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  1. Okay after searching I can't find anything that supports demandred not being a good swordsman
  2. I can't find where, but I remember taim's lack of smiling as well as demandred's lack of smiling. Then there was taim's disdain for the sword when rand wanted to train the asha'man, then something about demandred feeling the same way.
  3. I seem to remember that about this aversion to swords as well. That was one of the many things people brought up to support the Taimandred theory until RJ shot that down.
  4. I was throwing that out there as a somewhat humorous attempt to explain the lack of quality in his writing with these books. I know that some people can work well mutlitasking. Whether or not constantly tweeting while writing the books affected the quality or not, they still simply are not well written.
  5. I imagine that Robert Jordan, with his extensive book collection, sword collection and other knickknack's collected from a lifetime of war & adventure, isolating himself in this world of his as he continued to create and mold the world of Randland. Brandon Sanderson, however, was on twitter the entire time. I don't think he ever lost himself in the story. The lack of dedication shows.
  6. I don't know if this is necessarily an error but a plothole, but I am really bothered by Demandred's constant calling for Rand. Aside from it getting annoying and repetitive, how many dark side people were at the battle outside Thakan'dar? Those people seem to know exaclty what was going on. I think at least 5 black ajah had gone for Rand in the tunnel. Did he not have a single spy up there? There was enough Traveling going on that everyone on everyside should have been well informed. It just seems absurd that this supposed brilliant tactician has such a poorly informed intelligence network.
  7. Just a single example of the stalactites. This is from Demandred's visit in LoC: As far as the surgeon comment. It wasn't the stitching that stood out. I didn't describe correctly what stood out. It was that Perrin thought of a "master surgeon" when he comes from a town whose medicine is provided by a Wise Woman. Why would he know the concept of not only a medical professional title that didn't exist in that world, but a master of it? I even used the WoT search, the word surgeon doesn't appear once in books 1-11. I think that more effort could have put into the story to make it sound more timeless.
  8. Just a few examples of things that stood out to me: the excessive use of the word "anyway" to being a sentence. stalactites & stalacmites. I understand those are the technical terms, but using scientific terminology in a world where science is still primitive takes me out of the fantasy. when perrin notes that slayer stitched himself up like a "master surgeon". This is a world of healers who use herbs and being healed by the one power. I don't ever remember surgery being described. The use of "so" to begin a sentence. RAND'S SPEECHES IN CAPITAL LETTERS. IT LOST ITS MEANING AFTER A WHILE. I don't want it to seem like I didn't enjoy the book. because I did enjoy the story and the satisfaction of knowing how it ended, but I don't think Brandon Sanderson quite understood the "timeless" writing style that Robert Jordan used. Part of what I enjoyed most of the series was getting lost in the story. BS used so much current language and terms that I felt constantly pulled from the fantasy. I really wish he had taken advantage of the hardcore fans who offered to polish the stories. So I'm not totally picking on BS, I am grateful that someone did finish the series. I'd rather have an imperfect ending than no ending at all.
  9. Just finished chapter 15. I'm really hooked, but I know that I have to sleep at some point so I felt this might be a good stopping point. I am seriously intrigued at what Lanfear is up to and how that's going to play. I also want to know about Moirraine and Cadsuane seeing eachother. After NS i thought there should have been a few more fireworks. Also, moirraine hasn't changed much at all. Mat's character seems almost back to normal, so I'm really looking forward to how his plot line is going. Argh... tomorrow is going to be a long day at work.
  10. Oooh was it confirmed there is a swap? I haven't seen that one yet.
  11. Can't wait to hear about these moments. I unfortunately can't take any time off work during the week, so to keep myself from losing sleep I have decided to spoil as much as I can so it will be easier to only read a few hours each evening. 9 days & counting! Why can't these books come out on a friday??
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