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  1. I think by now everyone accepts that Mat is RJ's adaptation of the Norse god Odin. Odin was hanged from the tree of life for knowledge. He had two ravens named thought and memory who were his companions. He carried a spear that doubled as a walking stick and lastly he wore a widebrimmed hat pulled low on one side to cover his missing eye. My original theory had Mat loosing his eye in some bizare marriage custom in order to gain Tuons hand. Well that didnt pan out as I guess even marriage customs in the Imperial family arent that harsh. I now think that his loss of an eye must be tied to the Finns. More the fact that they told him he will "give up half the light of the world to save it" suggests that he will knowingly and willingly loose his eye. What if the Finns bond to him isnt based completely in his skull and is only tied to one eye. If he figures this out it would be plenty of reason for him to remove it. Barring that I guess one of those grand brawls he seems to get himself into might work but it would be kind of anti-climatic.
  2. I didnt gasp when Rand lost his hand. Serves him right. If he wasnt so *****whipped it would never have happened. Oh no I cant duck cause Min is behind me. I guess I'll block it with my spear. Good plan. Mabye next time you will leave her at home in the kitchen where she belongs. Rand has been turned into a total looser. I hope the last line of the last book turns out to be. *Flicker* I win again Lews Therin.
  3. Unless of course all that is a cover. Think of what he has cost the light. He got a bunch of people killed trying to retake the stone to no avail. He set back negotiations between the rebels and darlin. In a POD he almost got Rand killed when he chased off after Seanchan he claims he saw moving around the ridge. He is constantly snipping at both the aiel clan chiefs and later the illianers stirring up resentment and discord. And yet Rand has never punished him for all this, why? Cause rand thinks he's just an incompitent. What if in fact he uses incompitence as a veil and is in fact very very clever.
  4. Favorite Charecters: The Hound (he isnt dead whatever all you haters say), Barristan the Bold, Jaime and Strong Belwas. Most Hated: Cersei, she was always a total bitch, but now we find out on top of that she is a complete incompotent ass. The Prince who was Promised: Seriously I cant believe this is still being debated. Although Ill give GRRM some credit the speech Aemon gave about it being Daenrys was almost convincing. It's Jon Snow. JON SNOW I say! Must I bludegon you all with my hardcover copy of a Storm of Swords for you to see reason! Also think on this Daenrys cant have anymore kids. So if she returns and wins back her throne there will just be another civil war to see who suceeds her unless their is another living Targaryn to take the throne. On a further note I think people are way too hasty to view charecters as being dead. Its true Martin hasnt been shy about killing off main charecters. However when he does so he doesnt beat around the bush. We didnt have some fat priest tell us Ned Stark was dead months after it supposedly happened. No he got his head cut off in front of a crowd of thousands. His son was last seen getting a sword rammed into his heart pretty conclusive I would say. Tywin, Joffery, Renly, Lysa no ambiguity over any of their deaths. By being willing to kill charecters he makes it possible to not kill them. Most people assume that the main charecters never die in books cause they usually dont. By killing off a few charecters GRRM has done the exact opposite in his readers. We assume that someone is killed and are thus set up for the suprise of finding out they arent. My 2 cents.
  5. High Lord Wieramon is one. Not sure if anyone laid out the proof of this already. Probably since its fairly obvious. Other than him I cant come up with anyone. Most of the charecters are just too hard for me to believe that of.
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