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  1. I finished a few days ago. Loved how the whole book was pretty much one long battle. Some things didn't make much sense to me, but oh well. Overall, I can live with it. The one thing I would have liked is a little more wrap-up detail. You know, something like, "The Fourth Age started with a strained alliance of nations that, over the course of time, yadda yadda yadda." and so forth, and so forth. It's amazing to me that we have a 14 novel series that leaves so much open ended at its conclusion. Still, I'm appreciative that there is some finality and they went the extra length to finish it. Could've been worse. Could've been a lot better too. Edit.... But I really like the whole 'it was not the ending, but it was an ending'. That made me smile.
  2. It's the final book. It's coming out in 2012. I'm okay with it (even though it contradicts the "trilogy" scheduling announcement from several years ago). However, if it suddenly becomes the penultimate book in the series because of "binding" reason or whatever, it'll be time to rage.
  3. He seemed like a pretty cool guy when I met him. Even drew a little picture for me in my DragonCon program. If it was my decision, I'd use his last piece of concept work with a new artist finishing it up simply because it's reminiscent of RJ dying and Sanderson finishing up his concept. It'd be appropriate.
  4. Just finished reading the update on Sanderson's page saying things he'll be doing prior to starting on the final Wheel book (http://www.brandonsanderson.com/blog/925/Another-Long-and-Rambling-Postandtrade-on-Future-Books). The delay's primarily due to the need to reread the series again before starting, and I get that. I also appreciate that he says we've been waiting for the ending for far too long, so that'll be the first thing he works toward after his break. There'll probably be some who'll be a bit miffed at it. Normally, my pessimistic view also would put me in that camp. However, TGS and meeting the deadline for ToM has left me more optimistic, though the jury has yet to determine the outcome of ToM. I think, however, that Sanderson during his break, and to appease us ravening WoTs (Wheel of Time fans), should give us a good Halloween yarn on his sight to prep us for ToM. Say, oh, I don't know, 1500 words or so? :P
  5. Like Indianajim above, I didn't see a great topic either for those of us who are a bit slower readers than others. ;) I finished the book last night and had been skepitcal it could be pulled off, especially after the announcement that Memory was to become three books and what not. Though my memory is foggy on former books which I haven't read in more than a decade, I can say that The Gathering Storm is easily my favorite book since Lord of Chaos, and perhaps overall. I remained skeptic up until Semirhage snapped the adam on Rand. That, I think, was the event that hooked me. And the ending, well the ending was marvelous and appropriate. Like others, however, I agree Mat's character needs some work. It felt like he was more of a fool or something. I can't exactly say what it was, but while I felt the others were spot-on, Mat wasn't. Hope Sanderson has heard fans concern about that and figures out whatever needs to be done to keep Mat as Mat. He and Ituralde are my favorite characters. Looking forward to the books again. First time in years that I can say that. Merry Christmas.
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