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  1. he'll do it by tearing the pattern with his taveren powers like Moiraine was constantly warning him against in the books where she was alive. He'll trap Fain and the DO into a different pattern and seperate them
  2. Exactly because then he wouldnt need to walk as far, he could just prop it up in the middle of a room. I was also thinking if it was the ter'angreal spear then we havent actually seen what it does other than stand unnaturally straight, buuuut as it isnt there's no need for me to do any more thinking
  3. So it's NOT the one from Rhuidean. Sorry for asking something that seems so obvious but there was a black hafted spear in Rhuidean then Mat had a spear thats balck hafted and i thought they might have been the same
  4. It's the naginata/ Ashanderei that he was hanged from in Rhuidean. Yeah, i know but are they the same thing because if so is it not a ter'angreal?
  5. Is Mat's spear the one he notes on the way into the heart of Rhuidean
  6. Is it possible that it is the nature of the taveren-taveren pull, because this started in book 4 really with Perrin going to the Two Rivers and Mat trying to go, its also mentioned a lot throughout but never explained or ever really questioned (colours in the head). I can't really think about what it could mean but I've been doing a read through and that comes up as a fairly obvious thing in book 4 and throughout that's never really discussed in huge detail.
  7. is it about nicola's fortelling about the 'guardians joining the servants'? I think that's book 6 and the ashaman are in all the books after that and there are a lot of links to male aes sedai
  8. as soon as asmo teaches him to invert he goes back and inverts them, I'd assume that it wasn't taken at this point because, firstly the forsaken assumed he had it with him (they would never give up that power) and secondly he's just THAT pro, and lucky, or not lucky if you look at it in another way, cos then he'd never have 'lost' to the seanchan.
  9. i thought the jenn aiel were the tinkers
  10. So yeah this is the Tinkers yeah, or at least thats the assumption i've been working on for generations
  11. I consider myself better off for not being liked by him. Bit of a war of you two is there? I think thats really funny myself. Do i get to choose who to support cos i choose Mr Ares cos he makes me laugh so hard that i wet myself. ;D
  12. the part where Egwene was like 'it's sweet of Rand to put on a brave face' after she tells him that she doesn't love him. Cos i feel really embarrassed for her cos i always think what a little *****. And in general all the moments with Egwene and Elayne horribly misreading a situation like the above stated one mainly because i always feel bad for how obnoxious they are. And this makes absolutely no sense does it?
  13. In TG does no one else think that the light should just weave one MASSIVE gateway with all of them linked then the trollocs go through and they die. I reckon thats how the gholam dies myself
  14. Pregnancy, poisoning, husbands with a deathwish, separation from those they love, power they can barely control but never surrender (both saidar and Egwene as the Amyrlin), are taken prisoner,Taken prisoner again, and again, and again, and taken prisoner again... They are taken prisoner again and again and again, because they're freaken morons. Can you see any of the others like I know its a trap but... the best way to spring a trap is to walk into it knowing its a trap? Rand in KoD when Semi blows his hand off. Yeah but he couldn't move to avoid it cos Min would have been killed, so at least he takes the damage for himself and puts himself in harms way but i really think he should have gone holding the power you know?
  15. I've had two dreams about the WoT world, one in which i killed Lan in a sword fight then went on to kill Moridin and Rand together linked in a OP fight (i'm not modest in my dreams) And the other one i was basically Lan but better and could channel and Nynaeve was my wife and bonder
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