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  1. Nynaeve and Elayne are powerful channelers and Min has the Doomsight (or whatever Tuon called it), which generally covers the gambit of their exploits, other than Elayne being trained from birth.
  2. That was my point when I mentioned Galad. His familial relationship to Rand ultimately meant nothing, but it was actually a surprisingly close relationship that WAS explicitly mentioned- whereas Isam/Luc's relationships to two of the most significant characters aren't ever explicitly stated (unless I'm simply forgetting it). How do you know there's an afterlife? - I'm going to have to specifically look for this when I eventually reread the first book but I could swear that Egwene was referring to Moiraine's angreal when she mentioned items having power and Moiraine
  3. They were created by Channelers who had Foretellings. They were believed for that reason - Foretellings always come to pass. Is it explicitly stated in the books? I don't recall ever seeing it, but it is the most plausible reason. That's it exactly - to be fully Healed, you need to be Healed cross-gender. It's just one of many examples of men and women being better working together. As for why they didn't get it Healed later, they had already been Healed - there's no longer a problem to fix.It's unknown if they could be Healed back to their original strength if they were severed a
  4. I just finished the series yesterday, after having started reading it back around 2005 or so. Now I want to discuss it a little bit, ask some questions about things that seem unresolved or that I didn't understand. Who wrote the multitude of prophecies (Karaethon Cycle, Jendai Prophecy, etc.) and why are they so universally believed? Who was Balthamel? He is seriously the least explored of the Forsaken, I know just about nothing about him. Why did Sammael die so anticlimactically? I was certain he'd show up later because his death was so impersonal and so unexplored, but then he didn't...
  5. A good point. I don't know much about the original Children or Aes Sedai though. Yeah, it's kind of funny they don't address the evil in those groups as much as evil creatures and "The Dark One." I know they do address it, but so many people in both groups are so wrong as far as good in humanity goes.
  6. After a quick glimpse at my library, I would be bold enough to claim that they still are books. Fool! They are using the cloak of mirrors! It is an illusion! >:O --- I think the reason they nation has the same name as a capital is that the capital city is in control of the land and thus is called as such. Kings and Queens aren't exactly rare, especially in fantasy novels. He didn't want to only have kings and queens, so he used High lords. Daes Dae'mar is effectively a term for extreme politics. The female ruler bit is definitely true. I've noticed Jor
  7. Aes Sedai means 'servants of all' right? Does anyone else find this extremely laughable? I think 'those who make all other serve them' is slightly closer.
  8. Makes sense, but unless I'm mistaken gateways are something not every Aes Sedai can do, it would be exhausting. If air weaves are tied, they become practically solid. The soldiers wouldn't be able to move. Sorry to argue against~ Of course, there is the obvious: fireballs and lightning. But Aes Sedai have taken an oath not to kill, so it wouldn't be good against most enemies. I wonder how tightly most use the oath in that way? Like would using the power to kill someone indirectly count? Splitting apart the earth to swallow up enemy forces and making them unable to pro
  9. Hey, everyone. I've been a fan of the Wheel of Time series for at least a few years now. I had read through the entire series(up to where it's been published, at least) 5 times now, and I'm starting my 6th read through.
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