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  1. Wow you're all really nice!! ;D KellySedai - If you ever need to know anything about Irish history, give me a shout :) Cherise - Thank you!!Ooooh looks heavy :D ;D Loreina - Sure is.http://www.newgrange.com/ :)
  2. Newgrange: Ireland's Greatest Feat of Engineering Newgrange is a passage tomb situated in the Boyne Valley. This burial chamber is famous for it's illumination during the winter solstise and it's complex design. It was built before the Great Pyramid of Giza, is 76m in lenght and 12m in height. The roof of the passage gradually decreases as you walk down to the burial chamber. It's interior consists of slabs of rock configured with mortar. The peak is corbelled so as to allow for the roof to reach a point. Within and outside Newgrange are large boulders and slabs with spirals etched in them. Some believe(as do I) that if you draw your index finger along the path of the spiral you will have offered up a prayer to Danu Finally, Newgrange is purported to be the one of the sidhes(fairy-mounds) the Tuatha Dé Danann(Danu's tribe) fled to after the Milesians conquered Ireland.
  3. I think if your prayer corresponds with God's plan for you then prayer will affect your life. This is kinda personal but sure anyway... My sister is very sick at the moment and my mother used to pray constantly to Our Lord to take her illness away. It hasn't happened yet and has affected her faith badly. Either God cannot answer her prayer because it doesn't correspond with his plan for my sister or he's already answered her prayer and it's just not clear yet.
  4. I'm a Catholic but my view on faith is a little twisted. I don't attend mass but I do visit the local church when I'm in town. I pray occasionally and never go to confession but wholeheartedly believe in Our Lord.
  5. The Shadow Rising(good bit to go yet! :D)
  6. It would be a toss up between Min and Loial. Min because she's gutsy and smart, Loial because I admire his courage and loyalty.
  7. Just thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Ellen(but everyone calls me Ellie)and I'm currently plowing through the books!
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