, so near that he would have none left after this night, so going to the Tower really was his only choice tomorrow. Taking a sip of wine Taren sighed, he'd have to stop making excuses soon.
  8. James Cordon stared around at the village as he stumbled along. He had been tested and been told he could channel, How soon do I go mad once I start? His classes would start soon, the man he had spoken with had said he would be launched into training and that he would be expected to learn at a fast pace to prepare to serve the Lord Dragon. James wasn't worried about how fast he would be expected to pick things up, he had always been told by the hands around the inn that he was an amazingly quick learner, but would he get his chance at revenge? Would he be driven to the point that madness would carry him away from what this truly was for him? A few men in black coats eyed him in passing, but accounted him as no one. He would receive his black coat soon enough also. The mark of an Asha'man was the black coat, rank he had learned was decided upon by what pins you wore on your collar. Asha'man wore Dragons and Swords on their collar, Dedicated wore only the collar, and Soldiers wore none. He was a Soldier now, a weapon to the Lord Dragon. A weapon to be used as he was told, his will no longer his own. "Well I do no be able to do anything about it now," James began to grumble softly enough so others couldn't hear as he eyed the buildings he passed, hoping to have some luck and find a bed for the night. "Fortune prick me I may be sleepin' in the street tonight if one of these black coats do no be able to see down passed one of their noses at me."
  9. I never saw Troy because I hated the Odyssey and I just figured they would screw up another one. As for the other two thank you, I'll look them up with the rest. I'll check into the works of the other three you mentioned as well, all very good suggestions and I appreciate your time finding these. As for American Gods, I think I've heard of it, but I've never read it. I'll take a look at it and probably get it in the future the books I have lined up are already going to cost me a pretty penny, but thank you for the mention. If anyone has any others from any culture, I am still interested and would like to hear your input on what you think of them.
  10. Awesome, yeah the everything Roman seemed recycled, even their Deities. I'm getting paid on Friday and plan on ordering these all via internet, if you can think of anymore please do let me know. Very good suggestions btw and yes I have read the Odyssey, I love the Odyssey too bad no one has ever done a decent interpretation of it as far as movies go.
  11. Great Anime man, love the name. Mine comes from when I first started rp'ing a good 12 years ago. Another guy was already on these boards where I was rp'ing and his name was Aaron, so having another Aaron was invasion of his turf I guess and he started calling me Psuedo Aaron and I thought it was funny. Yes at 11 years old I knew what the word Psuedo meant, but I didn't care I was only there to have fun and this was some guy I would never meet so why not have fun with it? A few years later I ran into the same guy on another board after going MIA when the last one I was on shut down. So once I saw that guy there before I registered I went ahead and made my name Hardlyaaron, we all had a good laugh and I've liked it so much that I actually ran with it.
  12. Mythology and Theology, I love it all. Many Myths stem from or deal heavily with Theology anyhow, so you get a little of both :P Thank you for the suggestions so far, please keep 'em coming.
  13. Haha well at least you remembered the whole quote, I just moved and couldn't find my Audiobooks anywhere so I couldn't remember all of it. I just remember being intrigued as to whether or not he would be trying to break the wheel, but you cleared that up for me pretty well. TBH I think I also would be surprised and slightly disappointed to see it end that way, was just something I had been thinking over once I'd heard it. To have it end with the DO destroyed and all would make it seem like a fairy tale and hooray the good guys win, but one thing I think RJ wanted was to differ himself from stuff like Lord of the Rings. He has thus far in the series done a good job of having his events and characters feel very much real, as though this has happened before. I admit actually that I'm hoping it's something, while not exactly the same, but very close to Lucker's idea about how events will unfold.
  14. I am interested in reading any and all Mythologies from different religions and parts of the world. It started when I was young, about 13, and I first read the Iliad. I've read a few others, mostly Celtic Mythologies, I'd like to read some that I normally wouldn't pick up or perhaps works that people might consider crucial to anyone interested in mythologies. Please leave any suggestions here or PM me.
  15. My favorites would have to be Ingtar, I loved that guy. His ability come back from the shadow was admirable. And of course Bela, I seriously thought when I started reading this series that it was supposed to be about Bela -.-
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