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  1. I believe you have the wrong impression of how the bubbles of evil work. The Dark one doesn't Directly control the nature of the bubbles of evil. Neither does he control where and when they hit. They are *bubbles* floating along the pattern hitting the world at completely random times. What the bubbles of evil do and who they affect are random. But as the dark one gets more strenght the fabrik of the pattern is becoming more and more unstable while at the same time more *bubbles* are created. the weakning of the pattern and the increasing strenght of the dark one is causing more bubbles to for
  2. Did anyone notice the huge plothole though?. When he entered Hinderstap? He entered the town with 5 soldiers, 3 he sent off to join with the Aes Sedai, and the other two he took with him after that we never heard about the 3 soldiers he sent off to join the Aes Sedai again. And he seemingly didn't miss them afterwards or even notice that they had disappeared. Other than that I really loved the Hinderstap story arc ^^ And Verins return to the story! (and sudden exit) really took my by surprise!
  3. Yeah.. While RJ did cover alot of details in WOT. Logistics is one of the things he kinda failed on. It is a flaw in the books im willing to live with. It is probably impossible to make fiction without plotholes. And considering how much attention to detail and work he had putted into making the plot hold water where it really counts. I can live with the fact that the armies gathered at certain times in the books would be impossible to maintain as a gathered garrison for so long as its done in the book.. He kinda forgets the logistic of things about the Aiel as well. Im not sure but there
  4. I've personally played with the idea that at the end of the third age channeling might disappear. and the 4th age will start a technological development to mirror the real world (as in our world). But after consideration I dismissed that idea. Although we have had hints in the past that there have been ages in the past where some elements of society mirrored our own although very vague hints. Not to mention we do get the Quotes at the end of the books written in the 4th age that suggests that people in the 4th age will be aware of channeling. As for the wonders of the 4th age. I do think
  5. So when the Aes Sedai is healing diseases they cant actually remove the disease they can only boost the bodies immune system to combat the disease. Give it a power boost so to say. So if i understand it right healing disease can probably depend on how sick the patient is to begin with. as it both speaks to how "much" of the disease is present and the persons strenght.. not to mentions the disease strenght to begin with.. Have I understood this correct?
  6. Yeah of course Disease could be more than physical disease but for something to have killed Siuane in a relatively short time I'd almost have to be some sort of bacterial or Viral disease right? (Not that they are aware of what this is in the books). And unless I am wrong both things are within the healing abilities of the yellow Ajah?
  7. Currently doing my second re-read and something came to my attention.. I am pretty sure but not certain that it has been stated that no illness is beyond the Aes Sedai's healing (At least when performed by any Aes Sedai with the talent to heal). Yet in The fires of heaven. Egwene and Nyaneve finds out that Siuane is no longer the Amylin. Their first reaction is to comment to eachother "Maybe she died by some illness that the yellows couldn't heal or fell down the stairs and broke her neck." Now while this can easily be read as denial because they want to believe that instead of
  8. I do think its a detail Robert Jordan would find unimportant. If it wasn't because I had a brain that at times decide to nitpick over the oddest details I would find it pretty unimprotant as well.. Seeing as its a book and there is the wonderful thing about books. That if there is something you want to look in a certain way you can quite simple MAKE it look a certain way. The power of imagination ^^
  9. Only their heads! While that is shaving it is not the part of the body I'mt alking about :P
  10. Okay. Let me start by explaining the train of thought that lead to this question. I'm currently re-reading Fires of Heaven, and I just read past the part where Siuan is inside a tavern to seek out one of the blue Ajah's informants she knew from back when she ran the blue Ajah's network. The owner of this tavern put Siuan up for some public humiliation where she had to show her legs in the common room for inspection to see if she had the "ankles" to go with her singing. Now this started a train of thought in my mind. Seeing as it suddenly hit me that shaving legs and armpits and what
  11. Thanks. It is always good to know that I'm not going crazy and imagining things that never happend! :P Even if it is just events in Randland. :o)
  12. Hello people. :) I've been within my own brain today in a fit of lore pondering. Something i am sure alot of you can sign onto doing from time to time. In this lore pondering i began to ponder about medical knowledge and treatment options in the WOT universe without the aid of the one power. Which i am sure has been up before and isn't the point of my topic. In this pondering i had a faint memory from the first time i read the books (i am currently re-reading them) of a mention of Nynaeve at some point having to treat a epedemic breaking out in The Two rivers. Now my question
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