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  1. That was such a great scene! Now THAT needs to be made into a movie.
  2. Luckers, here's a link you should check out: http://www.amazon.com/1000-page-books/lm/R1K3HXIP8FIS9Z This is just a list by a random person, there are MANY other books that have already been printed that are as big as AMOL would have been. "Your way would have resulted in two books without anything really happening, and a final book with just a bunch of conclusions made boring by too much anticipation, and having too much clumped together. Is that really what you wanted from the end of this series? Personally I prefer to maintain the integrity of the storytelling--which is to say, setting up the books in the best way to tell the story. I read WoT for enjoyment, not as an expression of idealism." No, they could have waited until he was done writing the entire novel THEN cut it. That way the releases would be close enough to undo any unneeded delays. Instead, because all of the "fans" wanted their candy now, Brandon had to change the story to fit with Tor's vision. I personally don't like Tor's vision seeing as how they are a publishing company and not an author. I know that Brandon and Harriet are trying to make this as close to what RJ wanted (thank you guys) but they are still being forced to change what RJ wanted. I'm not going to endorse the behavior of Tor with my money. I hope others do the same, although I don't expect much from most people now-a-days. Remember folks: If you continue to purchase whatever they put out when you don't like it, they will continue to put out thinks you don't like.
  3. It is NOT impossible, don't drink the Kool-Aid. A box set of the murdered/rearranged books is not acceptable so I guess I'll never know the end of this story. That stinks :( EDIT: to add I would have even been okay if they would just chop into volumes where the end of the first book was the end of a chapter and they all go together as one story. To change the order of things????? Meh, you all can enjoy your ruby encrusted dagger, I'll enjoy my integrity.
  4. ;D I've thought about the duct tape idea. I understand it'll be a while. I'm not hard to please. If they were to come out with an omnibus in the correct order from the notes I'd buy both the omnibus and the three separate books. You hear that Tor!!!!!! You could make $$$$ Come on! Let your greed give me what I want. ;D
  5. I think you are right. Some of the other scenes in the EOTW seem to foreshadow that as well. I like how at the beginning it says that dark will lay over the land again (in other ages yet to come).
  6. Has there been any word on an Omnibus version of AMOL? I have emailed Brandon about this but have not received a response yet. I have not/will not purchase any of the three final books unless there is a "true" final book. I will probably extend this to a full Tor ban but I don't know yet. Just trying to see if there has been any word on this.
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