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  1. Or, more precisely, is there a limit of weave knowledge or strength in the power?
  2. This topic should be called ‘is there a limit’ Is there?
  3. At one point Elayne talks of threads of power fine enough to separate honey from tea. I always wondered if weak channelers could produce weaves fine enough to work in molecular science.
  4. This might sound daft but if you were standing on an invisible aeroplane (say), in flight, would you be flying or standing on air? If a plane is supported by air is it not similar to a weave of air?
  5. What is classed as flying? When an aircraft lifts a person and lands, is that flying? Where is the line drawn?
  6. Ralph Vaughan Williams music s?@t hot
  7. Diana Ross springs to mind ACoS Ch. 17 p. 342
  8. If it truly is impossible why are we discussing it? Why is it mentioned in the books? In the AOL could everyone use sho-wings? If so then wouldn’t people say that in the AOL every one could fly, not just Aes Sedai?
  9. This might be a load of bull but it seems to me most of this discussion is about overcoming gravity. Is it possible, using the power, to neutralise the effects of gravity?
  10. I always thought it was their souls that had battled for many turnings of the wheel.
  11. Two questions 1. Can male channelers sence how strong female ones are? If not then males would have to trust what they have been told so Rahvin could believe he was stronger than Lanfear even if he was not. 2. Where is Moghedien in the BWB? I have not got it with me at the moment. In terms of significance to the story I would have thought Moghedien would be just behind Lanfear.
  12. In ‘the Fires of Heaven’ Chapter 34 ‘A Silver Arrow’ Moghedien says to Nynaeve:
  13. The 'World of Robert Jordan's the Wheel of Time' says this about Be'lal I do not know if this is meant as a translation.
  14. True Power, I knew it was something like that, thanks. 'The World of Robert Jordan's the Wheel of Time' states that the biggest circle would be 72, 35 men and 37 women.
  15. I see, sorry, I meant in power. This was just a theory about the Creator.
  16. I realise that there is no answer to this question, unless you measured the size of a gateway that could be created, can a stronger channeler create a larger gateway? I was just pondering the subject and wanted to know others thoughts on the subject. A better question might be what couldn’t this circle do. I suppose this question comes from the power of the Creator. If the Dark One’s power is the True Source is the Creators power the One Power? Is the Creator a very powerful channeler who knows infinite weaves. If this is the case then could a circle like this come close to the Creator?
  17. Thanks, i did not realise they were translations, I thought they were other alternative names.
  18. We know that Moghedien was a spider in the AoL, does any know what any of the other forsaken names mean? Osan’gar and Aran’gar, if I remember correctly, were daggers used in a fight in the AoL.
  19. I was wondering how powerful a full circle of the maximum number of men and women all using the most powerful sa'angreal, including the Choedan Kal, would be. I do not even know if a circle can use sa’angreal. This may seem a strange question but did Lanfear tell Rand that with the Choedan Kal they could challenge the Dark One. I am sure that Rand mentions that he feels he could destroy the world (break creation?) with the male Choedan Kal. So if Lanfear thinks she and Rand can do all this what could this full circle do?
  20. Can you move weaves of air? If you can step on the weave and move it then, in theory, you can fly.
  21. In 'The Fires of Heaven' Elayne, as part of the travaling circus, uses air to walk the high rope. To my mind this comes awfully close to flying. Is it possible because the weave is tethered to the high rope?
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