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  1. Silver is not used in weapons often, seeing that it is way more expensive and malleable than steel, so in theory the gholam could have not come in contact with silver before, but I don't thinkthats the answer. I second the magnet theory, that Mats "shield" (foxhead) negates the Gholams shield. But that wouldn't explain the burningsensation. Maybe since the gholams was power wrought mats foxhead gets freakishly cold when it touches the gholam. Cuz when things are mega cold they can feel like burning.
  2. I heard she got kicked by a shadar logoth horse shoe for one of them
  3. Do you think Rand has put one and two together and realizes he and Galad are half brothers yet?
  4. One power wrought daggers is the only thing that makes sense that wasn't denied.
  5. I was just thinking about this. Remember min's viewing of Berelain that she will fall "head over heels" for a white clad warrior. More thank likely that this is Galad, since he is now a white cloak and he has been known to be a heart throb, and he is royalty kind of. Basically everything Berelain desires.
  6. Yah, u guys are right about aram, it can't be olver, cuz RJ specifically said it wasn't in an interview. I an going to go read through the books and see if anyone else strikes me as possibly being him.
  7. I guess I just don't feel like Robert Jordan would have a legendary warrior rebirthed if he wasn't going to play a part in some way, since the last battle is near there is no way a baby would be old enough by this time. Thus my theory.
  8. Were did you read that, I checked all over WOT Encyclopedia and find no such guidelines on rebirth.
  9. My point is that rebirth doesn't necessarily mean born as a child. His rebirth could have been Aram choosing a new life. In a way Aram was reborn as a sword bearing warrior, this happened at the same time when Gaidal disappeared, I find this rather coincidental.
  10. Yes but he dissappears during the time that Aram chooses to take up the sword, which could very well be his rebirth, because Aram chooses a new life. Also Aram wears his sword over his shoulder like Gaidal was described as (i know gaidal has two swords I am just saying coicidence)
  11. Do you think gaidal Cain was reborn as Aram?
  12. someone wouldn't be refering to failes spanking in the ways. That part makes me lol evertime. I love Perrin, he is perfectly capable and has stood up to Rand on numerous occasions. Soooo stfu. If anyone gets pushed around it's mat, he's always like "I should bail, but I am not going to for un explainable reasons"
  13. The way I see it is this: Rand=Jesus His purpose is to sacrifice himself to save the world from the dark one. The Dark One= Satan His purpose is to destroy humanity. The Creator= God God is the ultimate power, but he doesn't step in whenever times get tuff. The Dark Ones power is no were near as strong as the creators, but the creator will not step in because it isn't his challenge. The ending is pretty easy to guess, Rand will die saving humanity, only to be ressurected later on. I am pretty confident in this... My idea for a cool ending is this. Min saw glory in Loga
  14. The Shadow Rising pg. 195 conversation between thom and moraine. "I quiet life would kill you, I think." Sounding distinctly amused, she busied herself rearranging the folds of her skirt with small, slender hands. He had the impression she was hiding a smile. "Tanchico will not, however. I guarantee that, and by the First Oath, you know it for truth." This is just after she went to doorway in the Stone to ask questions. This implies that she asked a question about Thom, because she is so sure. Also it seems like subtle flirting from Moraine.
  15. Why are we still talking about this after Moraine and I's announcment?
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