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  1. Once again everyone goes off to random tangents. So does everyone agree it is Moridin? or is it just stipulation? Where in the book 7 or 8 gives proof of this? I have read both books about 5 times each more than the others trying to figure out what I'm missing. As far as I know, he was never mentioned again correct? Maybe in the 12th book but not since book 7.
  2. Moridin is suppose to be the Nameless is he not? So why would he try to help the Dragon Reborn? I know he is not fond of any of the forsaken but they are still being used by the Great Lord. Plus, Moridin is using the forsaken like novices. Is there any evidence showing in any of the following books that Moridin is in fact the "Man in the Black Coat? One other thing. Both Rand and this "Man in the Black Coat, was blown backwards right? If he was using the true source, that would have overpowered anything that would go againts it. Maybe I'm wrong, any opinions? Throughout the whole book, this is just getting on my nerves.
  3. I looked at a few topics on this but everyone seems to fly off into random tangents and never discuss the actual question. So who is this guy? Does the book give any other clue to find out who this guy is? I'm figuring it is Rands real father. THats all speculation of course.
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