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  1. I always wondered, since these lands were first mentioned, and how they have an excessive amount of women who can channel and monsters, giants, etc...if Rand will in any way be able to recruit them to his side, as he will ultimately have done with the Seanchan--thanks to Mat and his new connections. or, possibly, might they be recruited by the DO himself and be an enemy that Rand will have to face. Overall, I do not think we can rule them out, especially after that old man in Ebou-Dar (I think it was) said that he had been there and brought tell of those lands back into our memories. Either way, they seem an extremely powerful loose cannon.
  2. I am extremely impressed by both Luckers' theory and Bob T Dwarf's. Luckers seems to be very well reasoned, but BT Dwarf, you have some serious dramatic appeal which is thoroughly conceivable and achievable for the characters. It also deals with the seemingly endless amounts of knowledge that Rand has yet to gain in order to defeat the DO and then instate a new regime and regain order to the world he is quickly tearing apart.
  3. Does anyone have any ideas as to how the Dragon Reborn will be helped to die? For that matter does it even mean death, or is Rand going to survive even with the prophecy of the seanchan woman, with the great amounts of power, who will help him die.
  4. This particularly pertains to what AmbeRebmA said about Moiraine not caring for the Edmond's Fielders, but only for her quest for the Dragon. I must concede that this is, in essence, true. However, i do not believe that she did not care about them to some degree. Remember, there were times when she pitied Rand for what he had to endure and tried to keep him humanized as much as possible. If it wasn't for her, rand would have been a complete Dragon-Bot that cared for no one. Out of mercy, I believe, she let Rand hold onto his only weakness. However, it is true that she cared mostly for "the cause," and her devotion to something that would ultimately destroy her, could not possibly come from anything else than simply the desire to ensure humanity's survival and continue to usher forth a new age for her world. that is admirable, to say the very least.
  5. Moraine has to be pretty much the best, most courageous person of the entire story. She always kept her head in every situation, devoted her entire life to train and "raise" and protect the savior of that age, "almost:)" gave her life to protect those she cared for and defeat Lanfear. She is strait up awesome, She even humbles herself to satisfy the whims of the Dragon and appease him, even though she is almost old enough to be his mother and is arguably one of the smartest poeple since before the age of legends.
  6. Mat is a pretty confused bloke. You have to remember that less than 4 years ago he was a competely sheltered farmer, who was then possessed by the taint of Sh. Logoth. My only problem with him is that he's really kind of unfair to Rand. Rand didn't choose to be Dragon, he just was. As far as him not rushing into anything all brave like...well, honestly he is not really relying on his own true skills is he? he is completely dependent on the memories and "reflexes" of who he's 'reincarnating' (for lack of a better word). Matrim Cauthon only knows how to use a staff well.
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