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  1. I did not know that. I only have this forum bookmarked, but I'll definitely check out the other one. Thanks for informing me. -Rifty
  2. So, if you've been keeping up with Brandon Sanderson's blog as I have, you know that the titles of books 13 and 14 will be The Towers of Midnight and A Memory of Light I'm interested in everyone's opinion: good, bad? Indifferent? What do you think they portend? A Memory of Light, for me, has always had a bad portention to it. It sounds to me like things end badly for everyone. Anyway. What do you all think? Personally, I LOVE Towers of Midnight. -Rifty
  3. A glow bulb is the 2nd Age version of a light bulb, yes. I don't think that the second age is OUR world. I think it's the age AFTER our world, but that's neither here nor there. Yes, a glowbulb is, essentially a light bulb. No, the Dark One did not salvage it. A Forsaken using the phrase "The Great Lord alone knew where," is akin to us saying "Heaven only knows where it came from" or "God only knows why it's here." It's an idiom. -Rifty
  4. And I had to do some serious restructuring to get that topic grammatically correct. Anyway, Point the first. At the end of (either PoD or) WH, Tuon asks Mat for a favor, and Mat replies that he'll have to think about it. The narrative then goes on to say that he thought about it all that day, and into the next night, but he knew that he would have to say yes. He didn't have a choice. He returns to Tuon, tells her yes, and the dice stop in his head. There, the Mat scenes in that particular book end, and in the following book, no mention is made of it, and I couldn't tell what, exactl
  5. Well, wait, hold on, that DOES always happen. I AM always right about everything. It's reality that's frequently wrong. Douglas Adams says so! -Rifty
  6. Jordan said we have NOT seen Demandred's third-age alias on stage. I'm one of those personally of the opinion that he was originally Taim, but that Jordan changed it when everyone figured it out early on, but that's neither here nor there. The question becomes, is it possible to know who he is? Is there anyone important that's been mentioned that we haven't seen onstage? My personal answer for that is YES. And one name hops right out at me. We know that Dem and Osan'Gar were said to have been given the assignment to keep al'Thor under their thumb. Osy was posted at the B
  7. So, I've been re-reading the Wheel of Time series in preparation for the final three books (only three more books guys! Promise!), and I came across something that intrigued me. Now, I've read through this series three times already, so I've got a pretty clear grasp on things, and when one character says "Let's go do this," I know pretty much why, and what they're thinking and all. However, at the end of The Shadow Rising, the very end of the "Goldeneyes" chapter, Fain finds that the Trolloc raid into the Two Rivers has utterly failed. The Two Riversians have won, and al'Thor never
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