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  1. Join the club, Shimmer! ;D
  2. *waves at Corki* Nice to meet you! :) Tigara!! *tackles* It took me some time, but honestly, I started to miss real WoT life, so I plucked the courage to join! :-* See you around!
  3. Sayerin


    Yeah, once you get used to it, it's better :)
  4. Sayerin


    Hello, Sea! You know me from Tarvalon.net. :) I'm Blue Ajah there! Nice to see you here. Raena, for us who are new here, this site seems big and scary too :)
  5. No, Miltiades, I'm Bulgarian, but my grandfather had Greek origins. As to Aiel, I'm put off by the way they can be found everywhere esp. around Rand all the time >:(
  6. I would agree that his death is more symbolic than real. New here, hi everyone! :)
  7. Well, I agree with you, Miltiades! And I don't like them, no way! :( *Btw, you my grandpa was called Miltiades/end spoiler/
  8. Thank you, Raena! I'll find my way to a lot of them soon :)
  9. Thanks, guys! I'm still a bit confused. And I'm sure there is much to do :P
  10. I'm Sayerin, some of you may know me from other sites, as I use the same name everywhere.I'm new to the site, but not to WoT series.. I've been reading the books since they appeared and it hasn't stopped. I'll be glad to be part of your community!
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