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  1. Yes, God does hear your prayer. Examples in the Bible include Lot ( remember sodom and gomorrah ) and Job. Jesus prayed to his Father, so I strongly believe that prayer is heard by God and responded to. The real challenge is being able to hear Gods response.
  2. heres one of mine: No where in any bible does it say that your soul and you concious self are the same thing. What is your concious self? its the part of yourself that experiences things. It says I am sitting down reading this guys rambling post on dragonmount Difference between soul and concious self. Here is my definition, concious self is the sum of all you have experienced and the lessons you have learned. Soul is what makes you who you are, how you react to things. The body with out a soul would be like a computer, accumilating data storing it. The soul is what takes that information and says "what if". I believe our soul responds to life, to nature, it longs to be a part of something greater something it may have glimpsed at the moment of its creation. I have read the Bible and studied alot of it, most of it. When God created Adam, he created the body first. Then he "breathed life" into it, I believe that was when the first soul was created. Without the body the soul will still exist, either in Heaven or Hell. The body however is a finite thing lasting only so long.
  3. Wow and online religious discussion and no one is upset.... That speaks highly of all of you. I too am Christian, I fall under the pentecost umbrella. I do not understand how some churches can rant against fantsy novels like WoT or even Harry Potter then 90% think Cinderella or Snow White is ok. You are still dealing with Good vs Evil you have magic... I dont see how they do that. Fansty and fiction have to be allowed to help a child grow and mature, to give an outlet for thoughts and ideas that are origional to them. I am very strong in my faith, that which I believe is true, and can seperate it from fiction of every type.
  4. Hello everyone! I read The Eye of the World in either late 89' or early 90' , re-read every book every time another came out. Yes I have read TEotW at least 10 times.... I am crazy. I have listened to all books on audio with the exception of the last one. As you can see I have been entertained by Mr. Jordans' creation for over half of my life, and will one day introdue the books to my kids. I look forward to reading everyones views and thoughts on events in the books and having friendly discussions.
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