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  1. He seems to be re-publishing everything he ever had a hand in when he wasn't so popular, and also is very hands on with the HBO series. I have given up trying to follow the progress of ADwD. He could certainly take some lessons from BS.
  2. Great... Thanks for RUINING IT!!!!!!!!............ jerk Well, nearly everyone dies. The dwarf seems to be hanging in there. Feel better now?
  3. Tylin Mitsobar. Harrid Fel Rarely do you see original members of the 'Fellowship' bite the dust. One of the reason I really like Martin's ASoIaF. Everybody dies in those books. Everybody.
  4. My guess is the unnamed village at the base of Dragonmount which was the setting for Chapter 1, Apples First.
  5. He could have got someone else to open the letter or just opened it and not done what it said if he didn't agree with it. Didn't Mat address this possibility when the barmaid had the letter in her hands? I think he said he would feel obligated to follow the terms of his agreement even if someone else did the opening.
  6. well all teh ashaman where attacked by snakes. So a long lasting neurotoxin could have been injected making them too tired or unable to function I think that bubble of evil happened days / weeks after the battle with the Shaido. I agree with DemandredFO, it seems to be a contrivance of the Pattern.
  7. Sorry if this has been covered... Did the whole "my channelers are too tired for gateways" plotline seem contrived to anyone else? Have we seen anybody else so exhausted by prior channeling that they were inhibited for such an extended period of time? The only justification I can see is that it's somewhat similar to Verin's repeatedly foiled attempts to Travel.
  8. The timeline that Rand laid out to Egwene was to meet with her at the Fields of Merrilor and then the very next day go to Shayol Ghul and break the remaining seals. I don't think there's gonna be a halftime. Especially not with marching bands and baton twirlers. Don't think there's gonna be any timeouts either. Not even injury timeouts. Now, The dire situation in the Borderlands, Lan's charge into Tarwin's Gap, fires in Caemlyn, possible Seanchan invasion of Tar Valon, possibly still the situation at the Black Tower, those might mess with Rand's timeline, but, at this point, and given that he's got Min underfoot, I doubt that canoodling with Aviendha is even in it. Is this correct? I don't have my book with me, but I thought it was more along the lines of " I will go to the FoM tomorrow to meet the rulers, and then to Shayol Ghul" The "and then" being a somewhat ambiguous statement... could be taken as immediate or soon after or whatever.
  9. No quotemistress (or quotemaster) I.... but this was similar to a question I heard asked of RJ at a book signing in Richmond many years ago. It was asked if the throne was a terangreal that gave the feeling of a need to obey, and RJ confirmed that it was, and that it was a terangreal that did not require a channeler to be used.
  10. So, you think she is beyond even the healing that Ishy gave to LT, curing his madness?
  11. I took that more to refer to their permanent connection to the OP, even while sleeping. A unique condition.
  12. Certain? I hesitate to say that about anything in these books, but I feel pretty good about it. I can't see how Demandred in the guise on any of the B-landers could claim to Moridin that "my rule is secure.... I gather for war"
  13. personally thought the BUT was the purpose of Mat's ashenderei I can accept that. Didn't have the patience to read that thread. Figured that it was almost as long as the book itself, so I would just find out during my read.
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