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  1. Oooh. 1. Lord of the Rings (give it up for the originator) 2. Wheel of Time 3. Dragon Lance (you know you love it! 8) ) 4. The Dark is Rising 5. Threeway tie: the Prydain Chronicles (Lloyd Alexander's series), Chronicles of Narnia, and the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (I dunno if that counts as fantasy, LoL). I have to hang on to the things I loved as a kid, and those were definitely Dragon Lance, the Dark is Rising, and the High King. Plus, of course, Lord of the Rings. Also, has anyone ever read Lloyd Alexander's books?
  2. Jay-Z, Kingdom Come Lupe Fiasco, Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor Nas, Hip Hop is Dead ^ Those are my three favorites this year. I know Nas' new cd isn't officially out yet, but I'm calling it as one of the best cds of the year. I'm also lined up to get John Legend's newest, "Once Again," his last cd, "Get Lifted," was a banger...stayed in my car's stereo for like a month straight. In rock news: Ehh, not feeling most of the shizz people are passing as rock these days. I liked Taking Back Sunday's single, "Make Damn Sure," and (this is completely out of the ordinary for me) I totally
  3. I think Goodkind either doesn't know what he wants to say, or doesn't know how to say it. He throws in subtle (and not so subtle: see the reaction to Richard's statue in Faith of the Fallen) hints at the independence of man, allowing reason to rule, recognizing that each human being knows that his/her actions are the only right ones, etc. But I don't think the books are well enough centered around any of these theories to say that he's trying to put out one singular philosophy or world view. He might be more successful if he attempted to write an actual series of books, the way WoT is a serie
  4. I really enjoyed playing on the WoTMud, I just got caught up on the Game of Stones site and haven't really played at WotMud. Once school's off for Christmas break, I'm sure I'll be playing all these games...WoTMud, this one, and Game of Stones (I'm majorly looking forward to the Version 2.0 upgrade, holla!) Unless, of course, I receive the PlayStation 3 that I'm so eagerly anticipating. Then I'll be playing PS3. Muahahaha.
  5. It's hard to choose from artists in the 21st century...wow. I'll go with people I don't think anyone else will nominate, even though they honestly might deserve the award: The Roots Foo Fighters 8)
  6. I think Achilles was the original anti-hero, which probably places him high in the rankings. Right?
  7. I can't stand: June Jones, the fact that Liliha Bakery doesn't accept debit cards, tourists (the pushy, irritatingly rude kind)...in fact, rude people in general suck...50 Cent and Cam'Ron can both take a long walk off a short pier with a tiger shark waiting at the end of it...I hate Britney Spears, I hate her husband, I hate Paris Hilton. I hate that VH1 creates shows that attempt to make the not fabulously wealthy population feel bad about themselves (it hasn't worked on me yet, b!tches!). I can't stand that Justin Timberlake is no longer being as lame, so now it's hard to remember that I us
  8. Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor. If you're not a rap fan, I could understand why you aren't interested in Lupe. But if you are...man, you should pick up this cd. It's ill. He's great at storytelling and imagery. This kid is going to be the next...Kanye, or something. Luuuuupe!
  9. I finished it a few days ago. I liked it. -shrug- I can understand why a diehard WoT fan wouldn't enjoy it as much, there aren't as many characters, so there's less intrigue etc., and parts of it are kinda predictable. But still, I enjoyed reading it, it was a quick read because it was entertaining. I'll be getting the second one tomorrow. :D
  10. Hawaii, born and raised. 8) Mclean, are you Maori? If you are, you and I are the only two Polynesians in this thread. LoL.
  11. I wanted to thank you all for your suggestions. :D And, in case y'all are wondering, I picked up "Wizard's First Rule" which is apparently the first in this "Sword of Truth" series. I tried to look for A Song of Ice and Fire, but I found Goodkind's book first (I guess he just put out a new one, "Phantom") so that's what I went with.
  12. I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of Lupe Fiasco's "Food & Liquor" cd. It should be iiiiiiiiill.
  13. As someone who hasn't spent much time reading the non-Frank Herbert penned Dune books, I suppose I'm not qualified as an expert. But I agree, there are many similarities between Dune and WoT. Maybe that's because there are such compelling stories in them...maybe compelling isn't the right word, maybe "common" is, they've got common themes. When you think about it, both Paul and Rand are Christ-like, or even Arthurian-type figures...a man, or "one of his line," coming back to fulfill his duty to protect the world, yada yada yada. People like the idea of a human being becoming more than a h
  14. I figure I'm gonna get gonged for this immediately, but everytime there's a reference to Mat's soon-to-be-cycloptic condition, I think these two things: 1. In these prophecies/dreams/whatevers, Mat is represented by one eye, because of the one-eyed fox medallion he wears (you know, the one that protects him from saidar/saidin flows). So, for example, when it talks about "one eye balanced on the scale" or whatever the reference is, I figure that's a reference to Mat himself being on the scale, or putting himself up for a wager. Maybe sacrificing himself for something. Or, 2. Mat w
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